Re: How S.M.A.R.T. are we? by Mary Lawson

I just had the opportunity to read Mary Lawson’s post from last month regarding S.M.A.R.T. goals, and moving towards D.U.M.B. goals. As I begin leading a group here at Mosaic to work on ISP Program quality, I think I just may change SMART to DUMB! Great idea, and I loved how the descriptions are more specific on what the goal should include. Here’s to creating some really great DUMB goals!

I was browsing through some ISP Programs today, and noticed one that caught my eye – here is a brief synopsis (from what I can remember – name has been changed)!

Goal: XYZ will use his environment

Specific Goal: XYZ will learn to do his laundry

Task: Staff will help XYZ to do his laundry by reminding him when it needs to be done, how to do different tasks, etc.

Teaching Method: XYZ often doesn’t want to do his laundry and will try to get staff to do his laundry for him. Stress importance, etc.

It made me chuckle – if I could get someone else to do my laundry, I would too!

P.S – My husband often does all of the laundry. :)