Fun while learning – it CAN happen!

I’m preparing for my webinar on June 7th and am hopeful what I have planned is going to work. Now I realize the topic could be considered somewhat humdrum or even boring – Incident Management System (IMS).  Yes, this is going to be about collecting data from GERs and tracking for trends.  For those yawning at the very thought of it – I hope you will still tune in.

Approximately 4 years ago, we decided to find a fun way to inform employees about the Basic Assurances for CQL accreditation that involves monitoring of Factors.  Our approach to teaching employees about the Ten Factors  was to have a “Factor Fun Day”. Staff and people supported rotated from one station to the next and received a short introduction to the factor and how LifeQuest is monitoring that particular factor.  The stations included such things as Green Acres, Top Ten on the David Letterman Show and Wheel of Fortune.  Of course this also involved the presenters dressing accordingly!

The Factor 4 Workgroup that developed our IMS created a PowerPoint to explain how it works. It was not only fun to create, but we think that most employees actually found it entertaining.  If technology works in my favor you will be seeing some of my coworker’s acting abilities illustrating how our system works.

Another memorable training at LifeQuest was watching our nursing staff dancing to the tune of YMCA but replacing the words with medical related acronyms. We really should have been filming that one.

Learning can be fun – so find your creative employees (BTW – that does not include me) and have some fun!

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Training your employees to use Therap…

My reminder popped up on my calendar this afternoon reminding me…’It’s time to submit your monthly Therap blog’…

I pondered what I should write about…it seems only obvious that I should write about training your employees to use Therap.  After all, today I trained a Therap class…last Friday I presented my annual webinar…on what else but training your staff to use Therap!

We all have our own individual ways of training staff to use Therap.  No one way is wrong, or better than another. But we do have the opportunity of improving our way but learning how other agencies train Therap.

At our agency, we have a monthly Therap class.  The class last approximately 8 hours.  We demonstrate how to enter information, and have our employees practice entering information.  For more details on how I train Therap, feel free to go to Therap’s YouTube page and check out the webinar.

That brings me to this question…How does YOUR agency train Therap?  What materials, cheat sheets, work sheets, etc. does your agency use during this process?  Who does the Therap training, and how were they selected?  What policies do you have in place in regards to Therap documentation?

Please share with the rest of us, so we can all get a little better!

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