Oh the Pressure of a Blog!

For some reason, blogging just isn’t easy. I usually have so much to say but putting it in writing is different.

So anyway, I am excited because we Mosaic is moving into the final months of our Therap implementation. We have been working on rolling Therap out over our 36 agencies. Agencies are now using the following modules: GERs, T-Logs, Scomms, ISP Plans, ISP Program, ISP Data, Health Tracking, MARs and Billing. It has been quite a journey that will continue to evolve- no doubt.

I am truly enjoying the lunch webinars! There are great ideas and helpful information. This information is very beneficial as it comes at a time when my agency is going through a lot of transitions with Therap.

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The Simple Joys in Therap!

Every time I assist an agency in rolling out a new module in Therap, there is always a simple things that bring much joy. Most recently, an agency who is rolling out Health/Medication History/MARS was delighted to find out that the Medication History can be uploaded from a spreadsheet. We agree that the need to go back and check each of the meds could be time-consuming…we also acknowledge that it is much more efficient to have the initial upload of medication done simultaneously instead of having to back in and start a new form for each new medication.

Thanks Therap!

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I Can Therap from Africa!

Okay so, I took a trip to Liberia, West Africa, in April of this year. At the time, I had PLANNED vacation so I did not even attempt to go on to Therap and do work, look at data, change anyone’s privileges…nothing!

In August, I unexpectedly had to return to Liberia. This time, because I had not planned for vacation, I had no choice but to log on to Therap a few times. In all honesty, it was quite refreshing to go into a world which I was familiar with, I felt right at home on Therap! Just as Dorothy longed for Kansas, I was longing for Delaware…USA. However, I found a little comfort in that familiar orange world of Therap- I didn’t feel at all out of place as I do in this photo…LOL!

 I Can Therap from Africa!

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My First Therap Blog

Wow! The time has actually come and presented itself for me to blog on Therap’s site!! I have been using Therap for many years but wasn’t a certified trainer so did not have this privilege! Now that I have it, I don’t know what to do with it…LOL. In the future, my posts will be much more intelligent (not likely) and thought provoking (hardly true).

I will soon be preparing to present at the Delaware Conference in April. Yes!! I have my two conferences almost completed for the year already- I presented at the National Conference.

However, I am pleased to be able to extend all of you fellow Certified Trainers a heart-felt wish to have a great holiday weekend (seriously)…enjoy.

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