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As a certified trainer I have the privilege of leading sessions at our regional conference. This role makes me feel like a true Therap geek, as I get super excited to talk about things in the system and help people brainstorm to find the best way for the system to work for them. My husband was teasing me the night before the conference as he saw me pack my certified trainer bag and I did feel a bit silly that I was so excited. But then I was able to lead some good discussions and share more of Therap with many people today.

One of my sessions (which I get to teach again tomorrow) was on policy development as it relates to Therap. I wanted to do this session here in NM after I attended a similar session at the national conference this past Feb. It is truly helpful to see how many agencies are approaching policy development and what topics others believe are necessary to address in their policies. Here is a list, albeit incomplete, of some we discussed today: electronic signatures and sign up agreements, Internet usage, staff usage of Therap off hours, ensuring agency policy agrees with state policy, QA/QI and incident management/review, sharing of documents and data with team members outside of your agency…

Often we discover that we need a policy or procedure after the fact. Many policies end up being developed as a response to a problem or issue discovered and then solved. We would love to learn from your history. If you’ve developed new policies at your agency in connection to Therap in some way or if you have policy thoughts/comments, please share. Thanks!

Using Sign Up Agreement for Policy Acknowledgment

Hi everybody!

I am looking to use the sign up agreement for policy acknowledgment and had a couple of questions. If anybody can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

1. Is there a way to check who has read and acknowledged (i.e. agreed) with the policy that is noted as a sign up agreement? How do you do this?
2. What if someone chooses to disagree? Are they unable to access Therap’s first page until they have agreed?

Thanks for your help! Happy President’s Day!

Michelle :)

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