New ISP Program (Shift Reports)

Starting on July 1, 2013 we started a new way of documenting on shifts. T-Logs are time consuming and often it is hard to try and spend time charting every day for someone that seems to do many of the same things every day. We as the Therap committee came up with an ISP program that will sum up a typical day/shift called “Shift Report”. This program will replace Low T-Logs, but in emergency situations or certain instances a MED or HIGH T-Log will still need to be completed. If a T-Log needs to be completed it will be very short and to the point. In the program it will tell you when you need to complete a T-Log.

This is one way to try and make our documentation less time consuming with our busy schedules. That way we can spend that much more time with the people we care for.

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Phoenix Residence Therap Committee

Since the National Conference in Janurary, we have been looking into trying some new techniques to use in Therap. We are currently re-training staff on GER/CEP Reporting as the staff now have to make inital contact to guardians, case workers, family, managers and nurses. DSP’s will have any follow up access to GER’s removed and have the submit privilege only. They will then give a brief description of the incident in a T-Log. With this change, DSP’s will still be able to search for and see GER’s that have been submitted.
We are also starting the process to get TMS up and running and are working with Staff Development and Human Resources to get the ball rolling soon. Our HR department will put in all employee hire dates to help easily track training for all staff.
Our Therap Reference Manual has been put on our desktop computers for staff access to eliminate the paper copy and save trees. Therap Offline Forms are available for staff incase of internet problems or if Therap is down. We continue to train our staff on the importance of documentation by the end of each scheduled shift.
In and effort to minimize low T-Logs we are going to create a data plan for daily shift events/occurances in the ISP Data Module. This will also prevent double documentation and direct staff where to go to find out more information or to let them know when a GER has been completed.
Lastly we are going to pilot one of our houses with the Financial Module with hopes to have all the homes using this module in the near future.

We continue to look for new ideas to help us use Therap in a more effect way so any ideas will be appreciated.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As you all prepare for your travels to be with your families for the holiday, remember to be safe. Eat lots of food, be thankful and happy that there is still no snow to hit the ground here in Minnesota. Our weather has been very good to us…with temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s!!! Wishing everyone a happy holiday season.

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Hello Fall!!!

The month of September has passed us by so fast I didn’t even notice it. Here at Phoenix Residence we have had a very busy month company wide. We held our annual company retreat(s) the first three weeks of the month. Being on our Customer Service Committee we planned for months close to a year for our staff retreats. We got alot of positive feedback from the staff who attended this year. Other than retreats we recently participated in our first fundraiser/marathon “Made in the Shade” at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Some of our residents also attended a fundraiser for the day program Midwest Special Services called the “Walk and Roll”. This event took place at the Mall of America. Now that the end of the month is quickly approaching we are getting ready for October and our annual Halloween Party that is always a blast. Check out Phoenix on Facebook as well as our website…hope everyone is having a wonderful fall so far!

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Summer Days in Northern Minnesota!!!

It’s been a hot one in Minnesota these last couple of weeks. We have had 90 to 100 degree weather on a daily basis for the last week…I almost thought I had moved to Florida for a brief period.
But no complaints here, that means there is much more outside acitivies to be done and swimming (my favorite outdoor sport).
We have a lot of fun acitivies plan to get out and enjoy this weather. Some of the things we are doing at Phoenix Residence include: fishing at Stillwater, Twins game (riding the lightrail over to Target Stadium), Lynx basketball game (go Lynx!) and our annual company wide picnic next month. Whew we have a pretty busy summer ahead of us.
Everyone contiune to enjoy this beautiful summer because it won’t be long until the white stuff touches the grounds of the great north. Be safe and be sure to keep well hydrated in this heat!

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Warm Greetings Bloggers!

Greetings fellow Therap bloggers! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s in the world. I believe summer is on the way in Minnesota, then again it could very well snow tomorrow…Yikes! I am still working on getting TMS up and running here at PRI. Although there is a slight hold on plans as we have our annual Golf tournament fundraiser next month. All hands are on deck to support our company to raise money. If anyone is interested in supporting Phoenix Residence let me know I will be delighted to help you. Everyone be safe out there in Therap world, enjoy the warm weather & happy blogging!

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More New Things in the future of Phoenix Residence, Inc.

Greetings fellow Therap users…what a beautiful day in Minnesota (it’s a whoping 65 degrees today!!!) can hardly believe it. After returning from the National Conference last month, it’s now time to put some new modules in action here at the Phoenix Residence, Inc. First thing on the list is the Training Management System!!!! I will be working with Staff Development to get this ball rolling very soon here (wish me luck).

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Greetings from Minnesnowta!!! Well not quite yet.

Hello All, 

I work at the Phoenix Residence Inc. which located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our company has been using Therap since September of 2009 and since have implemented many of the modules.  Some of those which we are currently using are: ISP Data, Health Tracking, MAR, RMP, Informed Consents, BSP, and GER’s.  We are currently working on scanning documents into Therap as well as taking a look at the Personal Finance module!

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