Therap Presentation to the State of Rhode Island

This week I spent two days in Rhode Island presenting Therap at the state level. I covered many modules and discussed all the benefits of purchasing a web-based, electronic system that supports the provider agency and states in their documentation and communication efforts. Therap was well received and so was LifeShare Management Group, Inc. as an agency who is progressive its use of technology and service delivery.

Thank you Allison for setting up the DEMO3 account it really came in handy this week. Holly Hobby and Archie Pugg were a real hit in Individual Home and MAR. Good times!

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Therap for Life – LifeShare’s transition to the big “T”

At LifeShare Management Group, Inc. we followed the recommendation of NIKE in our transition from paper to Therap – JUST DO IT! The transition at first was bumpy and still is in some cases, but the benefits are proving to be a startling improvement over the ways of old. Our direct care staff has learned to embrace the one-stop-shopping experience that Therap offers when entering contact notes (T-Logs), Incident Reports/Reportable Events (GERS) and daily notes on goals in ISP modules. In our shared living homes, home care providers are benefitting from IDFs set up just for them (yes – the shared living provider is enrolled as both a user and an individual in all LifeShare systems. This allows us to attach file requirements such as criminal & driving record, insurance coverage etc. as well as their contract(s) with LifeShare ). While our clinical records and quality improvement departments are equally thrilled with the accessibility of paperless compliance reviews and fewer hard copy clinical books. When everything is a click and a search away – life seems to become somehow less complicated.

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The Newest…

Welcome yet more smarty pants…Betty Visscher, the Vocational Supervisor, from LifeQuest in Mitchell, South Dakota, is now the newest certified trainer. She works with Bonnie, my BFF…so that makes two uber-nerds from the same agency. Betty knows EVERYTHING ’bout ISPs so track her down in New York.

And another…

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Sybil Morin is the Vice-President of Operations (& Awesomeness) for Lifeshare which operates in New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island…and lots of other places. I can’t remember all of them right now. I’m tired. Don’t judge me!

Both she and Betty will be in New York and you had better be there too! We will have a blast at the Provider Administrator Conference.

If you want to join the smarty pants club, let me know and maybe we will share the secret handshake…and also, in the new year, I plan on having some things in order for this herd of (Therap) nerds so watch out!


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