Training and Quality

We all know the critical link between training and quality of services, as well as quality of documentation. It takes a lot of training and follow up to ensure your staff give you what you need to meet state and federal requirements. You need a keen eye as a quality assurance staff member to catch errors, fill gaps, and communicate the necessity of good documentation.

Having said that, many providers are using different techniques to train their staff, both in the classroom and online. Making sure that all of your personnel have been trained accordingly is a fundamental need for all quality assurance.

For your consideration, we are offering a session open to Certified Trainers and the Quality Assurance Special Interest Group on looking at tools to both help with training, as well as managing all of that information.

Lorelei Glenn will be discussing this on November 22 at 1PM EST. She has been doing some research about Learning Management Systems (LMSs) versus Training Management Systems (TMSs). Lorelei put it this way, “In our organization, many people were confused between LMS and TMS – thinking that TMS was an LMS solution. We are currently looking into implementing an LMS that will work with Therap’s TMS (interface). We have reviewed about 10 different LMS’s, and imported Therap SCORM trainings (which was super cool) as well as our own SCORM formats. Most of the systems allow a CSV export, which can then be used to import into Therap’s TMS. An LMS can often be implemented with low or no cost, especially for small providers.”

An invitation has been sent to all current members of the Special Interest Group. To join, click here.

Happy October!


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Peek A Boo

Transitioning to transparency strikes fear in the hearts of many providers.  Rightfully so, it is like wearing a Saran Wrap suit to your next board meeting and waiting for the reaction. You have prepped, wrapped, practiced, glued, taped, rolled and rehearsed, yet you are never really sure what is going to happen until it is over. The outcome; Are you being judged on the flaws that are seen, or is this an opportunity to take you shopping at SAKS?

For the past two days, at the Nebraska Therap Regional Conference 2012, we have been shown the possibilities of what the Therap system can do to streamline processes, meet regulatory requirements, and provide better communication between staff, families and the person served.  We all have the opportunity to make a very positive difference in our organizations, and yes it does involve becoming transparent, see thru – both sides.

If we providers and oversight agencies are making our decisions based on the mission, vision and core values statements, of our organizations, then I believe that we all have the best interests of the people that we serve and support at heart.  We have to remember that WE All, at times, wear a Saran Wrap suit and going on a little shopping trip together will benefit all of us.  See you at the mall!

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Getting ready for fall in CT

I have to admit that I am very “reserved” (a little shy) when it comes to blogging and hosting webinars.  This is definitely obvious from the date of my last blog (almost one year ago to date).  I am committing myself to get a lot better and overcome this.  As it is the same time of year as my last post, rereading that one really shows how routine things can be.  I am once again getting ready for my sons birthday as well as the CT Therap Conference in Meriden next week.  This is the absolute best time of year in CT in my opinion-summer humidity is ending and fall is right around the corner.  Apple and pumpkin picking, long sleeved shirts and chilly nights.  Some of the great things that I hope never change.

As for the company I work for (WILA), we have advanced in our use of Therap somewhat.  We have more users on board and they are a lot more advanced in their Therap skills than a year ago.  We are currently utilizing as much of Therap as pertains to us as a smaller company, including but not limited to T-Logs, Scomms, GER’s, ISP Data and Programs, TMS, Health Tracking and other Therap “staples”.  We are not using IPOP’s, MAR’s or time tracking yet but hopefully they will be included in our near future endeavors.  The benefits of Therap are more than obvious for all of our staff.  The nurses see a lot of the benefits with Health Tracking and the ease of communicating updates/changes with all of the staff.   Therap allows for new staff to get to know our clients from different view points as well as track their health/behaviors/activities a lot more efficiently than ever before.  Therap has been a great advancement for us and I personally look forward to all that it will bring us in the future.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the CT Therap next week, especially as I will be hosting 2 classes during the conference!

P.S. Allison…I blogged!!!!

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Empowering Families

Hello again,
It gives me great pleasure to share how therap not only empower the individuals we work with but also how it empowers families. One of my last posts I shared how therap empowered individuals by teaching them how to use the MAR to document taking their medications. Now, We went a little further by teaching family members how to document on the MAR when the individual goes on a home visit. Families also have access to see T-Logs, ISP goals , medical appointments, etc. on their family member. Families love this because it keeps them in the loop with what is going on with their loved one. Now, some have learned to navigate the MAR is an awesome achievement. Families can not only see the progress their love one are making but they can also participate in doing the medications on the MAR. This makes them feel empowered and truly apart of the team. We have received good feedback from families regarding this and they appreciate the work that is being done with their loved one. It gives me great joy to empower families as well as the individuals we work with. Thanks Therap!

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The Tell Tale Therap

It started minutes before our monthly Therap meeting. Those whisperings that say “you don’t really have any idea what you’re talking about’. As the meeting progressed the whisperings began to speak much more confidently their hateful words. Then without warning the horrible voices found a body. A staff across from you begins to give these amazing suggestions on how they were overcoming some issues, in Therap, at his program. There it was. All the proof anyone needed; here was a staff who knew more about Therap than you, the “Therap go to guy”. Trying to stay calm I searched the faces of other staff in the room looking to see if they noticed. In doing so I came to a realization.

As I looked at the staff seated around the table it hit me, like an axe to a floorboard, that I was only a part of the machine. Here I was at a table surrounded by the grunts, the G.I.s, the Navy SEALS of our company. These were the people that had dirt on their hands. Of course this staff, and many others, were going to have brilliant ideas on how to over come issues. They are the ones actually having to use Therap in real-time. It was an amazing reminder that our job as certified trainers is often times simply that of a facilitator, a jumping point if you will, for staff to launch themselves to greater heights in the world of Therap.

And the voices fell silent. And we all became more knowledgeable in Therap.

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Some unexpected Therap benefits

Hello everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to share some benefits that Mosaic has unexpectedly discovered from using Therap in a few of its agencies.

  • One agency has decided to use Splash pages to notify employees of important information. For example, instead of printing out messages and placing them on the bulletin boards, they create splash pages since everyone logs into Therap daily. This has saved the cost of paper, printing, and time that it took to maintain the messages on the bulletin boards. Information shared via Splash Pages include the some of the following:
    • Benefit enrollment
    • Employee meetings
    • Special contests
    • Employee appreciation events
  • The majority of our current agencies using Therap have felt a sense of increased communication among staff.  The numbers back that up with over 13,000 SComms and almost 27,000 T-Logs in one month for 11 agencies.
As we begin with our next group of agencies moving toward Therap, I am sure we will find additional benefits in some of the most unexpected places. It is all an exciting part of Mosaic’s journey to Destination Therap!
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Therap: A Great Communication System

One of my earliest Therap revelations came when I realized that Therap is not just a form of electronic documentation…it is a way of communicating and doing business better.  Information is organized in smart modules that promote rapid access and analysis. Simply put, Therap helps us communicate more efficiently and more thoroughly so we can make better decisions.

For example, Progress Industries uses ISP Data for programmatic progress notes because this module features such powerful analysis and reporting tools.  We use T logs for communication of NONprogrammatic data that the team needs to know. 

[A quick reference note is also placed in T Logs to alert team members to special events. (E.G. High blood sugar reading at 2:00pm, see Vitals.)] We generally use S Comms for communicating to a particular staff, rather than the whole team.  One of the cool features of Therap is the flexibility it offers to various providers to cutomize the modules in a way that makes best sense to that agency.

Whatever design you choose at your agency, communication is enhanced when staff understand and follow that plan. For example when a staff at our agency sends programmatic information via S Comm, we find that sometimes team members are inadvertently omitted from the recipient list. Similarly, data entered into T Logs is not automatically captured in official ISP Data logs and requires time consuming data analysis of information inputed across various modules.  Of course, plenty of opportunities for exceptions arise, and it’s not usually a big deal. Often, simple reminders about how to use the tools suffices to get everyone on the same page. But we’ve found that agreeing on how we communicate as an agency and using the Therap modules consistently with our design is essential to achieving great results.

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Justin: Welcome to Arizona

So…., word came out that Justin is coming to AZ. What a long time it has been since you were here last. Many of us in the CLP program at CCS recall those sessions of video shooting and sit-down interviews with Justin and the entire gang that was here in Tucson, those early days of Therap.

It would seem like Arizona would be at the top of the states using Therap. Unfortunately that is not the case. And why is that? That is a question I will have to ask Justin when he gets here. NO, I am just kidding! But honestly, I wonder what happened to AZ? Why is it that, an area that was a pioneer, is now amongst the last states to embrace the Therap technology?

Let’s just say, sometimes, you have to lead in order to follow. Or, you can look at it the other way round. Leading is not always from the front. Perhaps, AZ is still leading by pushing the rest to move forward. All is not lost for AZ. Thanks to the CCS/CLP, Therap is alive and well in southern Arizona. Justin’s coming will go along way in re-energizing the service here in the Old Pueblo and hopefully motivate expansion into the entire southwest region and beyond.

So, as Justin prepares to fly over to Tucson, I hope he will make sure his business satchel will be bulging with “goodies” to entice the business communities in this region, that need Therap but have not taken the ride, simply because no one has introduced them to the wonderful communication platform.

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At LifeQuest we are very excited about the Individual Home Page!

While in New York JP (my husband) and I were able to connect with family for dinner at PJ Clarke’s in New York City.  It was a very enjoyable evening!

Of course servers using a touch screen wall mounted computer caught my attention.  I was impressed with the efficiency of processing orders  It was very busy in the restaurant and I was impressed with how quickly they processed numerous orders and quickly entered updates.  If someone ordered another drink it was a quick entry into the computer and on to the next customer. 

While I was too far away to see “details” of the screen I was able to see there was a screen that had the layout of the restaurant.  The server would touch the table and another screen quickly popped up and they again touched several sqaures (very rapidly I might add).  I’m assuming it had categories such as drinks, appetizers, dinners, etc.  When they were ready to process the bill a receipt appeared on the screen. They were able to process credit cards with this same computer and print receipts on a small stand by the computer.  Minimal space required for the entire operation.

The Individual Home Page is evidence that Therap is once again responsive to feedback and making access to information for employees/families reviewing and entering information more user friendly and efficient.

Thanks Therap!

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Therap In Nebraska

Life on the farm is – really not laid back -middle of February in Nebraska and I see onions sprouting? Soon we should have snow!

Just returned from the 38th Annual  Nebraska ARC Senatorial Appreciation Dinner in Lincoln. 250 miles of windshield time provides for lots of thinking. Rumor has it that there are a few more providers in Nebraska thinking about using Therap. YEAH!!  I had  conversations with one of the providers in a more rural, larger geographical area than we, about getting on board.   They are excited. Even though we are taking baby steps to get this implemented and have some tech issues we are persevering.  That sounds like it is a chore, but it is not. Information sharing is already better.

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