What’s so great about the ISP Agenda?

Well, a number of things actually!  The ISP Agenda is to be used as an itinerary or outline to be followed at the annual ISP meeting (or quarterly mtg., etc. as applicable).  The Agenda allows information from the Personal Focus Worksheet to be selected as Individualized Items for discussion along with providing the option for any other additional items to be included for review as well. The current approved Action Plans & ISP Programs can easily be pulled into the Agenda from the Individual Support Plan with the ability to attach an ISP report along with each applicable Action Plan & ISP Program. 

Once all Individualized Items, Action Plans & ISP Programs, etc. are included, the ISP Agenda can be approved and printed off for each ISP attendee.  This is helpful as it allows everyone to see and follow the topics being reviewed, plus; the Agenda provides a writing space next to each listed item for note taking.  After the ISP meeting, the option to select “Record Meeting Minutes” is available at the bottom of the Agenda.  This will then allow text to be entered into the blank areas in which the notes were taken.  It also provides the option to indicate the outcome for each Individualized Item such as “Discussion Record”, “Deferred”, “Action Plan” or “Issue Resolved”. The Agenda also allows external documents to be attached if applicable. 

Once the meeting minutes have been entered and the Agenda is saved, it is complete.  The finished product can then be reviewed in Therap by the team members, and if needed, it can be printed off for those who may not be linked into the Therap program (family/guardians/etc.).  When reviewed in Therap it does allow you to open and view the links to the Personal Focus Worksheet, ISP Programs & ISP Report, as well as any external documents that are included.  Personally, I have found the Agenda to be very helpful when organizing and leading an ISP meeting and very effective in getting all of the finished information to everyone when complete.  I guess that’s what is so great about the ISP Agenda!!!

Happy birthday…to me!

Well, one more year has passed and I’m finally feel like I’m getting older.  No more telling people I’m in my early 30s.  Oh well!  With age comes knowledge, right?  I think I heard that somewhere…

With my knowledge I am attempting to create a mobile data infrastructure within the agency.  I’m in the design stage now, but I think once it is finished and we implement a test location, it will revolutionize how we operate.  I think I will have an open discussion on that on my upcoming webinar.


In the meantime, if any of you out there that have done this already have any tips or tricks you would like to share, I’m all ears!


Picture of John Kincinas's Birthday



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Rocked my first pivot table!

So aside from meeting Batman & Red Robin at this year’s Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, the only other exciting things to note are some changes here at Garden Center.  I now run a print shop/design studio as a micro business in addition to all the other nerdy things I do here.  Since I’ve been dedicating a bunch of time to that, I haven’t had the chance to get too technical or bloggy…until today!

Our management team is finally looking to Therap for more QA type things and had asked how they can distill all the information from a GER to a snapshot they can review easily.  My mind went straight to the national conference panel I sat in on a few years ago where my lovely Alaskan Therap-ites showed the miracle of PIVOT TABLES!  I admit, I am a little rusty when it comes to this, but their tips and tricks came right back to me.  Needless to say, I have to thank them for making me look like an even bigger rockstar at the next conference!

I have some tech stuff brewing that will blow your mind….once I have secured the funding.  It involves a large TV and some Apple products.  Let’s just say, your day program might be forever changed once you see this!  And it isn’t even that expensive!  Until then, sshhhhhh….


Stay tuned!!

Picture of John Kincinas with Batman and Robin at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago

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Conference time!

FINALLY!  Therap has come to Chicago…well, Schiller Park, anyway.  Since I missed the National Conference, I had to take the opportunity to catch up with what is going on in the Therap-verse.

Some very cool stuff on the horizon!  I can’t wait for the summer release to start actually using all this stuff.  I even presented a topic on Day 1…and yes, it was full of Batman references. Emoticon showing smiley face

See…Jeff was even having some fun!

Conference Presentation

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A Longer Commute

Starting January 1, 2013, I got a great chance to expand my outlook…

For the past year I have been visiting and training agencies in Texas on how to begin using Therap and specifically on the use of T-logs, GERs and SComms for the provider Mosaic – aka my regular job! At the beginning of the year, though, I was asked to visit a very different part of the world… Northern Iowa!
My colleague Jeff had been working in Iowa for the past year and had asked for a little help in training one of the agencies. Not thinking about it, I was happy to pitch in and help a brother out. As the time drew nearer to my departure, I asked a friend who had moved from Iowa years ago to Texas what I would need for my week in Iowa. She told me in a very reassuring manner the following:

“It won’t matter what you bring. You are from Texas. You are going to freeze to death! That being said, any good Iowan always has some essentials in the trunk of their car. Make sure your rental has the kit!”
I inquired about “the kit” because it was obvious I would not know what would be a good one from a bad one, since I was from Texas afterall. Apparently if I were stuck in the frozen tundra of northern Iowa without help I would need the following to survive:
1. safety triangles for when I drive off into a ditch – happens all the time apparently.
2. a blanket for when I get stuck in a ditch overnight
3. matches – parcel them out for warmth I suppose.
4. flashlight – for when I get scared in the dark in the ditch
5. back up batteries for flashlight because inevitably the flashlight will go dead and darkness = death.
6. flares – maybe for warmth because, let’s face it, no one will be around for miles.
7. another blanket wouldn’t hurt – again warmth or to build a fort later to be set on fire with flares.
8. snow shoes – although I was informed never to leave the car
9. good socks – without good socks you will surely die
10.a short wave radio for when my cell phone does not work
11.hand and feet warmers – again warmth or entertainment. Seriously you can think about how they work for hours in a ditch.

I was then again told it would not matter what I brought since I was from Texas and surely I would die anyway in a ditch in Northern Iowa because that’s just what happens.

Feeling very prepared after this conversation and quite frankly scared, I over-packed my bags of course with lots of wool and hand warmers. When I got to the airport and picked up a rental car I was shocked to learn that the rental car came equipped with none of the above information in my list but instead it came with… an ice scraper. When I asked for the survival kit, the attendant of course laughed.

Needless to say, I survived the week with an ice scraper, a pair of gloves and good company. I thought this was a funny correlation to a mentality I run into now and again. Often when people are afraid of the unknown, we either over-prepare with an arsenal or freeze up instead of thinking through what we may really need. I will say that the leap to using Therap over the past year – in Texas and Iowa – has been surprisingly upbeat. My week in Iowa was spent not in a ditch, but with highs in the 40’s and lots of friendly people who helped me just as much as I did them. The moral of the story – don’t get bogged down in fearing the unknown and know your friends!

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