Caseload Maintenance – a “workaround” I found out about today!

First, I want to thank Mosaic’s Iowa agencies for coming up with this naming convention to limit the amount of caseload issues they have. Here is what they do:

Create the Site with a name that is in line with the Program name. For example, if it is a Host Home, initials are used in the Program, and a Program is created for each Individual (ie we use Dept # – Host Home – XY). The Site is created with the name to match the Program (ie HH – XY), and the address is put as the location of XY’s HH. If XY moves, you just update the address on the Site HH – XY, and nothing changes with the Caseload!

Same type of thing can be done with other Programs, such as Day Programs.

Only time you will have to modify Caseloads is if you actually change the Name of a Program, and the prior one would no longer be recognized.

This setup makes a bit more difficult to determine location from the Program/Site list and creates duplicate Sites, but it sure saves a ton maintaining Caseloads!

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What’s so great about the ISP Agenda?

Well, a number of things actually!  The ISP Agenda is to be used as an itinerary or outline to be followed at the annual ISP meeting (or quarterly mtg., etc. as applicable).  The Agenda allows information from the Personal Focus Worksheet to be selected as Individualized Items for discussion along with providing the option for any other additional items to be included for review as well. The current approved Action Plans & ISP Programs can easily be pulled into the Agenda from the Individual Support Plan with the ability to attach an ISP report along with each applicable Action Plan & ISP Program. 

Once all Individualized Items, Action Plans & ISP Programs, etc. are included, the ISP Agenda can be approved and printed off for each ISP attendee.  This is helpful as it allows everyone to see and follow the topics being reviewed, plus; the Agenda provides a writing space next to each listed item for note taking.  After the ISP meeting, the option to select “Record Meeting Minutes” is available at the bottom of the Agenda.  This will then allow text to be entered into the blank areas in which the notes were taken.  It also provides the option to indicate the outcome for each Individualized Item such as “Discussion Record”, “Deferred”, “Action Plan” or “Issue Resolved”. The Agenda also allows external documents to be attached if applicable. 

Once the meeting minutes have been entered and the Agenda is saved, it is complete.  The finished product can then be reviewed in Therap by the team members, and if needed, it can be printed off for those who may not be linked into the Therap program (family/guardians/etc.).  When reviewed in Therap it does allow you to open and view the links to the Personal Focus Worksheet, ISP Programs & ISP Report, as well as any external documents that are included.  Personally, I have found the Agenda to be very helpful when organizing and leading an ISP meeting and very effective in getting all of the finished information to everyone when complete.  I guess that’s what is so great about the ISP Agenda!!!


Well, here it is… Just like I said, my FIRST BLOG EVER!

I am going to start right off and just state the truth, I have been dreading this first blog for some time now… After thoroughly contemplating how to start, what to say, what title, etc. I realized – I kinda have stage fright (or screen fright)! Those who know me personally would agree that I’m not very shy and I am rarely at a lack for words.;) Regardless, I have decided to press on – push all fears aside – and strive to create, brilliant, insightful, beautiful blogs on a regular basis! Of course, they will be a little more Therap oriented…

So now to end my very first blog on more of a Therap related note: I am extremely happy to have recently become a member of the “elite” group of Therap Certified Trainers! It was awesome to be able to hang with a few of you at the National Conference in KC. I am also very excited as I have been asked to attend the Illinios Conference in Chicago this Spring and teach a few sessions. It will be great to be able to meet even more Therap users and hopefully get to know some of the Therap staff a little more as well! :)

Hey you!!!

Screenshot of Therap Conference Page for National Conference at Kansas City, Missouri, January 2014

Yes, you, right there…Yes, YOU!

Did you know that our national conference has been scheduled for 2014…um, yeah. And it is NOT in New Jersey (for all youhaters cold weather sissies critics who give me a hard time EVERY year!).

It is in Kansas City, Missouri. It is not warmer there in January but it is more central and here are some fun facts:

>Kansas City is the home to Hallmark Cards

>Ernest Hemingway completed his novel, “A Farewell to Arms” when he was there

>It is known as “The Paris of the Plains”

>Jeff Case, Michelle Saunders, Chris Johnson and Jordan Mar are there

>and now our national conference is there!!

So, this is a no-brainer.

Sign up here to attend on January 28-30, 2014. And if you are so motivated, we would {{{{{{{LOVE}}}}}}} for you to do a presentation (like all the certified smarty pants). It could be about anything…implementing Therap, ISP construction, herding caribou…If you’d like to flaunt your nerdiness, click here and have a look at what we need for your proposal.

Do it!! Free unicorns for the first twenty presenters.



Why Blog? (a Personal Rambling)

Why Blog? Who in the world would want to read my ramblings? Why would someone in New York or Japan care what is going in my corner of the world?  I have thought about these and many more; and have thus far been successful in avoiding the whole thing. But after some recent epiphanies (some forced) I have come to this conclusion.  In today’s culture, as “some one” mentioned in another Therap blog, information is power. In the olden days information was passed vial snail mail, books and face to face conversations. Information was gained on a personal level, So what went on in other parts of the world rarely did affect the little corner of the world we lived in. Now though information is quickly being taken out of the hands of the postman,  the librarian, and your next door neighbor; It is now globalized on the internet. Therefore if you want to not only receive, but communicate, information you have to be connected.

But, still, why blogging you ask?

The reason is that e-mail has replaced snail mail, Kindle/ e-books have replaced the library, and texting is the new face to face. Blogging is that middle ground, it is not innately personal nor is it by default public: blogging is  your punk band’s poster plastered on the side of  buildings all over the city.  It’s a personal work of art, there for the world to see, but most of the time the general public has no clue (Only the truly Awesome see it!).  So, blogging is that information that fills the gap from the time you finish reading your office email until the time you relax with friends.

In short I blog to stay relevant. I blog to stay connected. I blog because INFORMATION, in any form, whether given or received, is POWER.

So take my blogs and use the power wisely…Rambling done.Original Picture is Unavailable

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Knowledge is Power

Ken Slavin did a nice overview of changes within HIPAA and HiTECH, as well as reviewing the meaning surrounding CCHIT’s and ONC’s definitions of EHRs.

Video on Trainings for Certified Trainers: A Discussion about HiTECH, HIPAA, and CCHIT

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The Only Constant is Change…

If you were following me via the Certified Trainer Blogs… I must apologize for being remiss in my blogging duties!  Here’s what I have been up to…

In October, we launched the Mosaic Rockford, IL agency in the “Phase 1” skills.    This included T-Logs, GER’s, SComm’s, admin tasks and a back-up plan.  (BTW – if you are ever in the area, eat at the Green Fire).   Once I completed this delivery, I was right at 1000 new, Therap users trained in Iowa and Illinois inside of 10 months.  Whew…

In November, the Midwest Region “pilot agencies” began the process of preparing for and launching the ISP modules.  Effectively, we restarted the training cycle by introducing “Phase 2” into the roll-out process.  The Western Iowa and Macomb, IL agencies are now on their way with their deployment plans.

In December, I initiated the Phase 1 training for our “final” agency in the Midwest Region.  The North Central Iowa agency consists of 3 locations separated by 120 miles.  I trained  the team in Nevada, IA…. then, I had to “pass the torch” to the RTC team to train Clarion and Forest City in January.   I was offered and accepted the HCBS Habilitative Coordinator in Des Moines.  The position started on 12/17.

So….I’ve been a little busy.

While I do miss being on the “leading edge” of Therap deployment within the organization (all I did was eat-sleep-drink Therap), seeing the impact of the platform at the local level is extremely rewarding.   The huge upside is that there are those who want access to additional modules -now- because of the increased efficiency via the use of a single source, cloud based system.  The benefit is painfully obvious.  Heck, I hear tales of Direct Support Staff who try to put everything in a T-Log and “forget” about the paper record, because of the desire to move forward.

In my new agency role, when I now participate in the “old methodology”… that being of paper shuffling… I have to stop myself from asking the snarky question, “Does this come with an abacus?”   It’s no wonder people are ready into the roaring 2000’s.  There are tools out there to help us do our job better and more efficiently.  This translates into more quality time with the people in your service.   Now that staff have a taste of Therap…it’s tough to pull back on the reins.

But, be planful in your deployment tactics.  It would be very easy to “over run your headlights” by turning everything on and tell your team to have at it.  Without a plan and timeline that carefully considers your organization’s capacity to replace paper with Therap, you’ll only invite trouble, confusion and frustration.

  1. Communicate.  Communicate.  Communicate.
  2. Be VERY clear on what you want to accomplish.
  3. Determine what you want the data to produce when all is said and done.
  5. Pick your modules…and not all at once.
  6. Did I mention communicate?
  7. Tool up.
  8. Do your prep.
  9. Train.
  10. Launch.
Let your organization acclimate to the new platform before you move forward.  Let front line staff master the skills of the initial modules before adding another layer.  Give them time… but set a goal.  Work expands to the time given to do it.
Trust me, your teams will let you know when they are ready.  And it will be before the goal you set.
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IDF Individual Contacts – Identify Mailing Contact Contacts in your IDF

Identify Mailing Contact Contacts in your IDF

For those Therap users who have added Individual Contacts to the IDF, but have not revisited then in a while…. you know who you are…. here’s a brief tutorial video I built to help my Mosaic agencies identify “mailing contacts”.

There are 3 parts to this 10 minute video….

1) Identify Mailing Contact / edit a contact on the IDF.
2) Add New Individual Contact.
3) Mailing Contact Report.

The audio at the beginning of each section is poor…but quickly improves.   Sorry.

To view, click on the following link.


IDF Individual Contacts – Identify Mailing Contact


We found that if a client is assigned to more than 1 program at the agency, the report will populate a Mailing Contact for each program.  This leads to duplication.

If you use this report to generate mailing labels, after you export the list to your spreadsheet program, you will need to use the de-dupe feature or manually remove the duplicates before you print labels or merge the list with another program.

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Mosaic Midwest Region Nears “Phase 1” Completion.

The Pontiac, Illinois agency completed their Therap Phase 1 training sessions and launched the week of September 10th.  76 staff attended the training sessions.  8 classes were offered.  With the addition of Pontiac, the Midwest Region now has 877 trained users of the platform, serving an estimated 481 individual.

“Pontiac staff were excited to use Therap”, stated Jeff Mau, Regional Therap Coordinator.  “Many commented on the benefits of having the data at their fingertips.  It was really fun to see staff light up when the began the realize the power of the platform.”

When trainings were completed on Thursday, September 13th, Pontiac began use of Therap at the stroke of midnight.  Data began to flow at the end of the overnight shift.  Content was spot-on.  Aside from the expected password issues (2 people required reset by 10:00am…which is actual very low), staff followed the trained protocols with little or no need for additional coaching.  The launch can be considered a complete success.

Rockford, IL  & North Central Iowa Agencies Are Next to Launch.
The final 2 agencies are preparing to receive Phase 1 Training.  508 of the 1385 staff in the region are all the remain to become Therap users.

Rockford, IL will be trained and launched in a 2 week period beginning the week of October 8th.  Target launch is October 19th.

The North Central Iowa agency presents some unique scheduling challenges.  Given the agency is in 3 specific markets (Nevada, Clarion and Forest City, IA), each launch cycle will be delivered as if the market was an individual agency.  This is required due to logistics and available resources.

Planning of the schedule is underway.  As of this article, NORIA, in total, is slated to be on-board effect January 25th, 2013, using the Phase 1 tools.

Therap Conference Held in Des Moines.
Therap held their first Iowa Therap Conference on September 19th & 20th.  It was a great learning opportunity for 20 attending Mosaic staff.

Therap offered information sessions over the 2 day event demonstrating detail and advanced user tips for the platform.  This afforded the Mosaic attendees to get a preview of the Phase 2, ISP modules as well as other exciting modules that have yet to be released for use in the field.

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Learn More at Regional Conferences!

Therap Iowa conference

As Jeff Case pointed out in his blog the first Iowa Regional Conference was a success. The Progress Industries team enjoyed meeting the Therap staff and interacting with the new Iowa Therap users. In fact, apart from the great educational sessions, interacting with others in the field is a great benefit of these conferences. Thanks to all the Therap support staff for their help putting on the conference. (Jordan, where were you for our team photo?!!)

Our staff were very impressed with the Individual Home Page and are confident this will save time in data entry. We’re also trying out the Time Tracking module to centralize our records and replace more paper records.

We’re heeding Therap’s message to start transferring away from the First Page and to the Dashboard. It is a bit intimidating for some but really the Dashboard is a very cool way to organize and access information.

The regional conference was such a success we are making plans for a low/no cost quarterly internal Therap Conference here at Progress Industries. Maybe some other providers near Newton and Des Moines would like to join us. Contact me if you are interested! Check out more regional conferences in YOUR area by going to the Therap Home Page and click on Conferences. It is well worth your time!

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