Well, here it is… Just like I said, my FIRST BLOG EVER!

I am going to start right off and just state the truth, I have been dreading this first blog for some time now… After thoroughly contemplating how to start, what to say, what title, etc. I realized – I kinda have stage fright (or screen fright)! Those who know me personally would agree that I’m not very shy and I am rarely at a lack for words.;) Regardless, I have decided to press on – push all fears aside – and strive to create, brilliant, insightful, beautiful blogs on a regular basis! Of course, they will be a little more Therap oriented…

So now to end my very first blog on more of a Therap related note: I am extremely happy to have recently become a member of the “elite” group of Therap Certified Trainers! It was awesome to be able to hang with a few of you at the National Conference in KC. I am also very excited as I have been asked to attend the Illinios Conference in Chicago this Spring and teach a few sessions. It will be great to be able to meet even more Therap users and hopefully get to know some of the Therap staff a little more as well! :)