Mosaic Midwest Region Nears “Phase 1” Completion.

The Pontiac, Illinois agency completed their Therap Phase 1 training sessions and launched the week of September 10th.  76 staff attended the training sessions.  8 classes were offered.  With the addition of Pontiac, the Midwest Region now has 877 trained users of the platform, serving an estimated 481 individual.

“Pontiac staff were excited to use Therap”, stated Jeff Mau, Regional Therap Coordinator.  “Many commented on the benefits of having the data at their fingertips.  It was really fun to see staff light up when the began the realize the power of the platform.”

When trainings were completed on Thursday, September 13th, Pontiac began use of Therap at the stroke of midnight.  Data began to flow at the end of the overnight shift.  Content was spot-on.  Aside from the expected password issues (2 people required reset by 10:00am…which is actual very low), staff followed the trained protocols with little or no need for additional coaching.  The launch can be considered a complete success.

Rockford, IL  & North Central Iowa Agencies Are Next to Launch.
The final 2 agencies are preparing to receive Phase 1 Training.  508 of the 1385 staff in the region are all the remain to become Therap users.

Rockford, IL will be trained and launched in a 2 week period beginning the week of October 8th.  Target launch is October 19th.

The North Central Iowa agency presents some unique scheduling challenges.  Given the agency is in 3 specific markets (Nevada, Clarion and Forest City, IA), each launch cycle will be delivered as if the market was an individual agency.  This is required due to logistics and available resources.

Planning of the schedule is underway.  As of this article, NORIA, in total, is slated to be on-board effect January 25th, 2013, using the Phase 1 tools.

Therap Conference Held in Des Moines.
Therap held their first Iowa Therap Conference on September 19th & 20th.  It was a great learning opportunity for 20 attending Mosaic staff.

Therap offered information sessions over the 2 day event demonstrating detail and advanced user tips for the platform.  This afforded the Mosaic attendees to get a preview of the Phase 2, ISP modules as well as other exciting modules that have yet to be released for use in the field.

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Another successful CT Therap User Group!

We met again at Oak Hill yesterday for our “monthly” CT user group. It was great to see new faces…especially from Mosaic! They are brand new to Therap (here in CT anyway!) and so we spent a great deal of time discussing ways to start out with Therap focusing on passwords and problems/successes we found with tlogs and scomms.

Not sure I will be able to attend the Meriden CT Conference this year…but what a great way to network and meet new people from different agencies!


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Mosaic / Des Moines Launches Therap June 21st.

Executive Director, Carol Mau, assists DSA Cherry Okumah during Therap training

Executive Director, Carol Mau, assists DSA Cherry Okumah during Therap training.

  383 New System Users, Serving 171 Individuals.

Mosaic / Des Moines launched the Therap Phase 1 modules on June 21st.  Adding the “DESIA” agency increased Mosaic’s Therap users by 383 and tracked individuals by 171.  The launch process started in February and included several planning sessions to insure a successful and “pain free” move from paper to the cloud based, data platform.

Training sessions began on June 4th and were conducted for 3 weeks.  Each session lasted and average of 3 hours. Sessions were offered 3 times a day for a majority of the training window.

60 staff were trained at the Admin / SME level or the “Super User” curriculum.  17 Host Home providers, 306 Direct Support Staff and the Midwest Region’s first client were trained on the DSP skills.

“After the training sessions, I can appreciate the Phase approach to the Therap process”, commented Carol Mau, Executive Director.  “While we are simply altering where we record narratives, notes  and incident and accident reports, the new platform fundamentally alters the overall process.”

Mau added, “While we think we want all of the Therap modules right now, after the initial launch process, it is clear that the introduction of T-Log’s, GER’s, SComm’s and the back up strategy to the agency is plenty to start with.  We need to grow into the new platform and look forward to doing so.”

Mosaic / Des Moines DSA's practice Therap skills during one of the 42 training sessions offered in June.

Mosaic / Des Moines DSA's practice Therap skills during one of the 42 training sessions offered in June.

One of the biggest adjustments being made by the agency is the management of “real time” data.  In the paper environment, reports  took several days to circulate through the responsible staff for information entry.  With the advent of Therap, information is immediate and available for all assigned staff to review at will.

“The increased speed of information can be a bit overwhelming, but we are welcoming the change”, stated Jen Zajicek, Des Moines  Associate Director.  “I can tell you this… Since launching Therap, my ‘inbox’ has never been this empty!  The gain in efficiency is incredible.”

“I love the ability to learn what is happening at each group home as it happens”, said Zajicek.  “We can immediately identify possible issues and provide timely coaching for service improvement.  Something we could not always do with paper.”

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Gorillas in the Mist!


Gorillas in the Mist

It has been a busy July here in Kansas.  I have had several agencies  have their kick-off for Therap and spent most of the month training staff on how to use Therap’s T-Log, GER, and SComm modules.  I have also been able to spend some time talking to other providers in Kansas to see how they are using Therap.  So I just want to give a big shout out to my new friends at CCL and Futures Unlimited.  They all do great work with individuals with intellectual disabilities and it is amazing to see what they can do with Therap.

But, I really wanted to use this post to share with everyone in Therapland what an awesome job the staff in Mosaic of Southeast Kansas did with implementing Therap in their Pittsburg and Coffeyville agencies.  Most of the Mosaic agencies that I’ve had the pleasure of working with have put together teams to guide the successful implementation of Therap.  These teams have been made up of two people as provider administrators along with one or two other staff as the subject matter experts for the Therap modules.  So far these staff were in an administrative function in their respective agencies.  But not the team in Mosaic of Southeast Kansas.  They had a whole gob of people on their team.  Not only the administrative staff in the key roles but also direct support staff.  They had around ten members total on this team.   They are members of the agency’s Change Management team and are used to help roll out new projects for the agency.  So naturally they were the perfect fit for this new project.  The potential benefits of having direct support staff as subject matter experts is endless.  Anytime day or night if a staff has a question about Therap they will be able to ask their co-worker who will have the best possible answer for them.  A new staff is hired…no problem, just pair them up with one of the many subject matter experts working at the sites.

So, if you’re thinking about implementing Therap in your agency look around…the direct support staff might be just what you need to get your implementation plans rolling out smoothly.  So thanks again to the staff  in Southeast Kansas for making it a great visit and Go Gorillas!

And now…it’s the derby!


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Welcome, Kaye!

Picture of Kaye Williams, Therap Regional Coordinator for Arizona and Colorado

I’m sensing a pattern here.

Kaye Williams is the Therap Regional Coordinator for Arizona and Colorado, the latest to join the League of Extraordinary Trainers.

She is from Mosaic. They are apparently all uber-Therap nerds overs there…and it appears that they may be trying to dominate the Certified Trainers. ;)

I’m waiting for her overheated 110 degree blog from Phoenix. :D


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Mosaic Osceola, Iowa & Des Moines, Iowa Agencies are LIVE.

Shame on me for not blogging… I have been a little busy.

Since my last post, I have been in the throes of launching 2 more Mosaic agencies.  Osceola / Chariton officially began using the “Big 3” modules on Tuesday, May 22nd and Des Moines implement the same modules on June 21st.

Since the last week of April, I have trained over 490 staff who provide care to over 260 individuals.  383 of those staff were trained in the last 16 days.  Needless to say… I can now train T-Log’s, GER’s and SComm’s in my sleep.

After all of this training, I am convinced that the hardest part of the class is logging into the system.  For some reason, login name, password and provider code tends to create the most confusion for a majority of new users.  I have yet to figure out why.  Perhaps the human being has a switch in the brain… perhaps when the words “case sensitive” are spoken, the ears are turned off?

You would think that new users would have issues with writing GER’s or T-Log’s… but, that is not the case.  Therap is so simple and intuitive, the content in these modules is typically beyond what was the expectation.

My friends, the most common mistake…user error…problem is……..wait for it…………..

“I locked myself out of Therap.  Could you please reset my password?”

Am I complaining?  No.

I find it absolutely amazing that a vast majority of new users of Therap can attend a 3 hour training course, and then begin using the system, just as easily as “a fish takes to water”.



BTW – I trained my first “Individual” at the Des Moines agency.  He cannot wait to access his notes.


Rolling out Mosaic Texas

Picture of The lone star state

My home. The lone star state


After traveling across most of Texas for the last few months and getting acquainted with leaders in individual agencies of the non-profit provider Mosaic, I was happy to start a roll out in my home agency of Mosaic in Dallas, Texas. A small group of leaders had been talking about and planning for the first phase roll out for the Dallas agency for months. Picking up where the pilot group – a sister agency in Corsicana – left off, we thought we were smartly prepared. We had a great mobile lab set up and lots of hands on access for the over 60 staff who would be implementing the first phase of a four year roll out. We had hand outs, webinars, T-girl demos, backups, and all.

Picture of Shannon Crawford

my professional head shot

No matter how much you talk about and train on Therap, build the excitement, and cross those “t’s” or dot those “i’s” in the system; the first day is always a lesson and a nail biter. It’s like waiting for a flower to bloom. There’s a lot of prep work, planting the seeds, tending the garden, getting rid of weeds, and then waiting for that one day to see if your efforts amounted to something. June 12th was the day… the initial sign on, the inevitable lock out, reset, etc. It was a funny start with some folks still practicing in the demo account. Then finally an actual real live T-log surfaced. The first number appeared on a screen. That’s when you know at least one person was listening and got it. The numbers kept coming.

The staff of course were great and supportive and with a little love and care and Therap technical support, the first week of implementing T-logs, GERs, and S-Comms started with a “slow simmer” but ended with a bang. Working in your own home agency is a little more nerve-wracking but with plenty of reward when you see the people who have supported you getting tools to support them with their demanding jobs. So Congrats to Mosaic in Dallas for joining up with Therap, and for the rest of Texas… I’ll be seeing you soon!

Shannon Crawford, Newbie Certified Trainer in Action.

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Mosaic’s Macomb, IL Agency is LIVE!

After 4 solid weeks of “living” in Macomb, Illinois… Mosaic’s Macomb / Bushnell agency is now using T-Log’s, GER’s and SComm’s.  168 staff attended 21 training sessions to prepare for the April 12th launch.  Information is flowing in and efficiencies are immediately being realized as the agency inputs data for 95 individuals.

The training experienced was well received by staff.  Many commented, after training, that they could see the benefits of this type of system.  While some expressed concerns regarding the new process, simple explanations over came the objections.  Moving from a paper driven environment to the “almighty cloud” does create questions.  The key was to remind staff that we were not altering the content, merely recording the information in a new place and process…no more, no less.

As agencies move to Therap (Mosaic and others), I would stress the following during any training sessions…

1) Moving from paper to a cloud based system requires a learning curve.  Take your time and remember your training when the agency makes the switch.

2) This is not a “Big Brother is watching you system”.  The intent is to increase “the velocity of information” to better provide service supports.  Once the data is in Therap, there is no longer the need to physically move the 3-Ring Binders from the program to the office to review and report.  Also, everyone with the need to see the data…can… with the click of a mouse.

3) Therap allows staff to record their actions in ‘real time’.  You read the information…become informed…and you acknowledge that you did so.  Typically, this is not always possible in the paper world.  Get credit when credit is due!

Thank you Mosaic / Macomb for allowing me the time to help you launch Therap.

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Some unexpected Therap benefits

Hello everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to share some benefits that Mosaic has unexpectedly discovered from using Therap in a few of its agencies.

  • One agency has decided to use Splash pages to notify employees of important information. For example, instead of printing out messages and placing them on the bulletin boards, they create splash pages since everyone logs into Therap daily. This has saved the cost of paper, printing, and time that it took to maintain the messages on the bulletin boards. Information shared via Splash Pages include the some of the following:
    • Benefit enrollment
    • Employee meetings
    • Special contests
    • Employee appreciation events
  • The majority of our current agencies using Therap have felt a sense of increased communication among staff.  The numbers back that up with over 13,000 SComms and almost 27,000 T-Logs in one month for 11 agencies.
As we begin with our next group of agencies moving toward Therap, I am sure we will find additional benefits in some of the most unexpected places. It is all an exciting part of Mosaic’s journey to Destination Therap!
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Springing into Therap Action!

The Spring fever has hit (at least Nebraska, anyway)!

We had a wonderful weekend with temps in the 70’s to low 80’s and lots of sunshine.  This has meant a lot of work for me at home, since we have had remodeling going on since Christmas. The kitchen is now almost done, the new carpet is in the rest of the house, and I am ready to start building my garden boxes next weekend (after getting some free wood yesterday). Already found a couple volunteer lettuce plants that are about ready to start cutting.

Picture of Lorelei Glenn's Kitchen


The Therap work at Mosaic is now getting into full swing as well with the lovely weather. We have our Phase 1 early roll outs beginning, along with remainder of Nebraska Phase 1 modules. By the middle of June, we will have about 22 agencies live on Therap, using T-Logs, GERs, IDFs and SComms.

 In the last month alone, our 1200+ users logged into Therap almost 25,000 times! We are growing our Therap use by leaps and bounds.

Spring has definitely sprung!

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