National Conference!

Although i wont be able to attend the national conference i am really excited for Letisha and some of our self advocates to present. We have 2 self advocates and one family advocate who will speak about their experience using therap. Letisha will also touch on some of the obstacles that both our indivduals and our agency has had to overcome during the process. Please take the time to check out their presentation!

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1st Blog: Where Do I Start?

Now that our agency is in PC (Post CARF) phase, I can finally take a deep breath and dive into other commitments. With this blog being one of them, I will try to remain short, sweet, optimistic and informative.

Our agency made the switch to Therap in March 2013. As an agency, we are still familiarizing ourselves with the system and taking baby steps; rather than a complete overhaul of our record tracking systems.

So far, the majority of our DSPs really appreciate the “Go Paperless” record keeping and have had no problems adjusting to the system. Then you have the few who are not as computer savvy, but are doing a great job staying afloat. Then of course there is the handful that hates change (even if it’s for the better) and probably secretly hopes that Therap crashes, so that our office can burn through multiple reams of paper daily.

Our agency is currently utilizing Therap for Daily/Shift Notes, Individual & Emergency Data SComms, Health Appointments, ISP’s & Data Collection. We are getting there, slowly, but progress nonetheless! I can’t wait until my laptop becomes my mobile office!

As I said, I will keep my first blog short and sweet. I did say that it would be informative, so just in case I haven’t provided anyone with any nuggets of knowledge thus far, here is my #1 Therap Documentation tip….

Tip #1: “Do not complete your T-Logs while driving”.

It is predicted that by 2033, T-Logging while driving will overtake texting and driving as the #1 cause of motor vehicle accidents! ~ seriously!

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Newest Nerds!

We have nerds all over the place. Our newest hail from Florida and Missourah  Missouri.

Here is what they have to say for themselves:

Brandon Tripp

Picture of Brandon Tripp, Individualized Supported Living Program Manager (QDDP) for Willows Way, Inc.

Of course, my name is Brandon Tripp and I am from Chicago, IL. After graduating Greenville College with my B.A. in Sociology, I found myself relocating to Maryland Heights, MO. I am currently an Individualized Supported Living Program Manager (QDDP) for Willows Way, Inc., located in Saint Charles, MO. Willows Way is a non-profit organization that services adults with developmental disabilities. Willows Way provides personalized support to individuals with challenges, promoting dignity while fostering independence, growth and life choices within the community. In my spare time, I coach high school sport(s): Track & Field and Football. My favorite hobby is working; not to be confused with working-out! – “If you rest, you rust!”

(Allison’s Note: We’ll keep him from rusting, I know it!)

Scott Barnette

Picture of Scott Barnette, Coordinator of Support Services for DSI Management

I am a Coordinator of Support Services for DSI Management at Howell Branch Court located in Winter Park, FL. I have a BS in Non-Profit Administration & Development from Southern Adventist University with an additional certification In Non-Profit Leadership from the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance. Our company adopted Therap in June 2011 and since then I have sought to learn as many components of the software as possible. I also assist in the training of our employees on Therap’s uses. I love teaching, reading, traveling & sports.

(Allison’s Note: Kristen already geeked him out with an extra Trainer’s bag…Maybe he will be a good influence on her BLOGGING!)

Watch for blogs and webinars from these guys and all of the trainers here and here!


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Tornadoes and Therap

This week’s massive tornado in Oklahoma has affected so many people – my family included. Growing up in Nebraska, I am not shocked to see a tornado at least a few times each year, and know what to do when severe weather threatens. However, as I was reviewing some IDF’s in Therap this morning, it brought to mind the importance of having good, quality data that can be accessed whenever something happens. Many people remember (and still have) the big massive notebooks with all individual information. As we move to Therap, we need to remember that the information in Therap is just as important, if not more important, than the information in physical form. Therap should be the system of record, and information should be as complete and accurate as possible. As I looked at some IDF’s this morning that contained only the name and birthdate, it brought concern that in an emergency situation, their Emergency Data Form would be useless. Being a type 1 diabetic myself, I can’t imagine what would happen to me if no one had my information and I was unable to speak.

So, along with fire drills and disaster preparedness, make sure that the information in the IDF for all active Individuals is as complete and accurate as possible – you never know when it may be needed by people other than you!

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Hey you!!!

Screenshot of Therap Conference Page for National Conference at Kansas City, Missouri, January 2014

Yes, you, right there…Yes, YOU!

Did you know that our national conference has been scheduled for 2014…um, yeah. And it is NOT in New Jersey (for all youhaters cold weather sissies critics who give me a hard time EVERY year!).

It is in Kansas City, Missouri. It is not warmer there in January but it is more central and here are some fun facts:

>Kansas City is the home to Hallmark Cards

>Ernest Hemingway completed his novel, “A Farewell to Arms” when he was there

>It is known as “The Paris of the Plains”

>Jeff Case, Michelle Saunders, Chris Johnson and Jordan Mar are there

>and now our national conference is there!!

So, this is a no-brainer.

Sign up here to attend on January 28-30, 2014. And if you are so motivated, we would {{{{{{{LOVE}}}}}}} for you to do a presentation (like all the certified smarty pants). It could be about anything…implementing Therap, ISP construction, herding caribou…If you’d like to flaunt your nerdiness, click here and have a look at what we need for your proposal.

Do it!! Free unicorns for the first twenty presenters.



Kansas City Conference in May

Mark your calendars, Mid-Westerners…Kansas City’s Regional Therap Conference is NEXT month!  Not only is this a great time to hear what’s new with Therap, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to get with fellow Therap users in our area.  I love hearing how others use the system to make it work for them…and this is a perfect opportunity to learn from others in our area.

If you plan on sticking around Kansas City for the weekend, be sure to catch a Royals Game…May 10-12 we are hosting the New York Yankees.  AND there are fireworks after the Friday night game–fun for the whole family!

Hope to see you in KC!

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Why Blog? (a Personal Rambling)

Why Blog? Who in the world would want to read my ramblings? Why would someone in New York or Japan care what is going in my corner of the world?  I have thought about these and many more; and have thus far been successful in avoiding the whole thing. But after some recent epiphanies (some forced) I have come to this conclusion.  In today’s culture, as “some one” mentioned in another Therap blog, information is power. In the olden days information was passed vial snail mail, books and face to face conversations. Information was gained on a personal level, So what went on in other parts of the world rarely did affect the little corner of the world we lived in. Now though information is quickly being taken out of the hands of the postman,  the librarian, and your next door neighbor; It is now globalized on the internet. Therefore if you want to not only receive, but communicate, information you have to be connected.

But, still, why blogging you ask?

The reason is that e-mail has replaced snail mail, Kindle/ e-books have replaced the library, and texting is the new face to face. Blogging is that middle ground, it is not innately personal nor is it by default public: blogging is  your punk band’s poster plastered on the side of  buildings all over the city.  It’s a personal work of art, there for the world to see, but most of the time the general public has no clue (Only the truly Awesome see it!).  So, blogging is that information that fills the gap from the time you finish reading your office email until the time you relax with friends.

In short I blog to stay relevant. I blog to stay connected. I blog because INFORMATION, in any form, whether given or received, is POWER.

So take my blogs and use the power wisely…Rambling done.Original Picture is Unavailable

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Little fish.

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on.

I am new to the great big sea of information that is Therap. I have been swimming in it for about a year and have come to realize a few things. First, the deeper into Therap one goes the more amazing it is. Second is that fact that once you step into the Therap waters you are carried swiftly (and gladly) into those deeper waters. And finally I have learned that no matter how deep you get there is always a friendly Therapite to guide you.

Until next time this is Craig, from the blue waters of the Pacific Northwest, signing off… Wait is this thing still on.

Will you be in New Jersey next month?

The Therap National Conference is in 2 weeks! I cannot wait to attend this conference because there are so many experts at the same place at the same time! I plan to attend some sessions about billing and want to learn more about CCHIT. I also want to catch some of the awesome presentations from other Therap users. I hope you are signed up for this conference and can’t wait to see you in New Jersey!

Michelle Emoticon showing smiley face

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TMS questions

As my agency delves further into TMS, some interesting questions arise. We are trying to figure out if there is a way to sign employees up for a training session who do not work for our agency. Has anyone encountered this, and if so, how did you deal with this?
A feature I would like to see Therap add is S-Comm notification to be sent to a supervisor when a learner is due for training. Would this assist any other agencies?

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Michelle Emoticon showing smiley face

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