Connecticut here I come!

Hello all!

I am super excited to attend another Regional Therap conference this month in Connecticut!  No matter how long I use Therap or how many conferences and user groups that I go to, I ALWAYS learn something new when I hang out with other Therapites!  (And that’s because Therap users are smarter than everyone else!)

The New Mexico conference earlier this year, really opened my eyes about how a provider might react to a mandatory system, I know how I would react!  When ever I am told that I HAVE to do something, my immediate response is “no way!”  I know, you’re shocked, I seem like such a mild mannered and passive individual and you would never figure me for an outspoken rebel, but it’s true.  As I spoke with the New Mexico providers I started to realize that if I had been mandated to use Therap I probably would not love it as much as I do.  I feel fortunate that I have worked for companies that have acquired Therap because it is a desirable tool that enhances communication, empowers Direct Support Professionals and increases the quality of life for the people we serve.  Who knows, if I was mandated to use Therap I might be leading the charge against Therap instead of for Therap.  But luckily, we all know which side I am really on!!!  YAY THERAP!!!!

We in Florida have been waiting on the edge of our seats for months (and months and months and months) for the announcement that Florida will adopt Therap statewide.  And now I know what to expect.  All those other rebels out there that will want to reject any mandatory anything, will have to listen to me when I tell them to put down the torches and accept this change.  Therap is good for individuals, staff, providers and states.  It’s like mandatory chocolate.


So, now on to Connecticut, the birthplace of Therap, a pilgrimage to the homeland!  I have no idea what I will learn when I am there, but I have no doubt that it will be ground breaking, earth shaking and altogether awe inspiring.  So, bring it on CT!!!!


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How do you…?

How do you track program or site specific information in Therap?

I would love to hear how many different people are managing this. As I work with more providers who are working to remove paper as much as possible and utilize Therap to its fullest, this question is now coming up frequently. I have heard about the process of creating “fake” individuals in the system to represent a program or site and creating an ISP program for those specific items. Then I hear from Therap folks (especially Justin) NOOOOO!, don’t create “fake” individuals.

Ok then, how do we do this? I’m talking about things like house duties, vehicle checks, fire drills, house money crossover, etc…

I’ve found a number of helpful templates in the global template library for some of these things, but that would mean they are still individually based documentation (which is fine, it just makes more/duplicative documentation for the direct support). So I’m looking for a way to capture this type of information in an efficient and functional manner.

Ideas? Suggestions?

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Moving Right Along

It is scorchingly hot here in New Mexico. I’m working with a few agencies as they implement more and more of Therap both administratively and with direct support at their service delivery sites. We are moving right along.

In unrelated news – my most recent summer adventure was a lovely family reunion in northern Virginia. It was green, cool, and only mildly humid. I hope you all are having lovely summer adventures as well.

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OMG, New Mexico is rocking my face!!

I have had a blast with all the Therapites in New Mexico. The people are awEsome and very friendly. Many great questions in all my training. However I must say my two favorite sayings this go round:
1. What’s the difference between doing it on paper or online? Paper is on paper….online is online.
2. Please send that to feedback

Thank you so much New Mexico I had a blast. Peace, love and Therap, kiddies.

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Heart felt thanks and New Mexico, here I come!

OK, I know I don’t blog probably as much as I should, but hey quality over quantity. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the concern of my state during the recent tornadoes and storms. As Oklahoma’s certified trainer, we thank you. I heard a certain ex-presidential candidate and 700 Club member ask why would people choose to live where they know there are tornadoes….?

So I wonder why we would live on the west coast (earthquakes) or east coast (hurricanes and on The Avengers alien invasions) or for that fact, New Mexico where water and anything green seem to be in demand. It’s because it’s not about the area you live it’s about who lives in your area…it’s the friends, family, coworkers, and all the people in our lives who make where we live home. In light of all that’s happened in my state and all the compassion that has been given to those in need please remember that people are in need every day.

Make sure to share the compassion every day not just during times of disaster, take time to love yourself and those around you…cause you never know when they will no longer be around.

Take care, Therapites. Peace, love, and Therap…D out!!!

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Therap Committee

Our company has now had it’s second Therap Committee meeting. Why we didn’t think we needed a committee in the beginning is beyond me. Of course we did! If we want to be consistent in how we use Therap company wide then it is very important. And we learn from each other. We are using GTM so that we can include users throughout the company wherever they may be. It’s really cool when someone says, “We need a way to….”. And someone else in the group says, “Oh, well I just do this….”. So sharing is a big part of the meetings so far.

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Upcoming Regional Conference

Our NM Regional Conference is quickly approaching – next week infact! I’m looking forward to learning new things and helping others learn about Therap. I’ll be leading two sessions that I’m pretty excited about.

1. Reports for Audits, Survey, and Accreditation
2. The NM ISP and Therap

I’m hoping to support NM agencies to maximize their state-mandated Therap access, so it is useful to them in many levels. The most time cosuming part is making sure there is enough dummy data in the demo accounts to actually show something worthwhile when pulling reports. So for the next week, that’s what I’m up to.

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Knowledge is Power

Ken Slavin did a nice overview of changes within HIPAA and HiTECH, as well as reviewing the meaning surrounding CCHIT’s and ONC’s definitions of EHRs.

Video on Trainings for Certified Trainers: A Discussion about HiTECH, HIPAA, and CCHIT

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First of 2013

The first certified trainer webinar was conducted a couple days ago by Brianne Conner and it was a very awesome introduction to Therap’s Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT) that was constructed originally for the State of New Mexico. It is now available for anyone who would like to get our CCHIT module.

Check it out!

Video on Introduction to Therap’s Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool or eCHAT

Thanks, Brianne, for taking time out for us!


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“I {insert word of choice} LOVE THERAP!”

In recent months I’ve been working closely with a small residential provider called Great Livin’. Their nurse has been using Therap for the e-CHAT, a couple of custom forms, IDFs, and administrative use of Health Tracker for about two years, but no one in the frontline had yet used the system. They pulled everyone together and took the plunge to begin using Therap for their direct support documentation. Phase 1: T-logs, SComm, some basic Health Tracker, GER, and Time Tracker went live on February 1st. They have really hit the ground running and haven’t looked back. The staff are doing great with the system and everyone is so much more informed. They calculated that using Therap saved them hundereds of dollars in copying in just the first month alone! Additionally, now that the managers have a much better idea of what everyone is doing every day, it has really changed the priorities of the agency and they are able to focus energy on changes that have a positive impact on individuals in support.

We met yesterday with their managers to plan Phase 2: ISP programs, ISP data, appointments, and?… While initially a bit hesitant about building ISP programs, the managers couldn’t stop talking about how ISP data would help guide the staff to working on what is important. The managers also learned how to use sign-up agreements and splash messages. Later that day (it was payroll and everyone was in and out picking up their checks) it was discovered that there was a error in the electronic payroll report and most of the checks were inaccurate! Within 10 minutes, there was a splash message and a flurry of SComms to ensure everyone knew what was going on and what would happen to correct it. The agency director walked by and with a big grin said “I {insert word of choice} LOVE THERAP!”

Therap to the rescue!

Therap to the rescue! (I think I need to find a female super hero image for Therap - with all that multi-tasking Therap must be a woman)

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