TMS Spring Cleaning

So this weekend I took an opportunity to refine our classes / courses / curricula in THERAP. Community Services has been using the Training Management System for about 4 years now. When we began using it, only a curriculum could be assigned to an employee. In addition to all of the “classes” that were listed under Curriculum, we also had a specific curriculum for every job title at the agency. As you can imagine, over time, this became quite unwieldy. Even though I use TMS daily; and am very familiar with its function, I was nervous.  CSDD employees about 850 staff. If something were to go awry, it would create a nightmare to repair. After many hours, I was able to delete all the curricula and courses, create a few new  consolidated courses that would work for a large number of employees and assign those courses to the staff. This is not to say their were not any glitches in my plan. For one, there were a handful of curricula that I was unable to  delete without reassigning the classes that comprised the curriculum. The correction for this glitch requires looking at each employees class assignment and un-assigning the surplus classes.  There were also a few group of employee’s that required a course other than the one I initially determined was the best fit. This was a simple correction. The moral of the story?  Trust the plan, but prepare for pitfalls.

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Hi from CT!

I know, its been a LONG time and I am feeling guilty, guilty, guilty for not blogging!  But my excuse is that I just got back to work since November!   Feeling a bit old having a hip replacement at 50, but I am now the Bionic Woman, so watch out!

My first day back to work, I got to go to the Annual Conference in NJ, what a way to start the week.   The Conference was awesome, saw a lot of my Therap friends, and met some new ones too!  Thoroughly enjoyed just talking to people on how they are doing with Therap, what they are working on, and whats next!  I got alot of helpful tools, handouts, and just new ideas.

I joined in on many discussions about the MAR section.  That is our next section here at Oak Hill.   I think we are all very hesitant to start the process and trying to get everyone on board!  Any helpful hints would be great for anyone out there using the MAR!

I hope Allison doesn’t kick me out of this wonderful group!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Certified Trainers Group in NJ.  It made my day to meet all of the new trainers and all we did was laugh!  What a riot!    I needed that.  And as Billy Joel says, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints!”

Will write soon, promise Allison!

MB Julian-Oak Hill, Hartford, CT

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Blizzard 2013

Well…we all survived the Blizzard of 2013! What an incredible amount of prep work winter weather bestows upon us!

I have been hearing all about the conference this year and was once again am sorry to have missed it! However–fingers crossed–I will be back in full conference mode for our annual CT conference in Meriden in September and hopefully for the annual one next year. Attending these conferences really gets you motivated to try new things! At Oak Hill, we have slowed down a bit and are still getting the training piece working for all employees.

Hopefully when I am finished with my new school adventure and my colleague is back in full swing at work we will once again forge ahead to new and excitiing things on Therap!


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Merry Christmas!!

Well…I’ve made the switch…to Dashboard! I hated it at first. I hate change! I made the switch because I wanted to do it on “my terms” and not come into work one day and be forced into it! It has been several weeks and it is not that bad! I wish I could organize it so it works best for me…but overall…not bad!! The only problem I ran into was when I realized that I hadn’t been checking Scomms and ended up with 30 unread ones! To be honest…I didn’t even see the scomm section! I still have to make an effort to remember to look for it though!

I keep telling myself that yes…change is good!!!

Anyway…Merry Christmas everyone and see you in the New Year!!!


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BER Webinar!

Yay! Another notch on my belt for a (I think) successful webinar! I again did my webinar on creating, reporting and entering data for BER’s. I also included a little blurb on time tracking. Again…I felt a little weird because it is hard talking to my computer but as I continue to do them, I get a little more confident. One of the differences this time was that some of the people that joined in asked questions and I really liked answering them. It told me that 1) they didn’t get too bored and stayed on the whole time and 2) they were interested and had great questions to ask. I hope for future webinars such questions will occur!

Hope everyone is doing OK with the aftermath of Sandy! Quite a hectic week it was last week!!

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Missed Conference!

I was so sad to have missed the annual CT user’s group in in Meriden this year! What made it worse is that last year I was considering doing a presentation in BER’s. Hopefully next year things will calm down and I will be able to once again be surrounded by the CT experts of Therap!!!

From what I have heard – it was a great conference!!!

Happy October everyone!!!

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Getting ready for fall in CT

I have to admit that I am very “reserved” (a little shy) when it comes to blogging and hosting webinars.  This is definitely obvious from the date of my last blog (almost one year ago to date).  I am committing myself to get a lot better and overcome this.  As it is the same time of year as my last post, rereading that one really shows how routine things can be.  I am once again getting ready for my sons birthday as well as the CT Therap Conference in Meriden next week.  This is the absolute best time of year in CT in my opinion-summer humidity is ending and fall is right around the corner.  Apple and pumpkin picking, long sleeved shirts and chilly nights.  Some of the great things that I hope never change.

As for the company I work for (WILA), we have advanced in our use of Therap somewhat.  We have more users on board and they are a lot more advanced in their Therap skills than a year ago.  We are currently utilizing as much of Therap as pertains to us as a smaller company, including but not limited to T-Logs, Scomms, GER’s, ISP Data and Programs, TMS, Health Tracking and other Therap “staples”.  We are not using IPOP’s, MAR’s or time tracking yet but hopefully they will be included in our near future endeavors.  The benefits of Therap are more than obvious for all of our staff.  The nurses see a lot of the benefits with Health Tracking and the ease of communicating updates/changes with all of the staff.   Therap allows for new staff to get to know our clients from different view points as well as track their health/behaviors/activities a lot more efficiently than ever before.  Therap has been a great advancement for us and I personally look forward to all that it will bring us in the future.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the CT Therap next week, especially as I will be hosting 2 classes during the conference!

P.S. Allison…I blogged!!!!

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Another successful CT Therap User Group!

We met again at Oak Hill yesterday for our “monthly” CT user group. It was great to see new faces…especially from Mosaic! They are brand new to Therap (here in CT anyway!) and so we spent a great deal of time discussing ways to start out with Therap focusing on passwords and problems/successes we found with tlogs and scomms.

Not sure I will be able to attend the Meriden CT Conference this year…but what a great way to network and meet new people from different agencies!


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BER/Interval Woes

Happy Summer! It has been very hot here in CT…but we are surviving…sort of!

Not to complain…but…….here goes! I have always been a big proponent of the BER’s however I wish there was a way to separate the BER’s from the Interval data. The interval tracking is very under-used which is sad because it is the perfect interval tracking system. I know everything is “easier said than done”, but if there was one thing I could have in Therap world it is to have those separate. As I sit here, I am wondering who I can beg, plead, etc.??? Maybe if I keep blogging about this???
Haha!!! Enjoy the rest of summer!!! :-)

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day (tomorrow)!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! While it is actually “celebrated” tomorrow, I just wanted to thank all the teachers out there!

At Oak Hill, while we all have various “titles” one of the most important hats we all wear is that of “Teacher”. While we don’t all work in classrooms, life in general is what we teach to our residents. How to maximize the quality and “normalcy” of their life is what makes us important educators.

In “therap world”, we are again looking forward to the CT user’s group to be held at Oak Hill in May. At these time, we all bounce ideas around and try to help each other make the most out Therap. It is also great to be able to meet with other folks from nearby agencies!

Will blog later about our group and looking forward to presenting at the CT Conference in September!

Until next time…..

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