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Greetings from Arkansas!

Hi everyone, greetings from south Arkansas. While pondering on things to blog about, one thing has stuck in my head for a few days. After reading an article on Facebook that was shared by Allison about a hospital not wanting to give a transplant to a young child who had a disability, I wonder, how many people think that people with disabilities are somehow lesser human beings?

In our field, most of us have ran across examples of bias against those with disabilities. Most of us have watched some companies open up new registers when there is a long line of people with disabilities only to take care of the “normal” person at the back of the line or had people ask the caregiver what an individual needs instead of asking the individual. It begs the questions, do people just have a natural tendency to think that people with disabilities are somehow less important? Is their time less valuable? Are they somehow less capable of contributing to society?

When I look at the individuals I work for, I do not see someone who has “special needs”.  Of course, I realize that these are people I work with everyday, people I know, people I love.  It is beyond all comprehension that people with disabilities could be discounted as somehow not worthy of everything that people without disabilities are.

As for this hospital, I am glad they are reconsidering, but why did it take a public outcry to attach importance?  I think this story has made me more aware  that some people in our “enlightened” society still see people with disabilities as somehow less important.  I guess I forgot that there are still those out there that view them as “abnormal”.

We have to continue to fight to change the hearts and minds of people who look at our individuals as different.  We have to continue to speak up when people treat them as if they are not quite as important.

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Goodbye summer….and good riddance from Arkansas.

Hello all, it’s been awhile. Just returned from a week on Alabama’s beach with some of our resident’s and staff. Man, this is a rough job, but someone has gotta do it.

Well, summer is about to ease it’s grip on the south, good riddance from Arkansas. I have to say it has been a exciting one for Rainbow of Challenges. We are in the middle of a massive construction project in two locations for new office buildings. I am torn, so excited about getting a new office, but so dreading the move. I believe that the natural born laziness that I try so hard to suppress has gotten wind of the word “move”. We have also gotten our Therap MAR program implemented, and I must say all of the data input is so worth it when you get to the finished product. Having so much information readily available so quickly has really changed the way our medical team works. Okay, okay…I am finished with my commercial for the MAR module, but if your organization is looking at it, it is a really good thing….that’s all I’m saying.:) Looking forward to seeing everyone really soon!!!!!

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Exciting Times At Rainbow

Hello all from the world of Rainbow of Challenges. There have been alot of advancements and changes in the way we are utilizing Therap. We have recently gone community wide (well kinda). We have many individuals who live in our community in their own homes and we have recently purchased netbooks so that we can add them to Therap. While each new thing we try has it’s stumbling blocks, it is going very smoothly thanks to the great staff we have here at ROC. Just one more step toward our paperless world:). I would welcome any suggestions from those who have set up community based systems.

Let’s see, what else is going on in Arkansas. Oh yeah, it’s hot!! So while you are sharing ideas, share some of those northern temps with me.

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MAR, Going Live!!!

Wow, what a few weeks. Rainbow of Challenges Residential Program is going live with the MAR module. It has been a task, so thank you to all the wonderful folks at ROC that have helped me get ready. I have to say that the finished product is well worth the effort. The forms are already making documenting easier, and , okay, I will say what I really like, Therap forms are prettier. Emoticon showing smiley face

ROC is making lots of changes and using Therap for more and more tasks and we are getting to the ultimate goal (mine anyway), no paper on my desk. It is exciting to see everyone at ROC getting excited about the new things we are doing. Instead of paperless being an idea to “think about”, we are moving quickly to accomplish it and so many of our wonderful staff are on board. It is a wonderful feeling!!!

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