Free Webinar: Using Therap in New York State: A Review of the Full Individual Support Plan and Hab Plan, Oct 18, 2016, 1 PM EDT

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar on ‘Using Therap in New York State: A Review of the Full Individual Support Plan and Hab Plan’ which will be held on Oct 18th at 1pm EDT. Certified Trainer, Roslita Lilley, Therap Admin at Liberty ARC, New York, will walk users through using the ISP to meet New York State regulations. Additionally, she will review the synergy between the Individual Data Form, the Individual Support Plan, and the Habilitation plan within Therap.

Click here to register.

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Wow! What a crazy November for the Buffalo, NY, area! We had 6 feet of snow dumped on half of our region and then the temperature went up to 55 degrees less than a week later. Some of our Direct Support Professionals worked nearly 100 hours that week, and some of our staff were driven in to work on snowmobiles. Craziness!! The commitment of so many people on so many levels during this snow emergency was amazing!! Despite being stuck in my (warm!!) house for the week, I was able to keep up with work using Therap. Our National Therap Conference trip is booked, my presentation is almost done, and I am excited to be bringing some new faces to the conference this year. See you soon!!
P.S. I am keeping my fingers crossed Atlanta is warmer than Buffalo!!!

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Historical Storm

Hello all,
Didn’t know if I was going to be able to come in today to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we have been buried under 6 ft of snow here at Southeast Works in Depew, NY! Strangest storm I have ever seen. We have been shut down for a week but everyone came out of it in one piece. Some of our staff couldn’t believe that we were closed as they did not even have an inch of the white stuff! Very bizarre. We had a band of snow that sat in one place for 5 days. The weather people at first named it Storm Knife because it cut out just a section of WNY but nobody liked the name so it was changed to Snowvember! I am just glad everyone here is OK and hope the rest of you are faring well. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Why struggle?

A point that I stress to our present agency staff at all times, and to new staff at orientation, is to never struggle with obtaining information from Therap. For some reason I work with some rebels who feel that they can “conquer” Therap on their own. First of all, there is no conquering, as Therap is an easy system to navigate and secondly I ask them why are you wasting time? I had a Residential Manager call me and said with much exasperation ” I can’t find finance info I need and I have been looking for it for 2 hours!”  She had misplaced her instructions.  I instructed her on the process again  and the information that she was looking for was obtained within one minute. When I asked her why she didn’t call me in the first place her answer was, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

I tell my staff that my job is to guide them through Therap and that they should always bother me if they have a question. What I am trying to say is that there is a lot of useful information that is easily obtained through Therap; you just have to know where it is, so ask your Provider Administrator, a Certified Trainer, Therap Customer Service, etc…We are all here to help.  Solutions can be given within minutes, you just have to ask.

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Where is the “wow”?

The new iPhones

This week Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. While the improvements to the phone such as larger display and faster processor are nice, it is a far cry from the innovative changes Apple has been known for. Many have said one of the glaring features that Apple is loosing ground on is it’s Siri assistant. While the first Siri was revolutionary, they claim Siri have significant shortfalls when compared to Microsoft’s new assistant, Cortana. Are there some differences? Sure. Are they that expansive? I doubt most users would note the difference.

Many criticize Apple for the “Retina display.” It isn’t true HD. My response is…It’s a mobile device! If you want true HD go home and watch your television! The “Retina display” works just fine. In most cases, I do not notice a difference.

There has bee much criticism about the size of the iPhone. In recent versions of the iPhone, the display size have increased. The 6 comes in two sizes! I am interested to see, but my prediction is that the 6 will do much better than the 6 plus. Who wants to walk around with a belt clip for your phone?

The bottom line is that apple continues to innovate, the change is in our level of expectation. As Apple continues to create new ways to impact our lives, our expectations about what is possible also go up. This is what creates the sense of disappointment in the product. It is an inversely proportional relationship. As expectations increase, satisfaction decreases.

Until next time, just a thought from the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs; “Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.”


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Buffalo Regional Conference

We just attended another most helpful Regional Conference here in Buffalo. It was nice seeing all the Therap Reps again as well as catching up with old acquaintances and meeting new ones. If you have a regional Conference coming up in your area please try to attend as the information shared is very beneficial. Also keep in mind that attending User Groups is a great way to network and stay in the loop. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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My First Blog….Sorry!!!!!!!!

I thought the easiest part of being a Certified Trainer was going to be blogging. Boy, was I wrong!! This is my first blog after becoming a CT….four months ago!!!
We just attended the Buffalo Regional Therap Conference last week. It was great to hear the feedback from local agencies especially since New York is in such a state of transition. Our agency is starting the billing module this month so we were able to get individualized attention from Jim (added conference bonus)!! We really missed Leah this year, we all wish her the best!
On a personal note: My Therap life up until April was all about nursing, and I was becoming a pro at the medical stuff. However in late April I became the Director of Residential Services– and now have to focus on all modules, so I am learning all sorts of new things!!

Ok, blog done…….now on to Webinar ideas, lol!!!

Maybe it wasn’t so bad!!!

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Great Vacation Now Back to Work :-)

I had a wonderful time with my family over the past week. We spent a lot of time swimming at the pool and at the beach. Now its time to go back to work.
One of the more exciting projects I am returning to includes developing a process for expending Therap access to individual’s and guardians within our agency. I am curious how other agency have gone about opening up access. It would be great to hear back from other agencies how have opened up access or are in the process.

Take care,
Vicki Erdie
Electronic Health Records Manager
Ulster-Greene ARC

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Billing Beginnings

Our agency is going ahead with Therap billing!! I am the administrator so I have had the pleasure of spending hours on the phone with Heather – who has been great. She has walked me through the process so I have been busy creating description codes, attendance types, and service authorizations for each one of our individuals for each program… My eyes are bleeding.
We originally thought we would bill thru ISP programs but back tracked and switched to attendance billing. I had to make quite a few isp program updates as we originally thought we would want to have the hospital and therapeutic leave days show on the checklist as billable so we created new scoring methods with that option but then found out we do not want them to counted as billable as that would reflect as a face to face in the attendance module. So, back I went and discontinued and copied all the affected programs to reflect our original scoring methods with the non billable option. Of course all the hab plans have to be updated too.. live and learn. We have one more scheduled conference call which will be our first practice billing then we should be ready to start our new NY daily billing process electronically. We will be attending the Buffalo conference next week and hopefully we will pick up other pointers so we are successful in our launch. Just a side bar- Was very excited today when I discovered you can select both an approved and discontinued hab plan when accessing hab doc records or checklists.!!

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