Little fish.

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on.

I am new to the great big sea of information that is Therap. I have been swimming in it for about a year and have come to realize a few things. First, the deeper into Therap one goes the more amazing it is. Second is that fact that once you step into the Therap waters you are carried swiftly (and gladly) into those deeper waters. And finally I have learned that no matter how deep you get there is always a friendly Therapite to guide you.

Until next time this is Craig, from the blue waters of the Pacific Northwest, signing off… Wait is this thing still on.

Maine news….

Hello from Maine… the trees are starting to change color…. that usually means we are going to see some seasonal personalities start to emerge.

BER’s are going to be a focus for the next few months…..

We have found some things with the shared contacts and GER’s that need some “fixing” ……all good times come in time….

I am very excited to have a Maine conference coming in October…. hope to see lots of new faces…..

Enjoy the cool nights ……

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Maine news:

Hello from Maine….The mornings are feeling a little like fall….The days are filled with sunshine…Good for the gardens and apples!!!

Therap is settling in here….we added personal finance and personal property… after some “extra” documentation to begin with…these are both well under way….

The staff are all feeling comfortable with Therap  and all it has to offer. They are learning and exploring each day. …finding new treasures of information along the way!

Have a good day everyone!!!

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Maine news

Therap has been a wonderful addition ….. We welcomed Therap about 1 year ago, we all survived …..We started using therap in June/July of 2010…adding more modules along the way… double documenting (i would not recommend this) for about 3 months to ensure we had all the information correct….We are still learning new things, like personal finance and inventory. Now we are adding our day program and supportive living to the mix…very exciting!!!   I had to laugh when a veteran staff, who was not happy with the therap change, called to tell me “Therap is down!! What am i going to do!!”  Once you have Therap and have to document the “old way” due to updates and / or power outages it make you smile Emoticon showing smiley face when you turn on the computer and everything is working …..Change is hard for everyone… But once they learn the new changes in Therap 9.1 ….A smile will return to all of our faces….  Had a wonderful July…..

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Maine news…

June…has been an exciting month for us ….mud season is over and warm weather has arrived ….as well at Therap 9.0…..

A busy time for us…we are adding on out day program into Therap….Lots of data entry for me ….

Everyone has been very happy with the changes with the MAR’s but really miss being able to filter medications….I hear this feature will return soon…

We have been rolling out the personal property and personal finance sections ….live for both of these in July….

Training new staff ….have been a fun experience ….

We are also just starting the process of putting PCP’s into Therap….

A paperless world ….  Emoticon showing smiley face

“Experience: that most brutal of teachers..but you learn”  C.S. Lewis

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Maine news

Spring has arrived in Maine…..

MAR’s live for April went really well….Only concerns was when Internet goes down due to weather, good thing we are on out toes here in all the mud, and had paper back ups! Emoticon showing smiley face

We are doing a trial run with personal spending and personal property modules for May.  VERY exciting ….

We are also implementing our day program, this means lots off data entry …

The staff  have found that having Therap is a wonderful thing….all of us already new that…..

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Therap Presentation to the State of Rhode Island

This week I spent two days in Rhode Island presenting Therap at the state level. I covered many modules and discussed all the benefits of purchasing a web-based, electronic system that supports the provider agency and states in their documentation and communication efforts. Therap was well received and so was LifeShare Management Group, Inc. as an agency who is progressive its use of technology and service delivery.

Thank you Allison for setting up the DEMO3 account it really came in handy this week. Holly Hobby and Archie Pugg were a real hit in Individual Home and MAR. Good times!

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Maine calling….

Happy Wednesday to everyone…..

I spent time with Deb yesterday….

I am sharing information with the other administrators about individual home page. VERY excited…..

We have now shared Therap with guardians …we have found this to be a good thing for everyone and helps us all be on the same page with individual care.

We are now up and running….T-logs, GER’s, MAR’s, Health tracking, ISP, S-comms …we will be adding more soon…

A sunny day in Maine….

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Wish I Was There

Hey, all you Therap users….I am so wishing I could be in NY with all of you…

I just sat in a staff meeting for one home today …lots of good questions were asked. A good reminder that everyone learns differently….

We are just  really getting a handle on the different modules. MAR’s are the next to tackle…..

T-logs, GERs, S-comms and Health Tracking ….all are being  utilized

Staff are now finding Therap is a good thing….. but we all new that!!!

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