February 2017

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Happy February everyone! I am happy to say I made it through the storms/tornadoes in South Georgia with only needing a new roof so I consider myself blessed. My thoughts go out to my friends in the northern states who are experiencing a winter storm.

Therap Tip of the Month: Administrators who enter ISP programs should submit the information a few days prior to the start date instead of approving right away. This gives the administrator time to review it again before approving it. Best case scenario would be for one person to enter the program and another person review and approve, but we all wear many hats in this field so there is not always that extra staff. The double-check will cut back on omitted information and spelling errors.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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To Say “HI” and my frustration with Outrageous Deadlines

So, to begin with I wanted to say, “HI!”  I am a newly (since March) Certified Trainer.  This is my first blog post.  But I am eyebrow deep in this new Therap project I have started and thought I would take a quick breath of fresh air (while madly treading my feet) and say hi.   I am guessing that someone is saying – “well, here comes the details of this new (to this blog) person” to themselves.  I would hate to disappoint, so I will tell you a little about myself and HOPE that at least ONE person said that to themselves….

I am Jessica D. Dunn.  I work at Tobosa Developmental Services in Roswell NM.  (Yes, we have aliens; and No, they are not usually green).  I thought I should just get that out of the way.  I am currently the Incident Management Coordinator.  (Of course, I could put about 4 other titles behind that, just like most of you I am sure, but I will spare you the details). I have been with Tobosa for about 3 years but in the DD field for 11 years.  I could tell you more about myself, but I am pretty sure that is not why you are reading this blog.  Maybe if I include a few details each time that I post, you will get to know me.  Or better yet, register for our Regional Conference here in NM and come meet me.

My legs are getting tired of treading, so I guess I will go on with the actual purpose of this post – Outrageous Deadlines.  I committed us to a deadline last week.  I was very passionate (for lack of a better word) that we would get all of the “Outcomes” (for everyone getting services through our program) into Therap to begin tracking electronically (vs. paper) by MAY 1, 2015.    The discussion in which I made this commitment came only after a frustrating meeting where our huge strides with Therap were being downplayed.  I was pretty heated about the lack of acknowledgment we had gotten in our efforts. I also felt like I was needing to push our acceleration.  I have this concern that when we stop pushing, we kill it.  Like when driving a standard transmission vehicle.  If you are in gear and take your foot off of the gas, for long enough, you will kill it.  So, with great conviction, in my very confident voice I made my declaration.  It wasn’t until the next day (last Thursday) that I began counting the # of people receiving services from us that I started to get a little concerned about what I had just committed.  Upon, counting the people, I then started counting days.  I am sure that in my sub-conscious I knew when May the 1st was – but definitely, I did not know that it was a week away.

So, I retook the “ISP Program and Template” Training Academy Course for the second time (I figured I had absolutely NO time to waste, making mistakes).  Then I jumped.  Luckily, the offices on either side of mine, heard my hesitation in the form of pep talks to myself and anyone who questioned the very small time frame.  I am glad to say that they have jumped in too.  So, here we sit.  Just putting it all in.  I am proud to say that we are almost half way through our list with a few days to go.

It is a long stride but will be so worth it.  Just the sheer satisfaction of knowing that we pulled it off will be like sweet music.  It is not very often that I make such a pointedly commitment and not stick to it.  I am proud to say that I am now very knowledgeable in creating ISP Programs and Templates.

Previous to this journey, Bill Jones, our other Therap guru was the one who would do all of the ISP Programs; forms; tracking and such – so, I didn’t have to worry about it.  I have spent the majority of my time in the TMS system as well as the other basic modules.  But I am very glad to say, that I am moving across the board.   Now, I can take this fire (that got me into the mess) and instill it in others.  That is one of my ongoing missions.  I guess any teacher wants that; to put the fire they have in themselves into others; to create that passion.   I am glad to say that in the past few days I have converted 2 others and put that little spark in them.  Hopefully, it will turn into a fire (although, I don’t know if we have enough extinguishers for every one to be as fired up as I would like to see – but I am trying)!

So, since I can tell that I have just started rambling (a writing habit of mine); I will close and get back to my project – the TIME just keeps TICKING!  Thanks for letting me ramble.

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Re: How S.M.A.R.T. are we? by Mary Lawson

I just had the opportunity to read Mary Lawson’s post from last month regarding S.M.A.R.T. goals, and moving towards D.U.M.B. goals. As I begin leading a group here at Mosaic to work on ISP Program quality, I think I just may change SMART to DUMB! Great idea, and I loved how the descriptions are more specific on what the goal should include. Here’s to creating some really great DUMB goals!

I was browsing through some ISP Programs today, and noticed one that caught my eye – here is a brief synopsis (from what I can remember – name has been changed)!

Goal: XYZ will use his environment

Specific Goal: XYZ will learn to do his laundry

Task: Staff will help XYZ to do his laundry by reminding him when it needs to be done, how to do different tasks, etc.

Teaching Method: XYZ often doesn’t want to do his laundry and will try to get staff to do his laundry for him. Stress importance, etc.

It made me chuckle – if I could get someone else to do my laundry, I would too!

P.S – My husband often does all of the laundry. :)


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Import Blood Glucose records from meter/insulin pump

This morning, as I am getting ready to go to my endocrinologist appointment for my Type 1 Diabetes, I was thinking – wouldn’t it be nice if we could import blood glucose records into Therap from meters and insulin pumps? I know that most current meters and insulin pumps have the capability to import/export all information from a period of time using an online web-based system built for the meter/pump. Instead of manually inputting the information into Therap it could be loaded daily or weekly and included as part of an ISP Program!

I’m still trying to get my doctor’s office to look at my online records instead of having me print out and bring or fax to them, but at least the capability exists.

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ISP Program without Tasks?

Hello everyone!

As I creep ever so slowly into the world of billing (and I mean slow, like a turtle on Valium slow) I am beginning to set up the ISP programs to correspond with all the service authorizations.  I am stuck on the tasks and how they should be scored.

Would it be contradictory to have a score of ‘not completed’ on a billable program and then bill?

Then I realized that you don’t have to use tasks in the ISP program.  I can simply require time in/time out and comments and get all the info I need.  Should I proceed with this plan?

How do you write billable ISP programs?


Thx – K


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The latest from the trainers!

From Bev:

Video on Certified Trainer Series: Implementing Therap’s MARs

From Kitti:

Video on Certified Trainers Series: Teaching your Staff to use Therap

From Mary:

Video on Certified Trainer Series: ISP Programs: The Basics 5-15-13

I have been telling you: You CAN learn stuff on YouTube!!!



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I’m a presenter!!??

So I just agreed to be a presenter at the Montana Regional Conference in Helena June 12-13. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I am going to be talking about GER’s and Montana’s Incident Management System and also how to take Montana’s PSP’s and put them into Therap’s ISP module. Are there comments/suggestions on these topics that people wish they would have known about or that I should make sure to mention?

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ISP – Originality Can Function Miracles

Rainbow Joy

Passion, Speed and attitude, this stuff altogether make a Therap user document. Whether your company is about residential,day services or community based employment your corporate mission, vision and values should appear like a style icon since an elegant report will grab the interest of  enthusiastic users to describe that which you want documented.

When documenting in Therap you should never forget it should illustrate the precise business theme e.g. in case your company is an expert in meaningful day activities you might set up ISP Programs associated with meaningful day inside your corporate identity, especially programs which are most requested by individuals. It’s also vital that you use correct language inside it to be able to remain in an ISP theme. Precise language, person centered and goal oriented are the most useful in setting up your ISP Program because they illustrate the sun and rain of energy, speed and progressiveness.

You can try some ISP program samples before beginning to produce your  program identity as it is crucial to collect all the details or inspiring bit of data to develop a pleasant creation. Unequivocally, an ISP program that’s unique, awe-inspiring and galvanizing will inspire the individual and users.


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Ready for next week?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy here at Mosaic getting ready for next week’s National Therap Conference in New Jersey. I will be doing 2 presentations – The Price is Right! and Why Big is Different (or How to do BIG things with a Small team). Hope to see many of you there.

At Mosaic, we are currently working on our Phase 2 of Therap implementation – ISP’s. One question that has come up is in regards to scoring methods. We have not found a good way to be able to use the Count scoring and have it correctly calculate when the program has not been run. For example, if we are using Count to track Behaviors, if the program has not been run and data entered, it looks as if the Individual had NO behaviors, when in reality the staff may have forgotten to enter anything. The only option we have found is to report using the Hab Documentation, which will show a blank for no entry.

Does anyone have other options for this type of tracking using ISP Programs? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

See you in New Jersey!

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Getting ready for fall in CT

I have to admit that I am very “reserved” (a little shy) when it comes to blogging and hosting webinars.  This is definitely obvious from the date of my last blog (almost one year ago to date).  I am committing myself to get a lot better and overcome this.  As it is the same time of year as my last post, rereading that one really shows how routine things can be.  I am once again getting ready for my sons birthday as well as the CT Therap Conference in Meriden next week.  This is the absolute best time of year in CT in my opinion-summer humidity is ending and fall is right around the corner.  Apple and pumpkin picking, long sleeved shirts and chilly nights.  Some of the great things that I hope never change.

As for the company I work for (WILA), we have advanced in our use of Therap somewhat.  We have more users on board and they are a lot more advanced in their Therap skills than a year ago.  We are currently utilizing as much of Therap as pertains to us as a smaller company, including but not limited to T-Logs, Scomms, GER’s, ISP Data and Programs, TMS, Health Tracking and other Therap “staples”.  We are not using IPOP’s, MAR’s or time tracking yet but hopefully they will be included in our near future endeavors.  The benefits of Therap are more than obvious for all of our staff.  The nurses see a lot of the benefits with Health Tracking and the ease of communicating updates/changes with all of the staff.   Therap allows for new staff to get to know our clients from different view points as well as track their health/behaviors/activities a lot more efficiently than ever before.  Therap has been a great advancement for us and I personally look forward to all that it will bring us in the future.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the CT Therap next week, especially as I will be hosting 2 classes during the conference!

P.S. Allison…I blogged!!!!

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