Security Profiles – A Precarious Love Affair

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I just want to go on record and say that when Therap released the Security Profiles last summer I was not a fan. How could Therap do such a thing? Didn’t they know I liked the user privileges just the way they were? Anyway, to make a long story short after a few weeks of bemoaning the changes I began to see the potential of the new security profiles. What I realized is that in every agency there are staff who have several different roles in that agency. Whether it is balancing quality assurance and data entry or supervisory and program administrator, staff get pulled in different directions. This is where the security profiles come in to help. You can create up to three separate profiles each with a different caseload and super role. This gives staff the flexibility to see only the data they want to see for a specific role they have within their agency.

So let me share some of the examples of how a few of the agencies in Kansas have used the Security Profile. In one agency they wanted staff to be able to see T-Logs between departments with out having to have staff see all the T-logs for the entire agency. So they set the staff’s main profile as their home department (residential) and the second profile with the individuals they work with from the other departments (day services). This way staff can manage what data they are seeing when they access Therap. Making for more efficient use of time in the system.

Another agency had a very large day program and wanted staff to be able to access data only for individuals in their smaller work groups, yet also wanted staff to have access to the larger group too. So the main profile was set up with the smaller work group while their secondary profile showed all the individuals in the day program. This again gave the staff the flexibility to manage their time inside of Therap.

I have also noticed that most Quality Assurance staff usually have a caseload of individuals that the manage.  Their super roles are set up with their primary profile as “QA” with oversight for all the individuals in the agency, while the secondary profile has the case management super role with only the individuals they provide case management for.

Finally, the last example is an agency has a committee with staff of various roles who review GERs for quality.  So, that agency gave the committee members a profile so that they can review GERs even though their usual super role would prevent them from seeing them.

So, count me as a convert!  I have drank the Kool-Aid and fallen in love with Security Profiles.  They give agencies the ability to be flexible with what data staff are seeing when using Therap.  This allows staff to be more efficient when in the system so they can spend more time working with the individuals they serve.  So, ask your self this, “How has your agency used the Security Profiles, and does it allow staff to be more efficient in the system?”  Also, I would love for you to share how your agency has used Security Profiles.


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Learn More at Regional Conferences!

Therap Iowa conference

As Jeff Case pointed out in his blog the first Iowa Regional Conference was a success. The Progress Industries team enjoyed meeting the Therap staff and interacting with the new Iowa Therap users. In fact, apart from the great educational sessions, interacting with others in the field is a great benefit of these conferences. Thanks to all the Therap support staff for their help putting on the conference. (Jordan, where were you for our team photo?!!)

Our staff were very impressed with the Individual Home Page and are confident this will save time in data entry. We’re also trying out the Time Tracking module to centralize our records and replace more paper records.

We’re heeding Therap’s message to start transferring away from the First Page and to the Dashboard. It is a bit intimidating for some but really the Dashboard is a very cool way to organize and access information.

The regional conference was such a success we are making plans for a low/no cost quarterly internal Therap Conference here at Progress Industries. Maybe some other providers near Newton and Des Moines would like to join us. Contact me if you are interested! Check out more regional conferences in YOUR area by going to the Therap Home Page and click on Conferences. It is well worth your time!

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Change Ready…

Hey all…before starting my post I took a look down the right hand side of the screen!  Can you believe the number of certified trainers!?!?  Unbelievable!  No wonder it seems there’s a new post every time I turn around!

In any case, I had the privilege of attending the North Dakota Regional Conference…(cause North Dakota is where it’s at!)…last week.  What an awesome time!  Of course I got to see Deb, Stephen, and Sazzad, and I got to meet Brent and Leah for the first time!  What a time learning more about the roll-out of Therap for States and more about what is to come from Therap in the future.  It is also great to hear from other users about how they are using Therap.

Me…I like to think I’m progressive and ready for change…but then the discussion came up of First Page vs. Dashboard!  I’m not so change ready now!  (You may have already read about it in Justin’s blog here.)  In any case, in the future, you will lose your First Page view of Therap, and move over to a Dashboard only world.  Me…I’m a First Page kinda guy.  Buuuttt….as much as I’m not willing to admit it….it does kinda make sense:)  Dashboard does give you a very organized view of what you have access to in Therap, and a wonderful ‘To-Do’ tab that shows you what needs your attention.

My recommendation…do what I did!  Switch to Dashboard today, and refuse to switch back.  You will find that before you know it, you will be used to it!  It’s really not so bad!

My only request…can we please at least offer First Page a proper burial?  lol

Till next time….

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