Well, here it is… Just like I said, my FIRST BLOG EVER!

I am going to start right off and just state the truth, I have been dreading this first blog for some time now… After thoroughly contemplating how to start, what to say, what title, etc. I realized – I kinda have stage fright (or screen fright)! Those who know me personally would agree that I’m not very shy and I am rarely at a lack for words.;) Regardless, I have decided to press on – push all fears aside – and strive to create, brilliant, insightful, beautiful blogs on a regular basis! Of course, they will be a little more Therap oriented…

So now to end my very first blog on more of a Therap related note: I am extremely happy to have recently become a member of the “elite” group of Therap Certified Trainers! It was awesome to be able to hang with a few of you at the National Conference in KC. I am also very excited as I have been asked to attend the Illinios Conference in Chicago this Spring and teach a few sessions. It will be great to be able to meet even more Therap users and hopefully get to know some of the Therap staff a little more as well! :)

Happy birthday…to me!

Well, one more year has passed and I’m finally feel like I’m getting older.  No more telling people I’m in my early 30s.  Oh well!  With age comes knowledge, right?  I think I heard that somewhere…

With my knowledge I am attempting to create a mobile data infrastructure within the agency.  I’m in the design stage now, but I think once it is finished and we implement a test location, it will revolutionize how we operate.  I think I will have an open discussion on that on my upcoming webinar.


In the meantime, if any of you out there that have done this already have any tips or tricks you would like to share, I’m all ears!


Picture of John Kincinas's Birthday



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Rocked my first pivot table!

So aside from meeting Batman & Red Robin at this year’s Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, the only other exciting things to note are some changes here at Garden Center.  I now run a print shop/design studio as a micro business in addition to all the other nerdy things I do here.  Since I’ve been dedicating a bunch of time to that, I haven’t had the chance to get too technical or bloggy…until today!

Our management team is finally looking to Therap for more QA type things and had asked how they can distill all the information from a GER to a snapshot they can review easily.  My mind went straight to the national conference panel I sat in on a few years ago where my lovely Alaskan Therap-ites showed the miracle of PIVOT TABLES!  I admit, I am a little rusty when it comes to this, but their tips and tricks came right back to me.  Needless to say, I have to thank them for making me look like an even bigger rockstar at the next conference!

I have some tech stuff brewing that will blow your mind….once I have secured the funding.  It involves a large TV and some Apple products.  Let’s just say, your day program might be forever changed once you see this!  And it isn’t even that expensive!  Until then, sshhhhhh….


Stay tuned!!

Picture of John Kincinas with Batman and Robin at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago

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Hey you!!!

Screenshot of Therap Conference Page for National Conference at Kansas City, Missouri, January 2014

Yes, you, right there…Yes, YOU!

Did you know that our national conference has been scheduled for 2014…um, yeah. And it is NOT in New Jersey (for all youhaters cold weather sissies critics who give me a hard time EVERY year!).

It is in Kansas City, Missouri. It is not warmer there in January but it is more central and here are some fun facts:

>Kansas City is the home to Hallmark Cards

>Ernest Hemingway completed his novel, “A Farewell to Arms” when he was there

>It is known as “The Paris of the Plains”

>Jeff Case, Michelle Saunders, Chris Johnson and Jordan Mar are there

>and now our national conference is there!!

So, this is a no-brainer.

Sign up here to attend on January 28-30, 2014. And if you are so motivated, we would {{{{{{{LOVE}}}}}}} for you to do a presentation (like all the certified smarty pants). It could be about anything…implementing Therap, ISP construction, herding caribou…If you’d like to flaunt your nerdiness, click here and have a look at what we need for your proposal.

Do it!! Free unicorns for the first twenty presenters.



Conference time!

FINALLY!  Therap has come to Chicago…well, Schiller Park, anyway.  Since I missed the National Conference, I had to take the opportunity to catch up with what is going on in the Therap-verse.

Some very cool stuff on the horizon!  I can’t wait for the summer release to start actually using all this stuff.  I even presented a topic on Day 1…and yes, it was full of Batman references. Emoticon showing smiley face

See…Jeff was even having some fun!

Conference Presentation

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TMS Spring Cleaning

So this weekend I took an opportunity to refine our classes / courses / curricula in THERAP. Community Services has been using the Training Management System for about 4 years now. When we began using it, only a curriculum could be assigned to an employee. In addition to all of the “classes” that were listed under Curriculum, we also had a specific curriculum for every job title at the agency. As you can imagine, over time, this became quite unwieldy. Even though I use TMS daily; and am very familiar with its function, I was nervous.  CSDD employees about 850 staff. If something were to go awry, it would create a nightmare to repair. After many hours, I was able to delete all the curricula and courses, create a few new  consolidated courses that would work for a large number of employees and assign those courses to the staff. This is not to say their were not any glitches in my plan. For one, there were a handful of curricula that I was unable to  delete without reassigning the classes that comprised the curriculum. The correction for this glitch requires looking at each employees class assignment and un-assigning the surplus classes.  There were also a few group of employee’s that required a course other than the one I initially determined was the best fit. This was a simple correction. The moral of the story?  Trust the plan, but prepare for pitfalls.

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Baby steps….

So…had the opportunity to be on a nice phone conversation today with Jim Hobbs, Manager Office of Clinical, Administrative and Program Support (OCAPS) with the Bureau of Accreditation & Licensure regarding the possibility of starting a pilot program with providers using Therap on the possibility of helping the State move to a more paperless review system.  I wasn’t the only representative asked to be on this call either…folks from Mosaic, Royal Living, and Rimland all joined in and helped facilitate a great conversation.  (Michelle Saunders set this all up…)

I’m not certain if any headway was made, but it seemed that we all had some very valid points that the Bureau seemed to agree with.  The conversation definitely caused the members at the Bureau to rethink about how they do things and this is a good thing!  Only time will tell if anything comes of this conversation, but be certain that I will update you all.  Maybe before I retire, I will see the State of Illinois be a lean mean Therapin’ machine….baby steps.

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I’m BACK…and here’s what’s happened!

Allison is probably VERY disappointed in my neglectful blogging habits, but I’ve had a bunch of life events within the last few months that have taken up all my time.  I think everyone will understand when you read this….here it goes:

On September 18th, I was blessed with the birth of my first son, Remy.  (His cute little mug is below…)

Original Picture is Unavailable

Remy has Robertsonian Translocated Down Syndrome which was revealed to us after the 32nd week ultrasound saw that he also had duodenal atresia, a condition where the opening from the stomach to the intestine is not present.  Three days after birth, he was whisked away for the surgery to correct the atresia and this began his over 2 month stay at the NICU.  I was still working during the day and then taking up residence at the hospital at night.  This was a crazy 2 months, but we finally got him home after he decided to start taking his feedings a bit more seriously….(doesn’t take after his pop in that department)

September 21st arrived, and I was the proud recipient of the new iPhone 5. (Had to throw a tech thing in..;) )  It is a pretty cool device and much faster than my old 4.  I’m definitely going to be upgrading the iPhone fleet here at the agency to these as I can!

October 26th brought me the new Windows 8 upgrade for a few of my machines.  I’m on the fence on this OS right now.  It is faster, it is styled a bit better, but it does take some getting used to.  If you are a Microsoft fan, you will probably like it.

November 7th I turned 35….and on November 9th, Remy finally came home!  With him home, I was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with 3 weeks off.

I’m back now and our agency is going through some changes…and Therap will be heading this charge.  We are reworking caseloads, reassigning case managers, appointing new program directors and FINALLY getting into the use of ISPs (crossing fingers on this one).  Things are still unfolding here, but it seems that everyone involved in the moves are happy and can’t wait to have Therap simplify their newly appointed positions.


Stay tuned…and I promise to not be gone so long next time!

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IDF Individual Contacts – Identify Mailing Contact Contacts in your IDF

Identify Mailing Contact Contacts in your IDF

For those Therap users who have added Individual Contacts to the IDF, but have not revisited then in a while…. you know who you are…. here’s a brief tutorial video I built to help my Mosaic agencies identify “mailing contacts”.

There are 3 parts to this 10 minute video….

1) Identify Mailing Contact / edit a contact on the IDF.
2) Add New Individual Contact.
3) Mailing Contact Report.

The audio at the beginning of each section is poor…but quickly improves.   Sorry.

To view, click on the following link.


IDF Individual Contacts – Identify Mailing Contact


We found that if a client is assigned to more than 1 program at the agency, the report will populate a Mailing Contact for each program.  This leads to duplication.

If you use this report to generate mailing labels, after you export the list to your spreadsheet program, you will need to use the de-dupe feature or manually remove the duplicates before you print labels or merge the list with another program.

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Mosaic Midwest Region Nears “Phase 1” Completion.

The Pontiac, Illinois agency completed their Therap Phase 1 training sessions and launched the week of September 10th.  76 staff attended the training sessions.  8 classes were offered.  With the addition of Pontiac, the Midwest Region now has 877 trained users of the platform, serving an estimated 481 individual.

“Pontiac staff were excited to use Therap”, stated Jeff Mau, Regional Therap Coordinator.  “Many commented on the benefits of having the data at their fingertips.  It was really fun to see staff light up when the began the realize the power of the platform.”

When trainings were completed on Thursday, September 13th, Pontiac began use of Therap at the stroke of midnight.  Data began to flow at the end of the overnight shift.  Content was spot-on.  Aside from the expected password issues (2 people required reset by 10:00am…which is actual very low), staff followed the trained protocols with little or no need for additional coaching.  The launch can be considered a complete success.

Rockford, IL  & North Central Iowa Agencies Are Next to Launch.
The final 2 agencies are preparing to receive Phase 1 Training.  508 of the 1385 staff in the region are all the remain to become Therap users.

Rockford, IL will be trained and launched in a 2 week period beginning the week of October 8th.  Target launch is October 19th.

The North Central Iowa agency presents some unique scheduling challenges.  Given the agency is in 3 specific markets (Nevada, Clarion and Forest City, IA), each launch cycle will be delivered as if the market was an individual agency.  This is required due to logistics and available resources.

Planning of the schedule is underway.  As of this article, NORIA, in total, is slated to be on-board effect January 25th, 2013, using the Phase 1 tools.

Therap Conference Held in Des Moines.
Therap held their first Iowa Therap Conference on September 19th & 20th.  It was a great learning opportunity for 20 attending Mosaic staff.

Therap offered information sessions over the 2 day event demonstrating detail and advanced user tips for the platform.  This afforded the Mosaic attendees to get a preview of the Phase 2, ISP modules as well as other exciting modules that have yet to be released for use in the field.

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