Mosaic Osceola, Iowa & Des Moines, Iowa Agencies are LIVE.

Shame on me for not blogging… I have been a little busy.

Since my last post, I have been in the throes of launching 2 more Mosaic agencies.  Osceola / Chariton officially began using the “Big 3” modules on Tuesday, May 22nd and Des Moines implement the same modules on June 21st.

Since the last week of April, I have trained over 490 staff who provide care to over 260 individuals.  383 of those staff were trained in the last 16 days.  Needless to say… I can now train T-Log’s, GER’s and SComm’s in my sleep.

After all of this training, I am convinced that the hardest part of the class is logging into the system.  For some reason, login name, password and provider code tends to create the most confusion for a majority of new users.  I have yet to figure out why.  Perhaps the human being has a switch in the brain… perhaps when the words “case sensitive” are spoken, the ears are turned off?

You would think that new users would have issues with writing GER’s or T-Log’s… but, that is not the case.  Therap is so simple and intuitive, the content in these modules is typically beyond what was the expectation.

My friends, the most common mistake…user error…problem is……..wait for it…………..

“I locked myself out of Therap.  Could you please reset my password?”

Am I complaining?  No.

I find it absolutely amazing that a vast majority of new users of Therap can attend a 3 hour training course, and then begin using the system, just as easily as “a fish takes to water”.



BTW – I trained my first “Individual” at the Des Moines agency.  He cannot wait to access his notes.


First CT Blog!

Greetings, today I am entering my first post as a certified trainer.   I do enjoy reading the blogs entered by other certified trainers, and hope I can add something productive.

Here at Allegany Arc we have been very busy as of late with implementing Therap’s billing tools.   So far, we are using Therap billing for the majority of our programs (Day hab, Community hab, IRAs, MSC and prevoc).  We have a few more programs to implement, but it feels like we are in the home stretch!

Each step of the process, we are learning more.

Before starting billing, check ID forms.  Mistakes/omissions in the ID will cause problems with billing tools.

Make sure medicaid CIN numbers  ONLY include the: 2 letter 5 number 1 letter combo.  No extras, no spaces, and no sequence numbers.   Nursing staff liked having the sequence numbers, but this will gum up your billing works!

Make sure the persons name, address, SSN, CIN, and gender are complete (and accurate).   Make sure addresses contain no apostrophes.

Checking, and fixing these minor details now will prevent major hassles later!



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Destination – Therap!

Hello everyone in the world of Therap!

A little about me:

I have been with Mosaic for 6 years now, beginning as a PeopleSoft senior developer and progressing to my current position as Quality Data Management Director. A lot of people ask me what my job is – I oversee the systems that track individuals in service and overall quality of our organization. This includes data analysis and reporting, along with functionality specifications and training of end-users. In other words – a whole lot wrapped into one! I am originally from Nebraska (born and raised), and seem to keep coming back here. I have lived in South Dakota, Ohio and Texas, as well. I went to college at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, and actually have a BS degree in Industrial Engineering. The software industry hit big when I graduated, and I have been in that field ever since. I have a son who will be starting college next week (already???) in Wyoming, so I will probably be making a few road trips out there! In my spare time I enjoy gardening, travel, cooking/canning/preserving, and making attempts at becoming “greener”.

Here at Mosaic we are busy ramping up for our Therap implementation. Our theme is ‘Destination – Therap’, and we are excited to begin our journey. Well, actually, our journey has already begun. Our Delaware agency has been using Therap for several years now, and 5 of our Nebraska agencies started using GER’s for community-based services in April. As Mosaic’s “super admin”, I had 5 days (including the weekend) to get 600+ individuals up and running in Nebraska. It was my first actual attempt at converting individuals from our existing PeopleSoft Client Information System into Therap. I was very pleased with the ease-of-use and simplicity of the import process. I can now move an individual or an agency within a matter of minutes from PeopleSoft to Therap!

Developers from both Therap and Mosaic have been busy working on our interface between PeopleSoft Financials and Therap, and testing has been going well. The 9.1 release put a damper on our integration development timeframe, but the 9.1 enhancements are exciting to see and have made integration easier. Thanks team!

My work life is now almost totally dedicated to Therap. I am currently working on privilege matrices, provider default setup, notification profiles, training methods and work process flowcharts for Therap – to name a few.

Our first phase of implementation will consist of IDF, GER’s, T-Logs and SCOMM, with a few agencies using Appointment Tracking.

We have a long journey ahead, but one thing we are certain of – the destination is Therap!!!

~Lorelei Lascko

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Exciting Times At Rainbow

Hello all from the world of Rainbow of Challenges. There have been alot of advancements and changes in the way we are utilizing Therap. We have recently gone community wide (well kinda). We have many individuals who live in our community in their own homes and we have recently purchased netbooks so that we can add them to Therap. While each new thing we try has it’s stumbling blocks, it is going very smoothly thanks to the great staff we have here at ROC. Just one more step toward our paperless world:). I would welcome any suggestions from those who have set up community based systems.

Let’s see, what else is going on in Arkansas. Oh yeah, it’s hot!! So while you are sharing ideas, share some of those northern temps with me.

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Therap In Nebraska

Life on the farm is – really not laid back -middle of February in Nebraska and I see onions sprouting? Soon we should have snow!

Just returned from the 38th Annual  Nebraska ARC Senatorial Appreciation Dinner in Lincoln. 250 miles of windshield time provides for lots of thinking. Rumor has it that there are a few more providers in Nebraska thinking about using Therap. YEAH!!  I had  conversations with one of the providers in a more rural, larger geographical area than we, about getting on board.   They are excited. Even though we are taking baby steps to get this implemented and have some tech issues we are persevering.  That sounds like it is a chore, but it is not. Information sharing is already better.

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