What is innovation? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the introduction of
something new”.  Things just don’t happen, people make them happen and that is where innovation come in.  When people are innovative, we get wonderful products such as Therap.  To be an innovative person it comes with determination and a positive attitude.  Jim Carroll said, “Don’t be some who asks “what happened?” – make things happen.  Change your attitude, and you will find things really can improve.  The next year is full of opportunity, and it is yours if you want it!”  My advice to that is GO FOR IT.  Reach for your dreams and be innovative.

Think Outside the Box

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Buffalo Conference

I’m here in Buffalo for the conference. I’m hoping to get some information on CCHIT and how other agencies are utilizing the features. & hopefully I will learn a bit more about the certified trainer blogs. I’m new to using a blog Emoticon showing smiley face

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Mosaic Osceola, Iowa & Des Moines, Iowa Agencies are LIVE.

Shame on me for not blogging… I have been a little busy.

Since my last post, I have been in the throes of launching 2 more Mosaic agencies.  Osceola / Chariton officially began using the “Big 3” modules on Tuesday, May 22nd and Des Moines implement the same modules on June 21st.

Since the last week of April, I have trained over 490 staff who provide care to over 260 individuals.  383 of those staff were trained in the last 16 days.  Needless to say… I can now train T-Log’s, GER’s and SComm’s in my sleep.

After all of this training, I am convinced that the hardest part of the class is logging into the system.  For some reason, login name, password and provider code tends to create the most confusion for a majority of new users.  I have yet to figure out why.  Perhaps the human being has a switch in the brain… perhaps when the words “case sensitive” are spoken, the ears are turned off?

You would think that new users would have issues with writing GER’s or T-Log’s… but, that is not the case.  Therap is so simple and intuitive, the content in these modules is typically beyond what was the expectation.

My friends, the most common mistake…user error…problem is……..wait for it…………..

“I locked myself out of Therap.  Could you please reset my password?”

Am I complaining?  No.

I find it absolutely amazing that a vast majority of new users of Therap can attend a 3 hour training course, and then begin using the system, just as easily as “a fish takes to water”.



BTW – I trained my first “Individual” at the Des Moines agency.  He cannot wait to access his notes.


NM Regional Conference and Policy

As a certified trainer I have the privilege of leading sessions at our regional conference. This role makes me feel like a true Therap geek, as I get super excited to talk about things in the system and help people brainstorm to find the best way for the system to work for them. My husband was teasing me the night before the conference as he saw me pack my certified trainer bag and I did feel a bit silly that I was so excited. But then I was able to lead some good discussions and share more of Therap with many people today.

One of my sessions (which I get to teach again tomorrow) was on policy development as it relates to Therap. I wanted to do this session here in NM after I attended a similar session at the national conference this past Feb. It is truly helpful to see how many agencies are approaching policy development and what topics others believe are necessary to address in their policies. Here is a list, albeit incomplete, of some we discussed today: electronic signatures and sign up agreements, Internet usage, staff usage of Therap off hours, ensuring agency policy agrees with state policy, QA/QI and incident management/review, sharing of documents and data with team members outside of your agency…

Often we discover that we need a policy or procedure after the fact. Many policies end up being developed as a response to a problem or issue discovered and then solved. We would love to learn from your history. If you’ve developed new policies at your agency in connection to Therap in some way or if you have policy thoughts/comments, please share. Thanks!

Pivot Tables are awesome!

Day 1 of the conference has ended and I have learned much about electronic billing, electronic MARS and Pivot tables! My agency is planning to start the billing module in the next several months and we will partner with our county board to create efficiencies with the attendance/billing process. It currently takes me 10-12 hours to complete billing for our 120 persons supported in Day Services.

We hope to pilot MARs in a few residential sites later this month or in March and then quickly move to all residential sites and facility based programs. Today, I learned the essentials to get us up and running with MARs.

Finally, I was very impressed with the User Presentation from REACH in Alaska. I learned how to do Pivot tables in minutes. Before this session was over, I created several pivot tables from data in Therap.
It was an awesome first day! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Michelle Emoticon showing smiley face

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Justin: Welcome to Arizona

So…., word came out that Justin is coming to AZ. What a long time it has been since you were here last. Many of us in the CLP program at CCS recall those sessions of video shooting and sit-down interviews with Justin and the entire gang that was here in Tucson, those early days of Therap.

It would seem like Arizona would be at the top of the states using Therap. Unfortunately that is not the case. And why is that? That is a question I will have to ask Justin when he gets here. NO, I am just kidding! But honestly, I wonder what happened to AZ? Why is it that, an area that was a pioneer, is now amongst the last states to embrace the Therap technology?

Let’s just say, sometimes, you have to lead in order to follow. Or, you can look at it the other way round. Leading is not always from the front. Perhaps, AZ is still leading by pushing the rest to move forward. All is not lost for AZ. Thanks to the CCS/CLP, Therap is alive and well in southern Arizona. Justin’s coming will go along way in re-energizing the service here in the Old Pueblo and hopefully motivate expansion into the entire southwest region and beyond.

So, as Justin prepares to fly over to Tucson, I hope he will make sure his business satchel will be bulging with “goodies” to entice the business communities in this region, that need Therap but have not taken the ride, simply because no one has introduced them to the wonderful communication platform.

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