Billing Progress Report

Hi Everyone,

We are moving forward with billing.  We have our pilot groups selected (2 departments from Hab, 3 houses from Residential, and 6 MSCs). I just finished making the screen shots for our admin assistants who will be setting up the service authorizations for us. Now I will be working on the screen shots for the attendance tracking. The pilot groups will start billing in Therap by December 2013. We are hoping to have all programs billing in Therap by February 2014. I figured I would get my blog done today as I am off all next week. Emoticon showing smiley face Happy Halloween everyone! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.


What is innovation? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the introduction of
something new”.  Things just don’t happen, people make them happen and that is where innovation come in.  When people are innovative, we get wonderful products such as Therap.  To be an innovative person it comes with determination and a positive attitude.  Jim Carroll said, “Don’t be some who asks “what happened?” – make things happen.  Change your attitude, and you will find things really can improve.  The next year is full of opportunity, and it is yours if you want it!”  My advice to that is GO FOR IT.  Reach for your dreams and be innovative.

Think Outside the Box

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July 1st saw the retirement of Rainbow of Challenges founder, Patti Manus, from the CEO post. Below is a wonderful tribute to her vision and accomplishments written by Scott Jester. Her path truly changed the path of so many others:

Patti Manus veered from the path.

From the time her oldest daughter Robin drew her first breath, Patti was faced with choices to make and what path to take.

Her precious daughter, a gift from God, was born with a variety of developmental disabilities. Robin would need extensive attention and round-the-clock assistance.

During the early 1960’s there was primarily the conventional path of state-run institutionalization.

Instead of placing Robin in a cold, institution hours away from her mother’s watchful eye, Patti knew there had to be a better life for her daughter.

Patti chose a different path.

In the beginning, she along with other mothers made weekly trips to Texarkana for treatment. But Patti could envision an even better future for her daughter and others from the view of her path.

In 1967, she made the decision to begin services for children with disabilities in the surrounding area in Hope, officially launching what was known as the School of Hope. A board of directors was formed and methods of treatment were researched.

Before the end of the 1960’s classes for six children with disabilities were conducted in the Boy Scout Hut in Hope’s Fair Park. And, the rest, as they say, is history. And, boy, what a history it has been.

“She wanted what was best for her daughter and for every other child she came in contact with,” said Eileen Cole, who served Rainbow of Challenges for 36 years.

“In the early years, everybody pitched in,” noted Cole. “Patti did everything. She picked up kids, she taught classes, everything. I don’t know how the woman made it from day to day.”

In 1974, the School of Hope/Rainbow of Challenges (ROC) received licensing to begin serving adults and at the same time opened a building with four classrooms on the Yerger campus. This enabled more individuals to be served, further spreading the umbrella of care.

“She nurtures well,” said Judy Watson, ROC’s Chief Operations Officer. “It’s funny, because you look at her as the mother of ROC and you respect that. When you know how she feels about something, it affects your decision making. I think a part of that comes from the respect we have for her.”

In 1981, a grant was written with the neighboring city of Nashville which opened the door to provide two group homes and 24 apartments in each city. It was a monumental move that would allow adult individuals with developmental disabilities to live together and share living experiences.

It wasn’t long after that when more group homes and apartments were opened in Hope with then Governor Bill Clinton on hand to oversee the ribbon-cutting.

The future was bright and both children and adults were reaping the benefits of the path Patti Manus blazed years earlier.

One of the biggest accomplishments for Patti and ROC was the dedication of Omega Home, the first Intermediate Care Facility for Developmentally Disabled individuals, complete with a full staff to oversee their every need.

In 1996, the children of Making Rainbows opened the doors of their new Child Care center and Rainbow of Challenges branched into Lafayette County, serving 50 children.

Her path then led northward to Arkadelphia. The need was great to serve adults with developmental disabilities there and it was answered with Project Empowerment and Rainbow Junction, which provide working opportunities to many.

“It’s that history she has in her head, not just of ROC, but of the services as they’ve grown,” stated Watson. “Starting from nothing and building it to where it is today and how that history of what worked and what didn’t work. She has all that in her head,” noted Watson. She’s been through that process where none of us has gone.”

While traveling down her path, one vision was never lost on Manus. It was to provide each and every individual dignity, the dignity she wanted for her daughter. She also emphasized providing independence and choices for everyone, something that was not present in the large institutions from which she strayed early on.

Rainbow of Challenges now serves more than 500 children and adult individuals with developmental disabilities spanning the entire southern half of Arkansas. It has become one of the premier providers not only in the state, but throughout the nation. Its models of treatment and housing are a source for many other providers on how things are done right.

“When you say Rainbow of Challenges, Patti Manus is synonymous with that because there would be no Rainbow of Challenges without Patti Manus,” said the Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce Director Mark Keith. “The jobs she helped create are making an impact because every one of those jobs makes another life better. It gives another person a quality of life, a dignity of life,” he continued. “I guess Patti Manus could be thought of as the CEO that makes life better for everybody.”
And, Hope, in turn, has embraced Patti Manus and Rainbow of Challenges. “The community just chose a Rainbow of Challenges client as Citizen of the Year,” Keith said. “I think that is indicative of the openness that this community has when dealing with Rainbow of Challenges folks. They are so much a part of the fabric of the community. Hope has heart for them.

“She has made our town a much better place to live for all of us especially for those with developmental disabilities. She has made an impact that for those of us our generation will not forget,” said Keith.

“There’s comfort in knowing she’s still going to be here and I can walk in the door and ask for input and get the history that only she knows,” Watson concluded.

The time, however, has come for Manus to lay down her pen as Executive Director, but by no means is she walking away from “the cause”. She begins blazing a new path as Director of Advancement, broadening the horizons for her and of course, for Rainbow of Challenges.


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Waiting is a killer

We are finally going individual based. Well at least bending Therap to make it look like the system is individual based. Since we have been using Therap (back when electricity was the new thing) it was set up in a way (program based caseloads) that required a lot of work to transfer the people we support. And since that time heated discussions have ensued regarding that need for it to be this way and the need for it to change. Well the day as I arrived that we are fixing it, but oh the massive amount of work that its going to take! If only we had done this sooner. So word to you all DON’T WAIT!  Wish us luck and hopefully I will not be broken when we all meet again.Waiting is a killer

Training your employees to use Therap…

My reminder popped up on my calendar this afternoon reminding me…’It’s time to submit your monthly Therap blog’…

I pondered what I should write about…it seems only obvious that I should write about training your employees to use Therap.  After all, today I trained a Therap class…last Friday I presented my annual webinar…on what else but training your staff to use Therap!

We all have our own individual ways of training staff to use Therap.  No one way is wrong, or better than another. But we do have the opportunity of improving our way but learning how other agencies train Therap.

At our agency, we have a monthly Therap class.  The class last approximately 8 hours.  We demonstrate how to enter information, and have our employees practice entering information.  For more details on how I train Therap, feel free to go to Therap’s YouTube page and check out the webinar.

That brings me to this question…How does YOUR agency train Therap?  What materials, cheat sheets, work sheets, etc. does your agency use during this process?  Who does the Therap training, and how were they selected?  What policies do you have in place in regards to Therap documentation?

Please share with the rest of us, so we can all get a little better!

Dreaming of full implementation

We have been working on trying to get all departments fully on board with use of Therap. It has been a long drawn out process. I wish that I had a magic wand and could wave it and make it all happen…..Allison can you look into that PLEASE.

We are still trying to get buy in from everyone, I am getting all the same stories…we don’t have time to input the data…it takes too long…why do we have to change…what if the computers go down…on and on….
I’m sure you all have heard the same thing at some point. I have done demonstrations & trainings to large groups, small groups and individuals. I think I am finally starting to win the battle. It will get there eventually.

I spent a week in Loveland, Colorado at a Dog show recently and had a great week but the heat was horrible. going from 30 – 40 in Alaska to 80 in Colorado with the altitude change was quite different. I was not able to show my own dogs because I had my knee in a brace from a dislocation that had happened in April. But they did very well with handlers. My home bred puppies took placements in Futurity, Cassi took 2nd and Sprig took 4th, and Cassi took a 3rd in the regular puppy conformation class. Their mother Emma got two qualifying scores in Rally Advanced which completed her title. We have a local show this weekend and all three will be competing again, not sure if my knee is up to handling them but we will see.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!

Team IO Rocks TMS and MAR’s This Week…

Hello Blog friends and fellow Certified Trainers!  I think I have put off writing this first blog for long enough!  First order of business is to thank Allison for the opportunity to be a part of the Therap Certified Trainers group.  It is a privilege to work with all of you across the country and I look forward to getting to know each of you and sharing our many Therap successes, hurdles, and personal stories.

A little background…Our agency, Independent Options, Inc., came on board with Therap in July of 2012.  Since then we have relentlessly implemented module after module without looking back (okay, well maybe once or twice…just to ask, “can I really get rid of this paper document?”).  In the short time we have been on the system we have faced our share of struggles and challenges with transition…as evidenced by my long list of “My Issues,” some of which may have little to do with the program itself but rather my own challenges to push past the inevitable road blocks when learning something new.    But as whole we have found ourselves very pleased with what Therap is producing and the affect it is having on our agency as we push ourselves to reclaim our desk space  from the paper and to improve standards.

So this week’s scheduled mountains to climb included TMS and implementing the MAR’s in two more of our adult day programs.  Tackling TMS would mean I would spend an entire  day working side-by-side with my husband, our Director of Training, and all his paper calendars and day planners of training dates.  Yikes!  While a glass of wine was much needed after that day, I am happy to report Jason is well on his way to owning the TMS system.  Getting him to toss the day planner…now that is another challenge for another year perhaps.

Today we also can kiss goodbye our paper MAR’s at two more of our day programs, thanks to our amazing lead nurse, Sue B, and the Program Directors, Lisa and Theresa.   It wasn’t easy and there was a bit of anxiety but I am so happy to report that at the end of the day today medications were passed in our three adult behavior modification day programs with ease.

It just seems right to with this first blog thank the amazing team at IO who are such a joy to work with on this project we call Therap.  From our fearless leader, Dennis, to the Direct Support Staff in our 16 facilities now using Therap, you all make this huge undertaking a pleasure for me and so much darn fun!

I <3 Team IO!

First CT Blog!

Greetings, today I am entering my first post as a certified trainer.   I do enjoy reading the blogs entered by other certified trainers, and hope I can add something productive.

Here at Allegany Arc we have been very busy as of late with implementing Therap’s billing tools.   So far, we are using Therap billing for the majority of our programs (Day hab, Community hab, IRAs, MSC and prevoc).  We have a few more programs to implement, but it feels like we are in the home stretch!

Each step of the process, we are learning more.

Before starting billing, check ID forms.  Mistakes/omissions in the ID will cause problems with billing tools.

Make sure medicaid CIN numbers  ONLY include the: 2 letter 5 number 1 letter combo.  No extras, no spaces, and no sequence numbers.   Nursing staff liked having the sequence numbers, but this will gum up your billing works!

Make sure the persons name, address, SSN, CIN, and gender are complete (and accurate).   Make sure addresses contain no apostrophes.

Checking, and fixing these minor details now will prevent major hassles later!



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Excited about Therap

I am so excited to be a new blogger on Therap-THANKS JUSTIN AND KARA!!!!  I have been working with Therap for several years now with the new OCCAZIO (formerly Cardinal Service Management).  This week we have what we call Team Meetings and we have been doing more training and prepping with staff for the future of MARS and getting feedback from staff on suggestion they have to make things easier for them.   We get a great response from staff which is so nice to hear.  As a nurse the continued growth in Therap always excites me.  Each new release from Therap is always a much awaited event on my part so that I can play and educate myself on the changes and updates.

I like being able to pull data together at anytime of the day.  When I have a patient or I am on call for a patient that has new developments, Therap makes my job so much easier by having the ability to see some recent data that helps me better able to guide staff to assist that person.   As I said earlier the MARS are a very exciting module that I so look forward to watching its growth as for me-it will continue to improve my ability to better serve the wonderful folks I do!

Thanks again to Justin and Kara, but Justin we must talk about my password!:)  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THERAP!


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