Caseloads – and what I wish I could do – where is that star when I need it?

We are beginning to have issues with the Caseloads now that the names cannot be changed. In a previous version (way back when), we were able to EDIT the Caseload name to accommodate changes to the Programs (which sometimes we have a lot depending on the Provider Code). Without the ability to EDIT Caseload names, we now have to manually create a brand new caseload with the new name, move all affected users to this new caseload, then delete the old caseload. Has anyone figured out how to get around this?

Another area that we have found is with Deleted users, whose privileges were not removed prior to deletion. We cannot remove any Caseloads or SuperRoles from those users, which also means that we cannot remove inactive Caseloads either. It would be nice to be able to delete Caseloads that are assigned ONLY to deleted users, or if we have a way to edit the deleted user privileges.


If only I could wish upon a star and it magically happened…