Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Billing!


Hopefully by now everyone is working out the “kinks” in their ICD-10 codes. I have learned from other providers that a “parent” diagnosis of an Intellectual Disability is needed (F70, F71, F72, etc.) instead of a diagnosis of autism or other disabilities. In order to get paid for a service that is strictly for individuals with intellectual disabilities, you must have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability. If you do not have a primary diagnosis, you need to get one as soon as possible. So far, we have had smooth billing! Hope everyone else is having success as well!


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Quality Assurance for Billing

Hi All,
We have a wonderful webinar published on Therap’s Youtube page which covers “How to use Therap to Support Billing” . The presenter, Jide Amosu, is a Certified Trainer as well as the Financial Analyst for Capital Hill Day Services. Jide walked attendees through a successful system check and balance for billing by running ISP data reports and attendance reports to support billable services. While there are many approaches to preventing under and/or over billing, Jide did a great job highlighting his agency’s approach to preventing recoupment, over-billing, and under-billing.

I hope everyone enjoys this video as much as I. If you are interesting in using the excel template within the recording, please feel free to email me directly (chelsea.newby@therapservices.net).






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Billing Beginnings

Our agency is going ahead with Therap billing!! I am the administrator so I have had the pleasure of spending hours on the phone with Heather – who has been great. She has walked me through the process so I have been busy creating description codes, attendance types, and service authorizations for each one of our individuals for each program… My eyes are bleeding.
We originally thought we would bill thru ISP programs but back tracked and switched to attendance billing. I had to make quite a few isp program updates as we originally thought we would want to have the hospital and therapeutic leave days show on the checklist as billable so we created new scoring methods with that option but then found out we do not want them to counted as billable as that would reflect as a face to face in the attendance module. So, back I went and discontinued and copied all the affected programs to reflect our original scoring methods with the non billable option. Of course all the hab plans have to be updated too.. live and learn. We have one more scheduled conference call which will be our first practice billing then we should be ready to start our new NY daily billing process electronically. We will be attending the Buffalo conference next week and hopefully we will pick up other pointers so we are successful in our launch. Just a side bar- Was very excited today when I discovered you can select both an approved and discontinued hab plan when accessing hab doc records or checklists.!!

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Billing off to a good start.

Working on our first month of billing all programs through Therap. So far it is working out pretty well minus some errors on our data entry part. We also started using Attendance for our 24 hour residential services. It has been a long time coming and I’m so happy our accounting department decided to go ahead with implementing billing. It has been an easy process, as it usually is with Therap!

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Private Insurance Billing

—–While we have been working on using Therap to bill the State of Alaska for Medicaid services, a new challenge popped up.  How can I use Therap to bill private insurance companies for non Medicaid services?

—–Anybody else out there billing private insurance for providing services, like ABA, to families with private insurance?

——What we discovered is:

  • Each insurance company has different requirements.
  • Each company has different data fields requirement, and even the common ones are needed in different orders.
  • Often the insurance company will reject your with little explanation.
  • But once you get one service through the private insurance billing, it is very repeatable.

—–The nuts and bolts of making it happen can be challenging.  But once you have broken the code it can be lucrative.

Anybody else out there trying it?

Rob Sterling

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Settling in For a Long Winter

It is a busy time of year here in Alaska as we all scurry around finishing all those outside projects before everything is buried in ice or snow. Yards cleaned, tools put away, toys winterized and covered, it is a lot to do and the temperatures are already dipping below freezing at night and some days.

I recently had knee surgery and was able to work from home while I recovered, we are trying to get all departments up and running doing ISPs so that we can move to electronic billing. I was able to get a lot accomplished working from home without all the regular interruptions of my attention being pulled 20 different directions. We are still not ready but partly because of IT issues with hardware.
We were looking into Chrome books but then there was some IT conference so that may all be changing again. We have bypassed our original date to have all departments go live and pushed it out due to hardware for the remote staff. I do feel like we are making great progress in training all staff and input of data.

Now I am looking forward to the National Conference, hope ot see you all there!!

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ISP Program without Tasks?

Hello everyone!

As I creep ever so slowly into the world of billing (and I mean slow, like a turtle on Valium slow) I am beginning to set up the ISP programs to correspond with all the service authorizations.  I am stuck on the tasks and how they should be scored.

Would it be contradictory to have a score of ‘not completed’ on a billable program and then bill?

Then I realized that you don’t have to use tasks in the ISP program.  I can simply require time in/time out and comments and get all the info I need.  Should I proceed with this plan?

How do you write billable ISP programs?


Thx – K


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Reports and Gathering Data

In my last blog, I mention Therap as a “Time Saver”. This month I was the fortunate recipient of an AUDIT (cue music..dun,dun,dun). Yes, the ever dreaded word.

This Audit covered a time frame of 6 months regarding attendance v/s billing in our Vocational Program. At first I thought, yeah, we capture all this information in the Attendance module and our billing department using the attendance report to dump into their billing Excel spreadsheet. All I had to do was pull those reports. A snap!
Then reality hit, we had only been using Therap Attendance for the last 3 months of this AUDIT timeframe. So, I started to think about where this information was currently being kept. The billing department informed me; those records were now in the storage shed, way across town! We hopped in the car and took off. Dug through the storage shed (ask Allison about stuff that comes out of our storage shed!!!) searching for the correct time frames on the boxes (please label your boxes correctly with dates and what’s in them!). Hauled the boxes back to the main office and started the process of pulling the correct information. Once this information was found, we hand calculated the attendance and cross reference with the billing. The time it took to gather information for the first 3 months of the time frame was 2 days. (Driving, thinking, sorting, cursing, disinfecting, coffee)

The process to gather information for the last 3 months for the AUDIT was far less painful. I sat in billing and pulled the saved reports in Therap and attached to the billing and WALA, we were done. This process took approx. 30 minutes and another 30 minutes to package the material into a pretty presentation!!

This whole ordeal “solidified” my belief that Therap is a “Time Saver” and a saver of stress everywhere! So, if you are thinking about adding more modules, don’t be me and stating “I wish we would have added that module a long time ago”!

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First CT Blog!

Greetings, today I am entering my first post as a certified trainer.   I do enjoy reading the blogs entered by other certified trainers, and hope I can add something productive.

Here at Allegany Arc we have been very busy as of late with implementing Therap’s billing tools.   So far, we are using Therap billing for the majority of our programs (Day hab, Community hab, IRAs, MSC and prevoc).  We have a few more programs to implement, but it feels like we are in the home stretch!

Each step of the process, we are learning more.

Before starting billing, check ID forms.  Mistakes/omissions in the ID will cause problems with billing tools.

Make sure medicaid CIN numbers  ONLY include the: 2 letter 5 number 1 letter combo.  No extras, no spaces, and no sequence numbers.   Nursing staff liked having the sequence numbers, but this will gum up your billing works!

Make sure the persons name, address, SSN, CIN, and gender are complete (and accurate).   Make sure addresses contain no apostrophes.

Checking, and fixing these minor details now will prevent major hassles later!



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FOCUS Therap Implementation

Greetings from FOCUS,

FOCUS launched ISP Data Collection in August 2011 as a means to eliminate paper notes.  I was hired after the implementation so I can not speak to how smoothly it went.  But since I have been here I have discovered that, between our Therap data, and the ability to export the data to Excel, we have been able to examine our data in new and novel ways.  For example, at FOCUS we use the ISP Data as our means to determine our Care Providers payroll.  Next we are using data exported to Excel to review our input to Finance for billing and claims.  Not exciting to most of you, but a good starting point for us.  Our next step was expanding into utilization.  Without the Billing module, and less than a full year of Therap data, it was quite a detailed exercise to create Excel graphs depicting service utilization using input from the legacy system and Therap data.  Now we are in the process of setting up Service Authorizations.  Once again discovering that with less than a full year of  Therap data, the ability to export Therap data to Excel, combine it with the our legacy system, is the key to capturing a good starting point for Therap Service Authorizations.

My plan is to share these magical spreadsheets with everyone in my required Webinars…  Stay tuned for more details…  Or give me a blast if you can’t wait and I will see if I can give you a hand.

Want to know more about FOCUS?  Check out our web site: http://focusoutreach.org/

This is my first blog since becoming a Certified Trainer… Honestly, it is my first blog ever.  Who says you can’t train old dogs.  Or Old Salts.


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