Iowa Therap Conference: Get it on!

We are pretty excited that Therap is hosting a regional conference in Des Moines, Iowa Sep 19-20 and are finalizing our registration list. If you are in the area, I’d encourage you to sign up. Therap Conferences are great opportunities to learn about new features, grow your knowledge of modules you already use, and to interact with other users and Therap staff. For my money and time, this last item is of utmost importance. Interacting with other users is an invaluable way to gain fresh perspective on issues and solutions! Some of the best Therap conference sessions have been user panels and discussions with Therap programmers and staff. Thanks Therap for putting on such great conferences. Oh, and did I mention that the food is always great too?! Emoticon showing smiley face

If you’re new to the Des Moines area, here are some attractions to check out:  For those of you who are art minded, the Papajohn Scuplture Park downtown is a great collection of modern art sculptures.

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Mosaic / Des Moines Launches Therap June 21st.

Executive Director, Carol Mau, assists DSA Cherry Okumah during Therap training

Executive Director, Carol Mau, assists DSA Cherry Okumah during Therap training.

  383 New System Users, Serving 171 Individuals.

Mosaic / Des Moines launched the Therap Phase 1 modules on June 21st.  Adding the “DESIA” agency increased Mosaic’s Therap users by 383 and tracked individuals by 171.  The launch process started in February and included several planning sessions to insure a successful and “pain free” move from paper to the cloud based, data platform.

Training sessions began on June 4th and were conducted for 3 weeks.  Each session lasted and average of 3 hours. Sessions were offered 3 times a day for a majority of the training window.

60 staff were trained at the Admin / SME level or the “Super User” curriculum.  17 Host Home providers, 306 Direct Support Staff and the Midwest Region’s first client were trained on the DSP skills.

“After the training sessions, I can appreciate the Phase approach to the Therap process”, commented Carol Mau, Executive Director.  “While we are simply altering where we record narratives, notes  and incident and accident reports, the new platform fundamentally alters the overall process.”

Mau added, “While we think we want all of the Therap modules right now, after the initial launch process, it is clear that the introduction of T-Log’s, GER’s, SComm’s and the back up strategy to the agency is plenty to start with.  We need to grow into the new platform and look forward to doing so.”

Mosaic / Des Moines DSA's practice Therap skills during one of the 42 training sessions offered in June.

Mosaic / Des Moines DSA's practice Therap skills during one of the 42 training sessions offered in June.

One of the biggest adjustments being made by the agency is the management of “real time” data.  In the paper environment, reports  took several days to circulate through the responsible staff for information entry.  With the advent of Therap, information is immediate and available for all assigned staff to review at will.

“The increased speed of information can be a bit overwhelming, but we are welcoming the change”, stated Jen Zajicek, Des Moines  Associate Director.  “I can tell you this… Since launching Therap, my ‘inbox’ has never been this empty!  The gain in efficiency is incredible.”

“I love the ability to learn what is happening at each group home as it happens”, said Zajicek.  “We can immediately identify possible issues and provide timely coaching for service improvement.  Something we could not always do with paper.”

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Going to MARs

Progress Industries staff and local Therap expert Josh Stafford recently returned from an African safari but was still eager to answer questions about his adventures with MARs…Medication Administration Records, that is:

BT: Josh, how long have been using Therap MARs?

JS: I believe around 3 years.

BT: How does the Therap MARs module save you time and/or help you complete your job more efficiently?

JS: It allows me to review the MAR from anywhere that I have an internet connection. This also allows the nursing staff that are entering new medication orders or making changes to existing orders the ability to make changes without having to go to each program location.  The Due Medications feature allows for a quick and simple review of medication administration of the day.

BT: There have been a number of improvements made to the MARs module in the past year. Which of these are your favorites and why?

JS: My two favorite MARs improvements have been the Due Medications and the Medication Scheduler. The Due Medication feature allows both the medication passer and any one that would be reviewing the MAR a quick and very simple way to see if all of the medications that are scheduled to be administered have been signed for. If you are the person administering those medications and you have a missing signature, you are able to follow the links to sign for the medication. The Medication Scheduler allows the person that is entering the medication history and updating the MARs a method of scheduling medications for only certain days/times during the month. This will then highlight the medication on the days that it is to be administered. This is just another visual queue for the person that is administering the medication.   

BT: What additional changes would you like to see made in Therap MARs?

JS: I would like to see the Due Medication feature have a date range greater the one day. If you are off for several days and want to complete a review for more than one day, you have to select each day one at a time.  

BT: What advice would you give to another provider thinking about starting to use Therap MARs?

JS: Start with small groups and spend testing the medication history form to make sure you understand in completely. All the information for the MAR will be pulled from this form and you want to make sure tis information comes a crossed clearly to those that are administering the medications. (BT: Progress Industries has employed Pilot Groups in rolling out every Therap module. It helps test the waters and work out any unanticipated problems and also allows for an excellent mentor to trainee ratio for great support.)  THANKS JOSH for your help with Therap training and implementation!

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Looking forward to the Iowa Therap Conference!

July has presented me the opportunity plan, plan, plan for the next part of the Mosaic Midwest Region deployment of Therap.  Remaining “Phase 1” deployment falls into August, September and October.   We will be launching Waukon, Iowa, Pontiac and Rockford Illinois respectively.  When these agencies are launched, I will have trained over 1100 staff.   (Only 210 to go!)

If my altered plan comes to pass,  I will be able to go to the September 19-20, Iowa Therap Conference in Des Moines!  If you are an Iowa Therap user, I would highly suggest that you consider attending.  I am looking forward to it.

I attended the National Conference last February and found it to be very informative.  If history is a teacher, the sessions will provide all sorts of opportunity to learn more “tricks” and detail that you would not normally look for on a daily basis.

You’ll be completely impressed with how accessible Therap leadership is.  Therap wants your input!  They will ask you more questions that you ask them!  Bring your ideas, suggestions…no matter how obscure you may think they are… Therap listens!

The biggest benefit will be the opportunity to talk to other Iowa Therap users!  Agencies have to comply with the same set of Iowa regulations.  The exchange of ideas and contact information will pay HUGE dividends.

Click here to learn more:

See you there!  Register now.

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Save Time With Health Care Report

One of our managers commented on the helpfulness of Therap’s Health Care Report tool. She remarked that she had experienced problems with her staff  not correctly posting follow-ups to medical appointments. Typically they would enter remarks in the ‘comment’ section instead of the ‘results’ section.  The Health Care Report makes it easy to check this.

Under Health Tracking select Report and then Health Care Report. Select an individual from the drop down menu and enter a date, for example the past week or month.  You can select just appointments or add a variety of other Health Tracking report features.  Clicking on the report button quickly gives you an array of information in summary form. In the case of the appointment follow-up information, if the ‘results’ section is blank, it indicates that staff either did not enter results, or entered them in the comment section (vs results).

The Health Care Report feature is very fast, very convenient, very cool.

…in short, “typically Therap.”


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Mosaic Osceola, Iowa & Des Moines, Iowa Agencies are LIVE.

Shame on me for not blogging… I have been a little busy.

Since my last post, I have been in the throes of launching 2 more Mosaic agencies.  Osceola / Chariton officially began using the “Big 3” modules on Tuesday, May 22nd and Des Moines implement the same modules on June 21st.

Since the last week of April, I have trained over 490 staff who provide care to over 260 individuals.  383 of those staff were trained in the last 16 days.  Needless to say… I can now train T-Log’s, GER’s and SComm’s in my sleep.

After all of this training, I am convinced that the hardest part of the class is logging into the system.  For some reason, login name, password and provider code tends to create the most confusion for a majority of new users.  I have yet to figure out why.  Perhaps the human being has a switch in the brain… perhaps when the words “case sensitive” are spoken, the ears are turned off?

You would think that new users would have issues with writing GER’s or T-Log’s… but, that is not the case.  Therap is so simple and intuitive, the content in these modules is typically beyond what was the expectation.

My friends, the most common mistake…user error…problem is……..wait for it…………..

“I locked myself out of Therap.  Could you please reset my password?”

Am I complaining?  No.

I find it absolutely amazing that a vast majority of new users of Therap can attend a 3 hour training course, and then begin using the system, just as easily as “a fish takes to water”.



BTW – I trained my first “Individual” at the Des Moines agency.  He cannot wait to access his notes.


Little fish.

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on.

I am new to the great big sea of information that is Therap. I have been swimming in it for about a year and have come to realize a few things. First, the deeper into Therap one goes the more amazing it is. Second is that fact that once you step into the Therap waters you are carried swiftly (and gladly) into those deeper waters. And finally I have learned that no matter how deep you get there is always a friendly Therapite to guide you.

Until next time this is Craig, from the blue waters of the Pacific Northwest, signing off… Wait is this thing still on.

Mosaic’s Macomb, IL Agency is LIVE!

After 4 solid weeks of “living” in Macomb, Illinois… Mosaic’s Macomb / Bushnell agency is now using T-Log’s, GER’s and SComm’s.  168 staff attended 21 training sessions to prepare for the April 12th launch.  Information is flowing in and efficiencies are immediately being realized as the agency inputs data for 95 individuals.

The training experienced was well received by staff.  Many commented, after training, that they could see the benefits of this type of system.  While some expressed concerns regarding the new process, simple explanations over came the objections.  Moving from a paper driven environment to the “almighty cloud” does create questions.  The key was to remind staff that we were not altering the content, merely recording the information in a new place and process…no more, no less.

As agencies move to Therap (Mosaic and others), I would stress the following during any training sessions…

1) Moving from paper to a cloud based system requires a learning curve.  Take your time and remember your training when the agency makes the switch.

2) This is not a “Big Brother is watching you system”.  The intent is to increase “the velocity of information” to better provide service supports.  Once the data is in Therap, there is no longer the need to physically move the 3-Ring Binders from the program to the office to review and report.  Also, everyone with the need to see the data…can… with the click of a mouse.

3) Therap allows staff to record their actions in ‘real time’.  You read the information…become informed…and you acknowledge that you did so.  Typically, this is not always possible in the paper world.  Get credit when credit is due!

Thank you Mosaic / Macomb for allowing me the time to help you launch Therap.

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Starting Monday, I will begin the task of bringing 6 more Mosaic agencies into the Therap realm.  My overall plan is to launch 1 agency per month…which means I will be living in hotels for 4 of the next 6 months.

Next week, I initiate the process in Macomb, Illinois with the agency staff.  The local Therap Team has been doing all of the required prep work, I have started the production database build, HQ is doing what they do… as of this blog, we are on schedule.   Let’s see… car rented, hotel verified, computer ready, “ebay special” Epson projector tested, Kick Off presentation complete… I am ready to spread the Therap Gospel!

Week 1…all agency Kick Off meetings.  This is where I engage the entire agency an deliver the who, what, when, where and why of Therap.  We will deliver the message to 168 staff that on April 12, they will start using T-Logs, GERs, SComms, and the off line forms in the event of internet outage. 5 sessions are scheduled.

Week 2…I return to Macomb to train the leadership staff on the art of being a local Therap Administrator and / or Subject Matter Expert.  Think “train the trainer”…plus some extra stuff.  Originally, it was thought that a single person would be the SME and another would be the Admin.  I am seeing that a shared responsibility approach is preferred.  So, we show all supervisor staff and above this information.  This equates to more support for all.  The “almighty cloud” allows for this strategy as well and emulates current practices.

Week 3…back to Macomb for Direct Care Staff training.

Week 4…back to Macomb for Direct Care Staff training and a Thursday launch.

If all goes as planned (and has happened in other launches)…  All staff will be able to access Therap and use the Phase 1 modules with no problems on launch day.  Clients and staff should be assigned to their appropriate programs.  Staff can easily access people and modules.  And the only issues we have are forgotten passwords.  On April 13th, it will be smooth running, Therap newbie agency…even if it is a Friday!

After Macomb…

Osceola, Iowa… April / May

Des Moines, Iowa… May / June

Rockford, Illinois… July

Waukon, Iowa… August

Pontiac, Illinios… September

…then, we start Phase 2… ISP.

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Iowa Therap Users Unite!

Reminiscing about the National Therap Conference… It was 3 days of learning… eating…sharing… eating… Therap leadership asking for ideas from the user community… eating… hearing about concepts and brainstorming about Therap…. and eating.   Learned a ton…and gained a few pounds.

One of the big ‘ah ha’ moments for me was learning about “Therap User Groups” in other states.  I can imagine a couple agency administrators at some state meeting for providers, talking about data collection and the comment is made, “You use Therap too?” Input the “snowball effect” here and pretty soon you have 4 or 5 agencies sharing ideas and supporting each other on all sorts of topics and state specific issues. Moreover, all with the blessing and full support of Therap.

Even though I have been bestowed the title of “Therap Certified Trainer” and have a pretty good grasp of the “mechanical” aspect of using the database, I know that it would help me to learn from other users in Iowa as to how you approached…say…using the GER form to communicate with Iowa DHS…or…what has been your experience with auditors and/or inspectors with “view only access” to your Therap T-Logs. According to other members and founders of Therap User Groups I spoke with, these experiences have been positive, informative and helpful when identify solutions at the local level.

Richard Robbins, CEO and Therap founder, is very interested is seeing this happen. So much so that he would support Iowa by holding a 2 day, Regional Therap Conference in our state, provided the interest is there. (FYI – The “magic number” to have this event is somewhere between 50 and 75 attendees.) I am sure that Jeff Case, our Therap Representative, is interested in this effort as well.

So, fellow Iowa Therap User, if this is something you’d like to talk about, let’s meet for coffee and bandy about some ideas. Post your thoughts to my blog and who knows, we may be the catalyst that gets something started.



P.S.  Don’t forget, we do have an “Iowa” page in Therap’s website.

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