My First Therap Conference

Well, I am just full of it – full of new Therap information and excitement that is!  My first Therap conference was very enlightening.  Now I need to do some more exploring in the modulars we are using.  Then I need to figure out how best to share all the material here at MDC.  I am hoping to be part of the impetus to get us using the MAR, more health documentations, and more Training Management.  There are so many more things we could be doing in Therap that we are struggling with how to manage.

While our current MAR system is doing fine, it would be so much better if it were computerized.  We do have limited computers and access, so that will have to be part of the discussion.  But I do not think the lack of machines prevents us moving forward.  Guess I better be chatting with our nurses!!

The training components are wonderful.  Kitti did an excellent job convincing us of how to be remarkable training managers!  We are using parts of the tools Therap provides, but not enough to be effective.  We have replaced a few pieces of paper for tracking who-completed-what.  It is functional
for that one small piece.  However, there is so much more that could be done.  The initial time to set up is the only “draw-back” and even that is reasonable.   We are changing how we describe the training person so now is the best time to organize this change. A new person will give us fresh thinking to move us into new systems.

Lastly, I would like to say how nice it was to be with co-workers and see how cohesive we are with the idea of taking on the opportunities Therap allows.  Thanks!

Until next time, smile at the stars…..

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Therap in Montana

As the final day of the regional conference in Helena gets underway shortly, it is so wonderful to have spent time with such great folks. The Therap trainers are so great with their time and knowledge base. The participants are all wrapping their arms around Therap in different levels of module usage and the future is looking full of possibilities. Thanks to Maureen and her fabulous staff!

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Wow…I was just reading through the blogs and realized, I missed my May blog! I figured I’d best get SOMETHING in here before Allison hunts me down:) (She’s really not THAT bad!) Therefore, here I sit on a Friday afternoon, at 10:36 PM, when I should be in bed, blogging! I guess Therap is a good way to start the weekend!?

May was quite the busy month! We had our annual NDACP Conference in Bismarck. While there I sat in on many sessions, including Therap. I also had the privilege of enjoying Olive Garden with Deb H. Also while there, one of my Assistant Managers, Milissa Tickle was awarded a DSP of the Year award for the state! Congrats Milissa!

This month I will get the privilege of meeting us with Deb again…at the ND Therap Conference…also in Bismarck! (Did I hear someone say Olive Garden, Deb?)

All of my fellow North Dakotans, if you haven’t made plans to be at the Therap Conference, head on over to the Conference Tab and register to meet in Bismarck in a few weeks! Hope to see you there!


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I’m back

Greetings All,

After a very long time without a blog (sorry Allison Emoticon showing smiley face ) I am getting back into the swing of things…I think?  Was given the “for sure” that I will be attending the Montana conference in Helena.  I am looking forward to this.  I figure it will add some connection to my working with Therap, other people involved and just generally getting to learn some more stuff.  All and all, I believe a good deal.

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Whew! First webinar completed…

Well, it is now official – my first certified trainer webinar has been completed – finally! (Sorry, Allison, for all of the previous webinar issues!) I am now looking forward to my next webinar in May. Thanks to those who attended and I enjoyed the discussions afterwards. Hopefully everyone could hear me OK with my voice out of commission. I promise I don’t sound like that normally!

I am also looking forward to the Kansas City conference next month!

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Happy Leap Day…Therap style!

After having time to reflect on all the great information I got from the Therap National Conference this year, I now have a clear path as to what I would like to have my agency do to implement these newly taught tips.  This year was my first year attending the National Conference, and all the great people I met and tricks I learned are really unbelievable.  One in particuar is the “on-call” super role.  By simply creating a caseload that includes the on-call sites and then allowing only T-log entry and update to the new super role is a game changer!  I was previously having to be notified to turn on and off an on-call caseload every week….crazy, I know.

Upon my return to my agency in Chicago, I was hit with questions like, “What did you learn?” and “Can I come with you next time?” and “Did the pizza suck like we thought it would, because we know Chicago has the best pizza in the world?”  When the barage of questions and hugs were over, I was able to show my newly acquired swag…my Therap Certified Trainer laptop bag!  It is now prominently displayed on my wall of trophies in my office.  (And yes, that is me dressed as Batman in the picture on the shelf…..but that is for a whole other blog.)

Swag Bag

On this Leap Day, I want to remember to use the forward momentum that the Therap National Conference has sparked in me.  I also need to keep in touch with all the great people I met!  What better way thatn to be a part of this blog.

Thanks for welcoming me to the family!


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National Conference and looking for some imput from others

It has started out as a crazy week with being gone all last week to the National Conference in New Jersey. It was a great week, I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. I always enjoy it when I meet another dog enthusiast (especially someone with a Bernese Mountain Dog!) I only wish I had enough fore thought to have stayed longer and gone to the Westminster Dog show. I knew people that were there and it would have been a great experience. Maybe next year!.
I not only learned a lot at the Conference but now have someone else in the agency that realizes the benefits of Therap and the things that we are not utilizing to their fullest, this of course means a lot of work ahead for me because now our implementation is going to move forward at a very rapid pace. I may be looking to some of you for information as we do this as to what works and what doesn’t.

The evening in New York city was great, it was a first for me. I discovered there is a lot to see and do and not enough time to do it all. Next trip i want to go to Ground Zero, take in a show and many other things, guess I will have to plan leave in conjunction with the conference.

Today we had a Risk Management Committee meeting and we are looking for some input from other agencies. What do you do as far as procedure/protocol for allowing someone who has a documented seizure disorder to go swimming with staff supports? Do you allow them to swim, do they have to wear a flotation device, does the guardian and/or parent sign off on it, just what parameters are in place if any?. Do you have a written protocol or procedure that you would be willing to share? If you do you can e-mail it directly to me at Thank you for any input you can share on this topic. I am finding that this is something that a lot of agencies have not really looked at and have just allowed clients to swim. We are looking at the Risk of all our operations very closely and how it can impact our services.

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National Conference

There is so much to talk about regarding last weeks conference! First of all…another blogger wrote about all the eating! Totally true! Breakfast was just about over and voila! Delicious snacks graced the coffee table!! I, too, probably gained 10 pounds!!!

Two other things worth mentioning…I have two small kids (3 yrs and 10 months) and it was wonderful to be able to sleep in the hotel and get uninterrupted sleep!! That was fabulous and I most certainly did not tell my husband! Kind of felt a bit guilty!!

The other thing was being able to leisurely stroll through Target! I have not been able to do that without kids in 3 years!!! So much fun….I know….It’s the little things!!! Haha!!!

Anyway…I also learned a lot during those three days! Event summaries was very interesting to me. It is a simple little thing but something in which I forgot about. These summaries will surely help gather behavior info.

I also avoided the pivot table session! I start to glaze over when I hear the words, “pivot tables”!!! However, Brent told us that he also had difficultly with those until he was taught by Allison. Maybe I gather up courage and take another go at it!!

We also spent a lot of time going over the training component. This will be our agencies next thing to do. Looking forward to getting that set up and will keep everyone posted as to our progress!

Anyway…it was a great conference and am already looking forward to next year!

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Greetings from ND!

I write (or technically I type) today with a sad state of mind…I’m reading all these posts about people going to the National Conference…and alas, I won’t be there:-(  Think of me during your week of learning!

We in ND are experiencing the WIERDEST winter ever!  Here I sit and it is currently 37 degrees out today with a high of 45!?  No snow on the ground!?  Not quite sure what to make of it, hoping it remains this way until summer.  On the bright side, this kind of weather gives us such an awesome opportunity to get people out of the house and out into the community.

On another note…our growing ‘little’ community that has erupted over the last couple years is on the way to becoming even more famous.  Check out for a new series that is apparently coming out.  The young ladies’ mother actually used to work for our agency.

Until next month (when I promise to share more useful information:-), take care, and enjoy the conference for those of you attending!


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