Hanging my head.

I have not posted in a long while, and for that I hang my head in shame. And now to add insult to injury, I am just going to pose a question.

For those agencies using skin/wound how do you get your staff to access the tracking in the same way, since there are 3 options for accessing the data?

That being asked, all is well here in the Pacific Northwest. Several of our departments are coming more online and using more pieces of Therap. The greatness of job security…I love it.

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Questions for Therap Vets…

Okay so this blogging commitment is no joke! It sure doesn’t take much time to fall behind does it? This morning I blog to you with questions. I’ve learned this blog is filled with very experienced Therap users out there that I’d like to pick the brains of. IO has been using Therap for a year now and has implemented a huge chunk of the modules but are not at the Pro level yet. With our rookie year behind us and as our use has increased,  I’ve found come more questions and a growing “my issues” list. So here are a couple of my burning ones…

1. How do large agencies handle temporary on call managers? Our agency has a rotating schedule of on call administrators and RN’s. We have found the best way to give them weekend Therap access to an additional 10-15 (or more) residential facilities is to add a Profile on Friday afternoon and then delete it Monday morning. We’ve had to do it this way so that they don’t get blasted with notifications when they are not on call from facilities that they are not typically responsible for. We thought about creating a On Call user account but then you don’t have the e signature of the actual person handling client business on the weekend. Thoughts??? What are other large agencies out there doing to solve this issue?

2. With regards to giving auditors access (licensing and Regional Center-CA users), how do agencies get around not being able to give them access to VIEW ISP Data Reports? In order to see progress on an individual they would have to sift through raw data which can quickly turn a very pleasant auditor into a rather unkind and difficult to work with person (with understanding!). It seems the only way to navigate this is to print the monthly progress reports created by the Administrator and leave them in the facility for those unannounced auditor visits? In efforts to go paperless, I cringe at the though of telling our team to routinely print these reports each month. This would also include the RN’s monthly Health Care Reports. Do other agencies have a standard book/chart of items that remain printed and left in the facilities?

I hope a few of you will have the time to give some feedback and advise on these issues. Hope all in Therapland are doing well!

With Gratitude,

Waiting is a killer

We are finally going individual based. Well at least bending Therap to make it look like the system is individual based. Since we have been using Therap (back when electricity was the new thing) it was set up in a way (program based caseloads) that required a lot of work to transfer the people we support. And since that time heated discussions have ensued regarding that need for it to be this way and the need for it to change. Well the day as I arrived that we are fixing it, but oh the massive amount of work that its going to take! If only we had done this sooner. So word to you all DON’T WAIT!  Wish us luck and hopefully I will not be broken when we all meet again.Waiting is a killer

The Tell Tale Therap

It started minutes before our monthly Therap meeting. Those whisperings that say “you don’t really have any idea what you’re talking about’. As the meeting progressed the whisperings began to speak much more confidently their hateful words. Then without warning the horrible voices found a body. A staff across from you begins to give these amazing suggestions on how they were overcoming some issues, in Therap, at his program. There it was. All the proof anyone needed; here was a staff who knew more about Therap than you, the “Therap go to guy”. Trying to stay calm I searched the faces of other staff in the room looking to see if they noticed. In doing so I came to a realization.

As I looked at the staff seated around the table it hit me, like an axe to a floorboard, that I was only a part of the machine. Here I was at a table surrounded by the grunts, the G.I.s, the Navy SEALS of our company. These were the people that had dirt on their hands. Of course this staff, and many others, were going to have brilliant ideas on how to over come issues. They are the ones actually having to use Therap in real-time. It was an amazing reminder that our job as certified trainers is often times simply that of a facilitator, a jumping point if you will, for staff to launch themselves to greater heights in the world of Therap.

And the voices fell silent. And we all became more knowledgeable in Therap.

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Reply to All SComms

I have noticed that when you choose “Reply to All” in an SComm, it also sends yourself the message to your inbox. This is normally not the expected behavior in most email-type systems and causes duplication of messages (one in Sent and one in Inbox). I would rather have the message Reply to All except yourself. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Screaming (like Janet Leigh)…

In the movie ‘What Lies Beneath” there is the scene when Ms. Pfeiffer is incapacitated and the bath water is rising slowly and all her eyes can do is scream… well call me Mr. Pfeiffer and the webinar requirement is up at my chin. Okay so its probably not as scary as I am imagining it to be. I just felt it necessary to put this out there, so when I do finish my first Webinar, you will not be surprised if you hear a unintelligible muttering and whimpering sound. Actually, I find with anything like this that incites a panic deep within my soul, is that as soon as a I give it substance, such as an actual date to do it, most of the panic subsides. So with the fact that I have scheduled my first webinar perhaps I can now sit back and enjoy the bath or perhaps a nice sandwich with mother.

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Agency interfacing

We are currently working on agencies interfacing within Therap. The Residential agency is the holder of the Person’s ISP Plan, but in order for all supports to be inclusive in the plan; day programs would need to have an account created within the residential agency. We were doing good until we got to the implementation of ISP programs. So, should the ISP programs be all included within the Residential plan.  This would have the day programs entering there plans into the residental agency and inputting data through the residential agency.  Or should it be the day program create there own ISP programs within there own Therap account and it be pieced together.   Just wanted to see if anyone had some thoughts on this…   Thanks

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New use for a Splash Page

Typcially we’ve used agency Splash Pages as announcements for specific Therap related issues: “An updated T-Log Reference Guide has been sent via SComm, please be sure to review.”  Non-Therap related information has always been sent as a flyer within staff paychecks: “Interested in earning more money?  Individualized Services is looking for…”

Recently, however, we decided to try something new.  We created a Splash Page to let users know that we were hiring for a specific position and listed the phone number to contact if they knew anyone interested.  Since that Splash Page, I’ve received additional requests for other similar needs, “Mary Active, a resident at First Street Group Home, is looking for someone that would be interested in volunteering for …” 

So here is my next thought… when a staff sees this Splash Page, it might not interest them at first, so they click on the box “Do not show this message again.”  But later that week, they need the information that was in that Splash Page.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial for users to have the ability to access old Splash Pages?  I know that there have been times when I’ve clicked on that box, just to realize two days later that I needed the information again, for example, release notes.  Some users would be able to find them on the homepage, but others might not.

Here’s my feedback: Category-Suggestion, Summary-Access to old Splash Pages, Description-“It would be beneficial if users could access old Splash Pages that they have clicked not to be shown. There may be information within them that at that time they don’t need, but may need at a later date.”

I’ll let you know if there’s anything interesting in “My Issues” tomorrow!

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