How to Complete A Quality Assurance Check with Therap.

Okay, for those that know me I LOVE the Therap MAR. I tend to keep all my ducks in one basket, so for QA checks, I didn’t want them completed elsewhere, or someplace additional that my staff would have to search for or forget about,  so I added them to the MAR itself, (as that’s what they’re QA’ing anyway). Keeps everything neat and tidy. So here it is everyone, How to complete QA checks using the Therap MAR. :) hope you find it as useful as I do.  I also have a Print outable copy, that’s picture friendly as well if anyone feels up to using it, just shoot me an email and I can zip It off into cyber space for you. :)

How to do QA (Quality Assurance) Checks on Therap

First off you will be tracking this medication on the MAR, similar to a PRN medication. To Do this you will see similar steps in the process.

  1. Click “Add New Medication”
  2. This will now take you to the Medication history page. Here is where you begin to create the QA check.
  3. Under Medication Name:
    1. This is where you enter QA and the time that you want the check done. For example:     “ QA CHECK 8AM”  This should be done at each shift change. Normally, just putting QA check is best, you’ll see later, that you can see the time that the QA was done, showing you for each shift change that It was completed.
  4. For all the medication information. Fill in the medication type for “PRN MEDICATION” and  schedule for “As Needed”.  Leaving it blank will cause the QA section to not work properly.
  5. In the comments section, add the purpose for the QA and include all the items you want staff to QA.  For Example: QA check of all MARS, Bubble packs, Intake/Elimination Data, BSL Entries, etc.
    1. This helps to ensure that staff are acknowledging that they checked to ensure that all the listed items are accurate.
  6. Now when you open the MAR you will see that it is listed in the PRN section.
  7. In order to record the QA, you need to open up the Medication up to Record Data in Detailed Mode.
  8. For the very first entry you should scroll down to “administered”. This will allow for follow ups to be completed. This should be completed by your staff only on the 1st day of the new month.
  9. You will now see that the medication has been administered. This is the VERY First and only entry that should be entered like this. You can now click “view” to see the comments.
    1. By viewing the comments, you’re able to see the time and date stamp and the staff responsible for completing the check. This ensures that they are completed accurately and on time at the beginning/end of each shift or per your QA system and does not allow staff to alter the QA check.

Happy QA’ing Everyone. :) – Racheal.

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The latest from the trainers!

From Bev:

Video on Certified Trainer Series: Implementing Therap’s MARs

From Kitti:

Video on Certified Trainers Series: Teaching your Staff to use Therap

From Mary:

Video on Certified Trainer Series: ISP Programs: The Basics 5-15-13

I have been telling you: You CAN learn stuff on YouTube!!!



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Excited about new tech….

I’m looking forward to the new technology that is coming out soon for Therap. The GPS option to use to track location on mobile devices is going to be interesting (if not scary!) when we find out if staff are really where they say they are. I’m hoping that some major changes are going to improve the MAR soon, I know it is in the works.

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TRC is in the final stages of rolling out the Therap MAR.  To avoid confusion between paper MARs and Therap MARs we call the Therap MAR the “eMAR”.  When the rollout started some of my coworkers decided the name sounded like a small critter, and that’s when Evangeline the eMAR arrived in the office.

Small Critter,

As you start the eMAR, what are some things you have determined work best?  One policy we have in place is T-Notes may only be deleted by the Site RN.  Sometimes people think if they trash a T-Note it only removes it from their page on the eMAR, however it removes it from everyone.  If you are not sure who trashed a T-Note a provider admin can do an Activity Tracking report to find out.  Another policy we have in place is at the beginning/end of your shift or any time you switch keys as a Med Passer you must run a Due Medications Report for Overdue Medications to double check you have passed/signed for all medications due during your shift.

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Murfreesboro Conference

Attended the Murfreesboro, TN conference this week. We talked about some things that are not yet in place with Therap – activity scheduling, the ability for a nurse to approve a completed MAR with data on it, and the controlled substance log. We discovered that the controlled substance log will be in place, possibly by next week so we were really excited about that. We tried looking into the staff scheduling in Therap to use as our activity log but there is not a place to document planned activities and it is really staff based instead of individual based. We also looked at the calendar, but if you have 90 individuals in one program then it would be a nightmare to try to read the calendar of events. So it’s back to the drawing board on that one. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. We looked into different options of proving that our nurses had reviewed and approved the completed MAR at the end of every month. We have several options that we can choose from including just doing a T-log to say it was approved. I think the option we are going to try is adding a “medication” to the MAR labeled “RN approval” that is administered once a month on the last day of the month. Once again, if anyone has another idea please share them with me. All and all it was a good experience at the conference even if everything didn’t go as scheduled. It is good to have trainers who can change up their routine at anytime!

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Going to MARs

Progress Industries staff and local Therap expert Josh Stafford recently returned from an African safari but was still eager to answer questions about his adventures with MARs…Medication Administration Records, that is:

BT: Josh, how long have been using Therap MARs?

JS: I believe around 3 years.

BT: How does the Therap MARs module save you time and/or help you complete your job more efficiently?

JS: It allows me to review the MAR from anywhere that I have an internet connection. This also allows the nursing staff that are entering new medication orders or making changes to existing orders the ability to make changes without having to go to each program location.  The Due Medications feature allows for a quick and simple review of medication administration of the day.

BT: There have been a number of improvements made to the MARs module in the past year. Which of these are your favorites and why?

JS: My two favorite MARs improvements have been the Due Medications and the Medication Scheduler. The Due Medication feature allows both the medication passer and any one that would be reviewing the MAR a quick and very simple way to see if all of the medications that are scheduled to be administered have been signed for. If you are the person administering those medications and you have a missing signature, you are able to follow the links to sign for the medication. The Medication Scheduler allows the person that is entering the medication history and updating the MARs a method of scheduling medications for only certain days/times during the month. This will then highlight the medication on the days that it is to be administered. This is just another visual queue for the person that is administering the medication.   

BT: What additional changes would you like to see made in Therap MARs?

JS: I would like to see the Due Medication feature have a date range greater the one day. If you are off for several days and want to complete a review for more than one day, you have to select each day one at a time.  

BT: What advice would you give to another provider thinking about starting to use Therap MARs?

JS: Start with small groups and spend testing the medication history form to make sure you understand in completely. All the information for the MAR will be pulled from this form and you want to make sure tis information comes a crossed clearly to those that are administering the medications. (BT: Progress Industries has employed Pilot Groups in rolling out every Therap module. It helps test the waters and work out any unanticipated problems and also allows for an excellent mentor to trainee ratio for great support.)  THANKS JOSH for your help with Therap training and implementation!

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My First Therap Conference

Well, I am just full of it – full of new Therap information and excitement that is!  My first Therap conference was very enlightening.  Now I need to do some more exploring in the modulars we are using.  Then I need to figure out how best to share all the material here at MDC.  I am hoping to be part of the impetus to get us using the MAR, more health documentations, and more Training Management.  There are so many more things we could be doing in Therap that we are struggling with how to manage.

While our current MAR system is doing fine, it would be so much better if it were computerized.  We do have limited computers and access, so that will have to be part of the discussion.  But I do not think the lack of machines prevents us moving forward.  Guess I better be chatting with our nurses!!

The training components are wonderful.  Kitti did an excellent job convincing us of how to be remarkable training managers!  We are using parts of the tools Therap provides, but not enough to be effective.  We have replaced a few pieces of paper for tracking who-completed-what.  It is functional
for that one small piece.  However, there is so much more that could be done.  The initial time to set up is the only “draw-back” and even that is reasonable.   We are changing how we describe the training person so now is the best time to organize this change. A new person will give us fresh thinking to move us into new systems.

Lastly, I would like to say how nice it was to be with co-workers and see how cohesive we are with the idea of taking on the opportunities Therap allows.  Thanks!

Until next time, smile at the stars…..

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have been working with our provider agency nurse to get medications entered, so that ALL MARs will be entered in Therap (for that agency) by March 1st.  Yes, I truly wish it was less tedious, but just to see how well staff are responding and recording makes it all worth it  ;-/.  As I work through the 1000+ drugs we are entering (currently at 822), I keep looking for shortcuts and ways to speed it along.  I am liking the copy form feature!  However, it is critical to assure you check each field to assure it is updated if needed.  One suggestion we would like to share – although many have probably discovered it already – is that it helps to leave a blank line between dosage times for meds given more than once a day.  When they are one after the other on the MAR, it is easy for staff to accidentally complete two blanks instead of just the one.  Just thought I’d share!

Update on our agency fundraising house raffle:  We had our first early bird drawing yesterday, giving away $2500 to a local woman who had purchased two tickets.  We called her via speakerphone to give her the good news.  Man, was she excited!  Not only did she win the first early bird drawing, but she is still in the running to win the remaining early bird drawings, the multi-ticket drawing, and the grand prize!  I hope that different people win each prize, but wouldn’t it be amazing to win more than once?!?!  If you are that person, of course…  It is not too late to get your tickets, to help support a great cause.  Purchase by 2/28, and you will be entered into two more early bird drawings, with the multiple ticket and grand prize drawing on 5/31.

‘Til next month – or until I get a wild hair to share –


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Pivot Tables are awesome!

Day 1 of the conference has ended and I have learned much about electronic billing, electronic MARS and Pivot tables! My agency is planning to start the billing module in the next several months and we will partner with our county board to create efficiencies with the attendance/billing process. It currently takes me 10-12 hours to complete billing for our 120 persons supported in Day Services.

We hope to pilot MARs in a few residential sites later this month or in March and then quickly move to all residential sites and facility based programs. Today, I learned the essentials to get us up and running with MARs.

Finally, I was very impressed with the User Presentation from REACH in Alaska. I learned how to do Pivot tables in minutes. Before this session was over, I created several pivot tables from data in Therap.
It was an awesome first day! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Michelle Emoticon showing smiley face

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MAR, Going Live!!!

Wow, what a few weeks. Rainbow of Challenges Residential Program is going live with the MAR module. It has been a task, so thank you to all the wonderful folks at ROC that have helped me get ready. I have to say that the finished product is well worth the effort. The forms are already making documenting easier, and , okay, I will say what I really like, Therap forms are prettier. Emoticon showing smiley face

ROC is making lots of changes and using Therap for more and more tasks and we are getting to the ultimate goal (mine anyway), no paper on my desk. It is exciting to see everyone at ROC getting excited about the new things we are doing. Instead of paperless being an idea to “think about”, we are moving quickly to accomplish it and so many of our wonderful staff are on board. It is a wonderful feeling!!!

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