Utilizing TMS in a unique way

Recently I was able to have a great conversation with Deborah Hibbard regarding some questions that MDC had utilizing different modules in Therap. One of the biggest questions was if MDC could utilize the TMS Module for clients. MDC is in the process of implementing a Treatment Mall program and we need to have the ability to organize the clients into different classes and keep track of all the logistics of the Treatment Mall. For anyone who uses the TMS Module in Therap knows how wonderful this module is at the logistics of education tracking. When I asked in TMS could be utilized for clients the answer was an immediate “Of Course” and then Deborah talked me through the simple process to implement the program. Once again I was in wonder at how you can utilize Therap for such a different array of needs. I’m excited to see how TMS will work for this project and I will keep everyone informed of the progress.

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TMS Update

Nice! One of the problems we had is that when someones account was inactive, no one could see it unless the Provider Administrator reactivated the account. This required a call to reactivate, and a call to deactivate. Now users have the ability to look up inactive users, which is an amazing resource  when dealing with employees that may have switched positions in the agency, or sadly, placed on leave for one reason or another.

Another new change in TMS is the ability to add certificates individually for each class session participant. Between their ability to access their own training profile and certificates for trainings, employees have full access to their training information. Yet another great time saver!

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