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Our company has now had it’s second Therap Committee meeting. Why we didn’t think we needed a committee in the beginning is beyond me. Of course we did! If we want to be consistent in how we use Therap company wide then it is very important. And we learn from each other. We are using GTM so that we can include users throughout the company wherever they may be. It’s really cool when someone says, “We need a way to….”. And someone else in the group says, “Oh, well I just do this….”. So sharing is a big part of the meetings so far.

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Hey you!!!

Screenshot of Therap Conference Page for National Conference at Kansas City, Missouri, January 2014

Yes, you, right there…Yes, YOU!

Did you know that our national conference has been scheduled for 2014…um, yeah. And it is NOT in New Jersey (for all youhaters cold weather sissies critics who give me a hard time EVERY year!).

It is in Kansas City, Missouri. It is not warmer there in January but it is more central and here are some fun facts:

>Kansas City is the home to Hallmark Cards

>Ernest Hemingway completed his novel, “A Farewell to Arms” when he was there

>It is known as “The Paris of the Plains”

>Jeff Case, Michelle Saunders, Chris Johnson and Jordan Mar are there

>and now our national conference is there!!

So, this is a no-brainer.

Sign up here to attend on January 28-30, 2014. And if you are so motivated, we would {{{{{{{LOVE}}}}}}} for you to do a presentation (like all the certified smarty pants). It could be about anything…implementing Therap, ISP construction, herding caribou…If you’d like to flaunt your nerdiness, click here and have a look at what we need for your proposal.

Do it!! Free unicorns for the first twenty presenters.



ISP – Originality Can Function Miracles

Rainbow Joy

Passion, Speed and attitude, this stuff altogether make a Therap user document. Whether your company is about residential,day services or community based employment your corporate mission, vision and values should appear like a style icon since an elegant report will grab the interest of  enthusiastic users to describe that which you want documented.

When documenting in Therap you should never forget it should illustrate the precise business theme e.g. in case your company is an expert in meaningful day activities you might set up ISP Programs associated with meaningful day inside your corporate identity, especially programs which are most requested by individuals. It’s also vital that you use correct language inside it to be able to remain in an ISP theme. Precise language, person centered and goal oriented are the most useful in setting up your ISP Program because they illustrate the sun and rain of energy, speed and progressiveness.

You can try some ISP program samples before beginning to produce your  program identity as it is crucial to collect all the details or inspiring bit of data to develop a pleasant creation. Unequivocally, an ISP program that’s unique, awe-inspiring and galvanizing will inspire the individual and users.


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Security Profiles – A Precarious Love Affair

Picture of a Long bending Raod with a Clear Sky

I just want to go on record and say that when Therap released the Security Profiles last summer I was not a fan. How could Therap do such a thing? Didn’t they know I liked the user privileges just the way they were? Anyway, to make a long story short after a few weeks of bemoaning the changes I began to see the potential of the new security profiles. What I realized is that in every agency there are staff who have several different roles in that agency. Whether it is balancing quality assurance and data entry or supervisory and program administrator, staff get pulled in different directions. This is where the security profiles come in to help. You can create up to three separate profiles each with a different caseload and super role. This gives staff the flexibility to see only the data they want to see for a specific role they have within their agency.

So let me share some of the examples of how a few of the agencies in Kansas have used the Security Profile. In one agency they wanted staff to be able to see T-Logs between departments with out having to have staff see all the T-logs for the entire agency. So they set the staff’s main profile as their home department (residential) and the second profile with the individuals they work with from the other departments (day services). This way staff can manage what data they are seeing when they access Therap. Making for more efficient use of time in the system.

Another agency had a very large day program and wanted staff to be able to access data only for individuals in their smaller work groups, yet also wanted staff to have access to the larger group too. So the main profile was set up with the smaller work group while their secondary profile showed all the individuals in the day program. This again gave the staff the flexibility to manage their time inside of Therap.

I have also noticed that most Quality Assurance staff usually have a caseload of individuals that the manage.  Their super roles are set up with their primary profile as “QA” with oversight for all the individuals in the agency, while the secondary profile has the case management super role with only the individuals they provide case management for.

Finally, the last example is an agency has a committee with staff of various roles who review GERs for quality.  So, that agency gave the committee members a profile so that they can review GERs even though their usual super role would prevent them from seeing them.

So, count me as a convert!  I have drank the Kool-Aid and fallen in love with Security Profiles.  They give agencies the ability to be flexible with what data staff are seeing when using Therap.  This allows staff to be more efficient when in the system so they can spend more time working with the individuals they serve.  So, ask your self this, “How has your agency used the Security Profiles, and does it allow staff to be more efficient in the system?”  Also, I would love for you to share how your agency has used Security Profiles.


And now… Windmills


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Get the Heck Out of Dodge!

Picture of the Great Western HotelLast week I had the opportunity to visit several of the Mosaic agencies in Western Kansas to talk about my favorite subject, Therap.  My adventure took me to Ellsworth where I got to talk to their agency’s Therap Team about their exciting plans for implementing Therap.  From Ellsworth I then traveled down to Liberal via Dodge City.  I used the opportunity for a break in Dodge City to see the Boot Hill Museum, which I must say was a fun way to spend an hour.  The museum has an old wild west style city block that looks like it was taken straight out of a Hollywood Western.  It was interesting to see all the artifacts from that era, from the saloon, to the pharmacy, and yes they had all the various guns that were used during that time period.  If your traveling trough Dodge City and your a fan of Westerns then you have to stop and spend some time at the museum.

My adventure continued on to Liberal then to Garden City, where I had the opportunity to me the great people that make those agencies amazing providers.  Every agency I visited had wonderful staff who are extremely committed to providing quality supports and services to individuals with MR/DD.  What is even more amazing to me is the fact that everyone I met is excited about using Therap to enhance the work that they do.  That excitement speaks to that strong pioneering spirit that is the heritage of the people who live in western Kansas.

And now for Singing Windmills!

Video on Singing Windmills

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Introducing Therap

Picture of Matthew Rice's cat 'Therap'

So I have decided to rename my cat Therap.  With that said Therap has been kinda fussy with me since I was gone for a week.  Like all things, she just needs a little TLC.  The Therap conference was amazing and I am really excited to see what Therap will bring to the world of apps.  It was also great meeting all the other users of Therap and getting to hear their experiences with using Therap.

So now for something completely different.  Here’s your video Allison…

Video on Take-Off


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