It has been a WILD Ride!

The time has come to transition Therap from a project to Operations for Mosaic.

We are quickly approaching our destination!

November 1st will mark the end of the initial planned implementation of Therap

(that started over 3 years ago) at Mosaic.

It is exciting to think about the progress that has been made

and the success that has been achieved.

Congratulations, Mosaic!

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What a month so far!

Lots of excitement going here in Omaha. I started the month off with taking care of my mom before, during & after surgery. She was able to go back home last Thursday, and is doing well. She has never been sick, doesn’t take medications and hasn’t had to have surgery since 1972, so the whole hospital experience was new for her (by the way, she just turned 76 last month)! I’ve now realized how often we forget to update important documents, like wills and advance directives. My mom hadn’t updated anything since before my dad died in 1996. I was a little bit worried since my brother was listed as the only Medical Guardian, but I was the one handling all of the medical things with my mom. I also realized that my will has not been updated since BEFORE my son was born (he is now 21)! Whoops…

So, just a reminder to everyone out there – remember to update your wills/advance directives, or at least review them once a year (like at Benefit Election or Tax time). Or for individuals in service, at annual planning time. Better to be safe than sorry!

On the Therap home front, we are now beginning Health Homes in Kansas. Are any other states out there with Health Homes who use Therap?

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Caseload Maintenance – a “workaround” I found out about today!

First, I want to thank Mosaic’s Iowa agencies for coming up with this naming convention to limit the amount of caseload issues they have. Here is what they do:

Create the Site with a name that is in line with the Program name. For example, if it is a Host Home, initials are used in the Program, and a Program is created for each Individual (ie we use Dept # – Host Home – XY). The Site is created with the name to match the Program (ie HH – XY), and the address is put as the location of XY’s HH. If XY moves, you just update the address on the Site HH – XY, and nothing changes with the Caseload!

Same type of thing can be done with other Programs, such as Day Programs.

Only time you will have to modify Caseloads is if you actually change the Name of a Program, and the prior one would no longer be recognized.

This setup makes a bit more difficult to determine location from the Program/Site list and creates duplicate Sites, but it sure saves a ton maintaining Caseloads!

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Document Storage Question

I’m a bit confused on the Document Storage module – can only the Individual Admin role access the documents, or are the documents available to other roles who have access to the specific Individual’s documents via Caseloads? I notice there is a Document Storage link on the Individual Home Page – does this allow access to the documents that are already there, but Individual Admin users cannot create new documents? Or, does this link only show for Individual Admins?

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Things are heating up!

…at least as far as the weather goes. It was around 97 here in Omaha yesterday, and the College World Series is in full swing.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to help Therap with the NM conference in Albuquerque. I met many great folks down there, and even learned a few new things. The Therapites even invited me to go with them to Tim’s Place. What an inspiring young man!

Tim's Place

Import Blood Glucose records from meter/insulin pump

This morning, as I am getting ready to go to my endocrinologist appointment for my Type 1 Diabetes, I was thinking – wouldn’t it be nice if we could import blood glucose records into Therap from meters and insulin pumps? I know that most current meters and insulin pumps have the capability to import/export all information from a period of time using an online web-based system built for the meter/pump. Instead of manually inputting the information into Therap it could be loaded daily or weekly and included as part of an ISP Program!

I’m still trying to get my doctor’s office to look at my online records instead of having me print out and bring or fax to them, but at least the capability exists.

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Therap Access to Qualified Persons/Outside Entities

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a wonderful fall. I have been especially busy with reporting and Therap data over the past few weeks. This week I’ve been compiling a procedure for family/guardians and outside entities (like pharmacists) to receive access to Therap. What an undertaking! So many questions, so few answers,  and I faced the additional challenge of incorporating our IT department’s policies and procedures into this one as well. I’ve used the information gained from prior Therap conferences and webinars to create the process, so hopefully it works with only a few tweaks (I’m sure there will be at least a few)!

Anyone else implemented access for outside entities to Therap? Any tips that you have found? In particular, do you only grant “View Only” access? What about SComm’s – any issues or do you even allow them?

Oh, by the way, I spent a week down in Baja California Sur Mexico in September – thought I would share a pic I took – can’t wait to go back!



Baja California Sur Mexico

Thank you, Nahar!

I would just like to give a big Thank You to Nahar for the Nebraska ICF GER report – this was a joint effort between the State Department of Health, Mosaic, BSDC and Therap that should improve efficiency for both the agencies and the state surveyors. Thanks again!

Did I mention that Therap staff ROCK??? You are all great to work with!


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Splash Pages with Pictures – Take 2

I would first like to thank Wendy Cranford for her initial instructions on creating Effective Splash Pages! We, here at Mosaic, are in the unusual situation of using only Linux without Microsoft PowerPoint. Some users had tried using the instructions with our version of Microsoft PowerPoint, known as LibreOffice Impress, but to no avail. So today, I decided to sit down and figure this thing out. Here is what I discovered!

1. Any Picture will work!

  •  I was able to use an actual jpg picture (of my dog – see below!), or create my own using an image tool (ie GIMP or MSPaint)
  • The picture will need to be scaled (or sized) in the image tool (no ability to resize in the Splash Page)

2. Paste into a program that allows you to “Copy Image

  • Copying the file from the desktop, I discovered, works in Windows environments, but not in our Linux environment (the path to the file kept showing instead of the picture)
  • I knew that our email program (gmail) has a setting that allows pasting of pictures and they show within the email. From my image editor, I selected Copy. What I discovered today, was that once you paste the picture into the email, you can right-click and a menu appears that has an option to Copy Image.

Copy Image

  • I could then go to the Splash Page and paste the picture.
I’m sure that there are other programs that will allow you to do the same thing (Copy Image) – email is one that I always happen to have open, so it was an easy choice to try first.
Also, working in an image editor program eliminates the need for Grouping of items and doing the additional “Save As” functionality.
NOTE: It took a bit of work to figure out creating a picture in LibreOffice Impress – I actually had to use Fontworks (instead of a text field) since I used a picture instead of a shape. Then I had to Select All, followed by Convert to BMP, which then gave me an option to “Save As” when I right-clicked.
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