Staff Trainings….UGH turning into WOOHOO

I have to say that when we first started Therap I wish we had given consideration to how much continuous training we would be doing. Unfortunately we jumped in as if competing for best cannon-ball in a national competition, so almost 2 years later we still have staff who are not trained appropriately.  All in all this causes an unwanted headache for many people within the organization.

So….. a year ago (1 year into Therap) we developed a Therap Committee…. thank goodness!!  There are approximately 10 staff that volunteered their time to assist.  What I enjoy most is having varying positions within the agency represented.  The difference between our DSPs, Leads, Directors and Executive positions is nice to have reflected in the committee.  It’s an opportunity to discuss the documentation that is taking place and how others view it, etc.  It has also started ‘Therap talk’ which was not occurring prior to developing this group.  What do we want Therap to do for us, how can we manipulate and use it differently to satisfy state requirements.  Of course always trying to move in a ‘paper-light’ direction.

And now…. another year later, we are finally developing a computer training lab.  When I say we are developing it, literally we started moving furniture out of the space this morning…… I don’t think Christmas will be as exciting as this lab is for me this year!!!  Wooohooooo….. I feel like I could shout it.  I believe this will make the biggest difference for us since starting with Therap.  This will give us an ultimate training tool to provide staff with up-to-date information in an all-inclusive learning environment.  How exciting is that!!?  So, at this point if you are reading my post and can take a moment to share any of your experiences or give me feedback on what may have or may not have worked for you… I would greatly appreciate it.

On that note… hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and doesn’t get injured during Black Friday shopping!!

Enjoy –


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User guides

Hello Therapers. I always had the privilege of working with another CT Kristen who was paid to play with Therap. Insert Jealousy here. Any time I had questions out of the scope of my knowledge I just hollered at her and got a quick answer. Now Kristen has transitioned from this place…. may she work in peace in South Florida, And I am finding my answers in the user guides. They are invaluable. I mean I’m a dude, I rarely read instructions but I must admit the user guides are a fav on my desktop. So if you haven’t yet explored them, type user guides in the search box, and learn away.

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Congratulations, Sonya!

Here is an article regarding one of our staff!


Celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week

DSPs Making a Difference: Sonya Mowles



As part of DSP Recognition Week, FADSP is pleased to recognize direct support professionals (DSPs) who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve.  Sonya Mowles is one of those DSPs.

Sonya Mowles has been a Central Florida Communities (Washington Square) employee for 24 years and currently serves as a Direct Support Professional Supervisor.  She began her employment in 1990 as a Direct Support Professional as her first job.


After she began caring for the individuals of Washington Square her position became much more than just a job to her.  Sonya showed immediate interest in ways to increase each resident’s personal growth and potential by providing input for their annual assessments, suggesting possible new training programs and goals, and advocating issues important for meeting each individual’s needs and preferences.  She quickly recognized the unique abilities that each resident possessed and continually sought to expand the possibilities for the individuals who we serve.  Sonya’s excellent performance as a DSP was noticed by her supervisors and she was selected to become a trainer for other new DSPs and to fill in as Acting Duty Administrator in the absence of the Residential Manager.

In 1996, an opportunity to apply for the position of Direct Support Professional Supervisor (DSPS) was presented and Sonya was an ideal candidate.  Since that time, Sonya has been a DSPS for day shift and her dedication continues to be evident to all who witness her interactions with the residents and staff.  She never hesitates to go above and beyond to ensure each and every individual’s needs are met and they are treated with respect and equality in all areas of their life.  Despite having a busy family life outside of Washington Square, Sonya can frequently be found staying after her shift to help out wherever she is needed.  She often comes in on her days off to help ensure the residents look their best for various facility functions and attends community inclusion outings to help ensure person-centered supports are met.  Annually, Sonya volunteers to attend Camp with the residents because she truly enjoys seeing their excitement when they participate in swimming and other outdoor activities that are offered.  She serves on CFC’s Morale Committee and participates in every themed “spirit day” with a positive disposition that is evident to everyone around her.  During her 24 years at Washington Square, Sonya has been nominated by the staff and residents as Employee of the Quarter on numerous occasions and has twice been awarded this recognition.  She is a positive role model for her staff and has received numerous memos of appreciation from various departments for her willingness to be a team player and go above and beyond.

Sonya is known for her kind, patient, and professional demeanor and she continues to be respected and well loved by the residents, families/guardians, and her co-workers.  Her on-going commitment and dedication truly makes a difference in the lives of the individuals who reside at Washington Square.

Thank you Sonya for your continued service to the individuals served at Central Florida Communities!

Florida ARF

2475 Apalachee Parkway Suite 205
Tallahassee, FL  32301

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Therap Regional Conference

As I mentioned in a previous post, I attended our Florida regional conference last week. As always, Barry Pollack does not disappoint and neither does the Therap team. Our agency has been with Therap for many years, and yet no matter how long, there is always something new to learn and discover at the conferences. I recommend them to everybody.

The miniature key lime pies weren’t bad either. :)))) We were well fed.

Thank you for putting on another informative conference.

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APD & Certs on Therap and other ramblings

Allison I am back from CT FMLA : ) Newborn in mid June takes readjusting to life. Back to the joys of blogging  ;(

So life in the ICF setting had grown rather mundane for me. Happily, I was just a few weeks ago presented with a great opportunity to come over to the dark side and assume direction of 17 Group Homes. Yes I know I must enjoy a level self punishment for agreeing to take on this task but for me it is conquering the other side of the coin of DD Residential services. All new rules/regs and challenges.

In relation to Therap this move has re-energized me as well. I feel at the ICF I was Admin of, we were at the top of Therap mountain with not many other frontiers to conquer but here, here in the GH’s oh we are climbing out of the valley. So there is lots to do on many fronts.
My 1st small victory is the following: We as a company utilize TMS and keep PDF’s of all certs there. APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) does their monthly inspections of each home and they are looking in particular for Med validations & med class certs. They want to physically see the certificates and therefore have been issuing us notices of noncompliance (nonc) for lacking the physical certs on site. So I decided to show up at each of our scheduled walkthrough’s the past 2 weeks and show on the computer these certifications to the APD rep. We as an agency had also created their own login for APD but I was told by the inspector they weren’t comfortable navigating our system and would not log on. Unless myself or another supervisor was present at each walkthrough to show them, we would continue to receive these nonc’s.Anyhow that is not feasible going forward so at a regularly scheduled meeting at the regional gov office I met with the supervisor of licensing and showed them how to login and what our system was. They were very receptive to the method and indicated they would share this with the team in the field.
Sure enough at our next walkthrough where I was unable to attend, the rep from APD made efforts to logon and see our certs that way. It appears the nonc’s have stopped on this issue and the TMS system has prevailed!!!
On to the next battle………..

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It’s that time of year again!


July 31, 2014

Mr. Cardin (for himself, Ms. Collins, Mr. Blumenthal, Mr. Brown, Mr.
Casey, Mr. Franken, Mr. Grassley, Mr. King, Ms. Klobuchar, Mr. Manchin,
Mr. Markey, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Portman, Mr. Rockefeller, and Ms. Warren)
submitted the following resolution; which was considered and agreed to



Designating the week beginning September 7, 2014, as “National Direct
Support Professionals Recognition Week”.

Whereas direct care workers, personal assistants, personal attendants, in-home
support workers, and paraprofessionals (referred to in this preamble as
“direct support professionals”) are the primary providers of publicly-
funded long-term support and services for millions of individuals with
Whereas direct support professionals must build a close, respectful, and trusted
relationship with individuals with disabilities;
Whereas direct support professionals assist individuals with disabilities with
intimate personal care assistance on a daily basis;
Whereas direct support professionals provide a broad range of individualized
support, including–

(1) preparation of meals;

(2) helping with medications;

(3) assisting with bathing and dressing;

(4) assisting individuals with physical disabilities with access to
their environment;

(5) providing transportation to school, work, religious, and
recreational activities; and

(6) helping with general aspects of daily living, such as financial
matters, medical appointments, and personal interests;

Whereas direct support professionals provide essential support to help keep
individuals with disabilities connected to family, friends, and
Whereas direct support professionals support individuals with disabilities in
making choices that lead to meaningful, productive lives;
Whereas direct support professionals are the key to helping individuals with
disabilities to live successfully in the community, and to avoid more
costly institutional care;
Whereas the participation of direct support professionals in medical care
planning is critical to the successful transition from medical events to
post-acute care and long-term support and services;
Whereas the majority of direct support professionals are the primary financial
providers for their families and often work multiple jobs to make ends
Whereas direct support professionals are a critical element in supporting
individuals who are receiving health care services for severe chronic
health conditions and individuals with with functional limitations;
Whereas while direct support professionals work and pay taxes, many direct
support professionals earn poverty-level wages and are therefore
eligible for the same Federal and State public assistance programs on
which individuals with disabilities served by direct support
professionals must also depend;
Whereas Federal and State policies assert the right of certain individuals with
a disability to live in a residential setting in the community, or an
institutional setting of their choice, and the Supreme Court of the
United States, in Olmstead v. L.C., 527 U.S. 581 (1999), confirmed that
right for certain individuals;
Whereas, as of 2014, the majority of direct support professionals are employed
in home and community-based settings and this majority is projected to
increase over the next decade;
Whereas there is a documented and increasing critical shortage of direct support
professionals throughout the United States; and
Whereas many direct support professionals are forced to leave their jobs due to
inadequate wages and benefits and limited opportunities for advancement,
creating demonstrated high turnover and vacancy rates, which adversely
affect the quality of support and the safety and health of individuals
with disabilities: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Senate–
(1) designates the week beginning September 7, 2014, as
“National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week”;
(2) recognizes the dedication of direct support
professionals and the vital role direct support professionals
have in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities of
all ages;
(3) appreciates the contribution of direct support
professionals in supporting individuals with disabilities and
their families in the United States;
(4) identifies direct support professionals as integral to
long-term support and services for individuals with
disabilities; and
(5) finds that the successful implementation of the public
policies affecting individuals with disabilities in the United
States depends on the dedication of direct support

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Therap Regional Conference

Just opened up the link today for the Therap Regional Conference in Miami, Florida, today. Lo and behold, I see MCPRS is doing a presentation on the successful implementation of Therap. Yes, it has been very successful and frutiful for us. I am just intimidated thinking of this presentation. Started working on it. Will keep you posted. The conference will be on September 9 and 10. Wish me luck!

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Surfing for Autism

The kids are back in school….whew!

This summer was great and wanted to share that I discovered a wonderful group called Surfers for Autism.  My daughter Jordyn, got to take part in the event at Pass-a-Grille in St. Petersburg, FL on July 12th.  It was an amazing day with amazing people.  Check them out here and if you are ever able to, volunteer at an event.  Truly a wonderful organization and we had an amazing time!  Till next year….

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Yellowstone Trip

Hi All!

Those of you who are lucky enough to live in Wyoming and Montana will know what I am talking about when I say Yellowstone National Park is the most wonderful place in the world. We were there in June (second trip). We absolutely froze. I know you all had a rough winter. But coming from Miami and being exposed to 32 degree temps in June was mind boggling for us. But we were blessed to be there so it did not matter. This time we did not see grizzly bears, but we did see black bears, a snake right in our path, fox, fawn, etc. A beautiful country and a beautiful park. My Montana and Wyoming (and Idahoan) Therapites are very lucky!

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Tampa Conference

So this was the 1st year of the Tampa conference and I am very thankful there are now 2 FL conferences. Tampa is def closer to Central FL and the other providers are closer as well which gives us some literal common ground. I loved hearing the perspectives of other providers and got to see our own implementation of Therap in light of other agencies roll outs. I had a conversation with another ICF admin where we were talking about the same thing but called it by different names and genuinely had each other confused. It became quite evident that we all have the same protagonist in our lives A*D ( I don’t want to say their full name for fear of getting a citation) and Barry definitely knows Food!!!! My highlight was definitely teaching GER’s which is far and away my favorite thing in Therap considering I approve about 40 a month in my day job. Look forward to future Tampa conferences and whatever working relationships we develop with other great folk like Kali and her people.

And on a side note be sure to watch World Cup in a few weeks and support team USA!!!!

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