Only 3 Weeks Away!

Happy January to you all from us here at Tobosa Developmental Services in Roswell, NM.  I wanted to start the New Year off by expressing how very excited I am about the National Conference in Vancouver, WA!  We were lucky enough to get selected to do 3 presentations during the conference.  I am looking forward to networking with new people and to seeing some great familiar faces.  We will be taking a group of 6 from here (including Bill Jones and I – who will both be presenting).  What an awesome experience we had at the other conferences we attended and we have no doubts that this one will be just as awesome.

One of the things we are working on here in Roswell, is to use the Training Academy more formally this year.  We have been using it since Nationals last year, very informally.  We use it now to learn about new modules as we attempt to use them within our agency.  But starting in 2016 we are looking at implementing them into our New Employee Orientation Training.  It is exciting and I can’t wait to see how we make it work for us.

I could blog on for hours, but I will wrap it up – and save my breathe for our presentations – Can you believe it is in 3 weeks from today?!?!  Ahhhhh!!!!!  Better get back to preparing -ha ha.  See you guys there.


Tampa Conference

So this was the 1st year of the Tampa conference and I am very thankful there are now 2 FL conferences. Tampa is def closer to Central FL and the other providers are closer as well which gives us some literal common ground. I loved hearing the perspectives of other providers and got to see our own implementation of Therap in light of other agencies roll outs. I had a conversation with another ICF admin where we were talking about the same thing but called it by different names and genuinely had each other confused. It became quite evident that we all have the same protagonist in our lives A*D ( I don’t want to say their full name for fear of getting a citation) and Barry definitely knows Food!!!! My highlight was definitely teaching GER’s which is far and away my favorite thing in Therap considering I approve about 40 a month in my day job. Look forward to future Tampa conferences and whatever working relationships we develop with other great folk like Kali and her people.

And on a side note be sure to watch World Cup in a few weeks and support team USA!!!!

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Well, here it is… Just like I said, my FIRST BLOG EVER!

I am going to start right off and just state the truth, I have been dreading this first blog for some time now… After thoroughly contemplating how to start, what to say, what title, etc. I realized – I kinda have stage fright (or screen fright)! Those who know me personally would agree that I’m not very shy and I am rarely at a lack for words.;) Regardless, I have decided to press on – push all fears aside – and strive to create, brilliant, insightful, beautiful blogs on a regular basis! Of course, they will be a little more Therap oriented…

So now to end my very first blog on more of a Therap related note: I am extremely happy to have recently become a member of the “elite” group of Therap Certified Trainers! It was awesome to be able to hang with a few of you at the National Conference in KC. I am also very excited as I have been asked to attend the Illinios Conference in Chicago this Spring and teach a few sessions. It will be great to be able to meet even more Therap users and hopefully get to know some of the Therap staff a little more as well! :)

CT Conference

It was nice to see so many familiar faces at the CT Conference last week!   I was very excited to be able to present at the Conference and share Oak Hill’s process for developing ISP’s.    I would much rather present in front of a group and think it went well!  Many of you here in CT should also attend our User Group Meetings at Oak Hill in Hartford.    Please email me at and we can add you to the list.  It is a great place to share ideas, ask questions, and see what other agencies are doing on Therap. 

Looking forward to the Conference in Kansas City!   

Mary Beth Julian

Program Supervisor-Oak Hill

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Buffalo Conference

I’m here in Buffalo for the conference. I’m hoping to get some information on CCHIT and how other agencies are utilizing the features. & hopefully I will learn a bit more about the certified trainer blogs. I’m new to using a blog Emoticon showing smiley face

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Washington My Home!

Picture of Kristen Thompson in Washington State

Wow, what a treat it was to spend some time with the great folks of Washington State (and a few exceptional Oregonians, as well). I met some really smart and dedicated folks, who inspired me to remember my roots.  For the most part, I have really enjoyed my transition to Florida, but a week like last week can really bring the homesickness bug on strong. Of course, there was no rain, which makes it a lot easier to remember only the good times…and not the time when the evening news reported that Seattle had beat the bible with more than forty days and nights of rain.

I was happy to see that Seattle has added some new attractions, so I could play tourist in my home state.  First of all, the grand and beautiful Holiday Inn Express in the outskirts of Sumner.  Wow.

Picture of Ferris Wheel in downtown Seattle on the waterfront

Second, the awesome Ferris Wheel in downtown Seattle on the waterfront.  What a beautiful view, not only of the water and the mountains, but also a unique look back at the city skyline.  If you get a chance to hop on this new attraction, take it…and take a camera!

Finally, I was able to ride the new (or at least ‘new-to-me’) gondola at Crystal Mountain which takes you to the summit where you can dine in style at the new restaurant there.  However, you can only dine in style because they have removed the snack bar and brown bag lunch options from the summit…so needless to say, I didn’t eat at the summit.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be going skiing on my trip back home in May, and I’m happy that my ski bum brother was there to help outfit me with the necessary equipment!  It was 72 degrees, so I didn’t need more than the basics!  It wasn’t the best snow, but far better than the skiing that you find in Florida.  (PS – there is no skiing in Florida).

So, a huge thank you to Therap for inviting me and an even bigger thanks to my boss who let me go!  Stay classy, Washington!


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Hey you!!!

Screenshot of Therap Conference Page for National Conference at Kansas City, Missouri, January 2014

Yes, you, right there…Yes, YOU!

Did you know that our national conference has been scheduled for 2014…um, yeah. And it is NOT in New Jersey (for all youhaters cold weather sissies critics who give me a hard time EVERY year!).

It is in Kansas City, Missouri. It is not warmer there in January but it is more central and here are some fun facts:

>Kansas City is the home to Hallmark Cards

>Ernest Hemingway completed his novel, “A Farewell to Arms” when he was there

>It is known as “The Paris of the Plains”

>Jeff Case, Michelle Saunders, Chris Johnson and Jordan Mar are there

>and now our national conference is there!!

So, this is a no-brainer.

Sign up here to attend on January 28-30, 2014. And if you are so motivated, we would {{{{{{{LOVE}}}}}}} for you to do a presentation (like all the certified smarty pants). It could be about anything…implementing Therap, ISP construction, herding caribou…If you’d like to flaunt your nerdiness, click here and have a look at what we need for your proposal.

Do it!! Free unicorns for the first twenty presenters.



What A Week!

Wow, what a great conference. As always, I had a great time meeting new people and seeing old friends. Of course, it’s also cool seeing all of the new “stuff” going on with Therap. I came away with loads of ideas as to how to make Rainbow of Challenges documentation even better.  It is always amazing to me to see how Therap keeps moving and growing.  I am getting really excited about all of the new things happening in the health modules.  To think, all of that information in one place.  It is almost mind boggling, but, the future is here.  So ready…set…go! ROC’s Therap committee (Sorry, Damien!) is excited and raring to go!

Thanks Therap for the GREAT conference and looking forward to next time!


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Eternal Sunshine of the Therap Conference

Once again the National Conference is behind us and I am still basking in the awesomeness.  It was fun  learning new things, seeing familiar faces and meet new ones, and eating cannolies. But, what I really appreciated was the reminder of how accessible Therap and the information we put in really is; even though I was on the other side of  the country I could still carry out tasks back home.  I am so thankful for this because when I got back to the office the sunshine of Therap had made it so I was not overloaded or backlogged. And, thus I have time and was inspired to post my first (and absolutely not the last) blog of the year!

Until next time…working on my TherTan here in the Pacific.


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Change Ready…

Hey all…before starting my post I took a look down the right hand side of the screen!  Can you believe the number of certified trainers!?!?  Unbelievable!  No wonder it seems there’s a new post every time I turn around!

In any case, I had the privilege of attending the North Dakota Regional Conference…(cause North Dakota is where it’s at!)…last week.  What an awesome time!  Of course I got to see Deb, Stephen, and Sazzad, and I got to meet Brent and Leah for the first time!  What a time learning more about the roll-out of Therap for States and more about what is to come from Therap in the future.  It is also great to hear from other users about how they are using Therap.

Me…I like to think I’m progressive and ready for change…but then the discussion came up of First Page vs. Dashboard!  I’m not so change ready now!  (You may have already read about it in Justin’s blog here.)  In any case, in the future, you will lose your First Page view of Therap, and move over to a Dashboard only world.  Me…I’m a First Page kinda guy.  Buuuttt….as much as I’m not willing to admit it….it does kinda make sense:)  Dashboard does give you a very organized view of what you have access to in Therap, and a wonderful ‘To-Do’ tab that shows you what needs your attention.

My recommendation…do what I did!  Switch to Dashboard today, and refuse to switch back.  You will find that before you know it, you will be used to it!  It’s really not so bad!

My only request…can we please at least offer First Page a proper burial?  lol

Till next time….

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