Ways to help track lunch/meal specifics

I’m looking for ideas and a better way to track information so here goes:

Each day we are tracking what individuals are having for lunch. We need to know the specifics on what they ate not just the percentages. It really doesn’t matter what time as generally everyone eats lunch between 11:00 and 1:00 so time is irrelevant
Right now we are creating a t-log on Monday then updating each day titling it the dates of the week. This works but we really can’t run a report and you can’t see each day separately when you export it to excel. I know we could do one for each day but that’s a lot of t-logs to review by staff in addition to the other things.
I have looked into the intake/elimination area but that doesn’t show comments (if we were to put the food at lunch in that box) when we run reports.

Any help would be appreciated. Any ideas on where else to track this?

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When CARF comes to your agency

Hello everyone!

Our three year accreditation survey with CARF will be happening sometime in June. I am happy to note that we will be completing the survey in a completely electronic manner. We worked hard to prepare to have this survey be all electronic and I am happy to share Therap and many other forward thinking ideas with the CARF surveyors.
Have any of you been through a CARF survey since you began using Therap? If so, what did you notice that was different as a result of using Therap? Who has completed a survey in an electronic format? Any words of wisdom?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

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Actions speak louder than words

Sometimes when things are bad or when something just isn’t going the way we want it to go it can easily change our attitude and impact the rest of our day. These are the times when we as supervisors or leaders, need to be aware of others around us and take signs from the individuals we support.  Taking the time to acknowledge those little things that staff are doing, saying ‘thanks’ more often, bringing in donuts for everyone or even making sure we smile can turn anyone’s day around.

We have to remember “What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.”

Take time this week to let your actions speak louder than your words and go that extra mile for those at work or at home. If a mile seems too long, then just take a step but do something.

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Automated Training vs. a Live Trainer

So which do you use?

At my agency, we use a combination of T-Girl and a live trainer. We utilize a 4 hour block of time (with 3 ten minute breaks.) Here is an overview of what we do:

• T-logs:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Review by live trainer of expectations of documentation at our agency
– Trainee documents T-Log in Test Mode

• GERs:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Trainee documents section by section with live trainer and focuses on agency policies and procedures.

• S-Comm:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Trainer sends S-Comm to all trainees
– Trainee sends an S-Comm to trainer

• Health Tracking:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Trainee documents simultaneously while T-Girls discusses how to document a seizure

• Reports:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Live trainer reviews specific information depending on super roles assigned to trainees

• Help and Support:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Discussion by live trainer regarding Therap Support, Issues, Live Help, Help and Support
– Overview by live trainer regarding TMS

• ISP Data:
– Overview by live trainer regarding what ISP Data is
– Trainee documents a goal in Test Mode

• Individual Home:
– Live trainer shows this new feature in Therap and encourages trainees to use this

We end the training with an evaluation of the training (a open ended questionnaire) and have received great feedback using both the Automated training and a live trainer.
We also have, “Therap Office hours” on payday Fridays (every other Friday) that allow users to brush up and ask questions about Therap.
Please let me know what innovative tips you have for training new/existing employees!

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Ready to get started

Hello everybody, Alison has been emailing me and telling me to get on here and share something so I thought I would just pop in today.
First of all, I just became a trainer in NY and am excited for more things to come. We have been trying out some new things and am thankful for some of the ideas and things that have been shared by all of you.
I’m looking for pointers on my first webinar – that seems so scary but I’ll try everything once. So if you have any great insight, please pass it on.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone more and for all the adventures we’ll have together in the future.
If you are in KC, stop in and see us. Emoticon showing smiley face
Happy St. Patrick’s Day and remember to ‘disable the label’ this month for DD Awareness.

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Using Sign Up Agreement for Policy Acknowledgment

Hi everybody!

I am looking to use the sign up agreement for policy acknowledgment and had a couple of questions. If anybody can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

1. Is there a way to check who has read and acknowledged (i.e. agreed) with the policy that is noted as a sign up agreement? How do you do this?
2. What if someone chooses to disagree? Are they unable to access Therap’s first page until they have agreed?

Thanks for your help! Happy President’s Day!

Michelle :)

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Thoughts about a payroll application within Therap!

I was talking with our Director of Finance the other day and she questioned me about Therap having a payroll application for employees. I noted that I thought this would be a spectacular idea and would post this information in hopes that my fellow certified trainers would provide some thoughts about whether or not their agencies would benefit from such an application.

Our agency looked into other payroll applications and they either did not fit our needs (we were told we had too many cost centers, 24 hour care was an issue, logging in and out repeatedly throughout the day to meet consumer needs was problematic, etc.) Having a payroll application within Therap would be one stop shopping for employees and administrative personnel at an agency.

What does everybody else think about this? I look forward to hearing from you!


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Therap and the CDS “bridge”

The College of Direct Support has been utilized at my agency, Alternative Community Training, for about 5 years now. Our employees love the courses the CDS has to offer and the technology of online systems works well for all involved. A result of Therap partnering with the CDS was the “bridge.” This is a simple way for learners to access CDS from their Therap First Page. Our employees think this is a great feature. They do not need to remember the CDS website or an additional username and password. They only need to login in one time from their First Page and they are set! We appreciate the wonderful technology options that are out there. Keep up the great work Therap!

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