The Beasts of Burden

For the past 10 years, Lockport, NY, has been host to the annual Beast of Burden Ultra Marathon. Traditionally, there is a 50 mile and 100 mile distance. The race starts in Lockport, through Gasport; and into Middleport. No, it isn’t that simple. Once you get to Middleport, you have to turn around and go back to Lockport. To get to 50 miles, you need to do this twice! Just imagine the 100 mile!

This year, it was my pleasure to crew for my brother, who ran the 50 mile race. It was his first 50 mile race, and my first time crewing such an event. There were runners from all over the United States. Obviously, most were driven and focused people.

As Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” We were definitely prepared for this race. iPhones synced, so I could see exactly where we was at all times, fluids, snacks, salt tablets, sneakers, hats, etc. All coordinated to minimize the time he would need to stop.

In the end, he finished 3rd for the 50 mile distance. Not to bad for his first race! Congrats brother!

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Learn Well, Grasshopper!

This summer I had the opportunity to teach a new generation of Therapites. My daughter, a freshman at McGill University, worked for the agency over the summer doing some data entry and clean-up in Therap.

For one particular assignment, she had to attach an ISP Program to each individual the agency serves. I showed her the correct way to do it. She thought she found a shortcut and did it wrong for over 600 people. She then had to un-attach the wrong ISP program and attach the correct one for 600 people.

She learned three lessons that day:

1. Always listen to your boss.
2. Always listen to your father.
3. There are no short-cuts in Therap!!!!

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Supervised IRA Monthly to Daily Billing 7/1/2014

Over the past few weeks New York agencies started to receive clarification on the move to daily billing for Supervised IRAs. This switch will take place effective 7/1/2014. The folks at Therap are right on top of this change. This is a relief to many in our organization. Many thanks to the folks at Therap who keep us moving forward through the regulation changes that come along!!!

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Federal Government Delays ICD-10 Implementation


Looks like we have some additional time on the ICD-10 transition.

“The delay was part of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama on April 1, 2014. New York Medicaid will adhere to the new federal compliance timeframe for ICD-10 implementation and eMedNY will not accept ICD-10 codes until October 1, 2015 at the earliest. ”



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Residential Moves

Hello to all of you experts. This is my first Blog and may seem a bit dry but I want to pick your brains
I have learned by trial and error the process of moving individuals from one program/site within our agency to another. Our individuals are set up in programs by site name. So each program is a caseload assigned to staff who work in a department which usually has 3 sites in it. They get 2 profiles, one with the main site they work in and one with the other two sites. Today we are moving several individuals from one site to another – 4 different sites are involved-which may also be in a different department. A day prior- First I enrolled them in the program- and left them in the old- temporarily. Then I copied each ISP program and added it to the new site with a new create date- day of move, and title change (- just added a period or a dash). They can be approved if the create date is the day of move. I submitted them, waiting to approve until the day of the move so they would not show on individual home page. Then the day of move I waited until morning documentation was complete at old site and I d/c’ all programs at old site and approved all programs in new site. I now have to create all new habilitation plans in the new site as Hab plans can not be copied to new site. I leave the old Hab plan approved until the monthly note for the current month is done as we use the Hab checklist for our monthly note. Once that is done I will approve the new Hab plan and d/c the old one. The data for the new month will then appear on the hab checklist- which we use in NY,. At that point I discharge them from the old site. Does this sound right?.Did I forget anything?? If anyone has a better way please let me know. Thanks for your input.

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The Joys of being a Certified Trainer….

I had the pleasure of assisting an agency in our area that is just starting Therap. It was awesome to be asked to show some of our Therap tricks and tips and see relief on their faces as they now are understanding some of the process. They were also relieved to find out that our agency also felt overwhelmed at first and that we quickly got into the Therap routine as I assured them they would. It was great to get positive feedback from them on what I shared with them and I mentioned that because I am a Certified Trainer they can feel free to contact me anytime. I told them to please not struggle with Therap and that Certified Trainers are available to help. I think some people feel like they are bothering us if they ask for guidance so maybe we need to spread the word that we are here and ready to help. Anyways it was a good experience that benefited all that attended. Here’s to looking forward to April and warm weather because I forgot what warm weather feels like. Take care everyone.

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Transitioning from ICD-9 Codes to ICD-10 Codes

I am interested in finding out how other agencies are handling the transition from ICD-9 Codes to ICD-10 Coding. The ICD-10 codes will start to be used for billing October 1, 2014. Please share how your agency is handling the transition.

Take care,

Vicki Erdie

Electronic Health Records Manager

Ulster-Greene ARC

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Must read…

"Sometimes what you want is right in front of you."

So, I recently finished a book for the book club I am in. This book blew me away. It  had been recommended for several months by one of the other member of the book club. I thought to myself, “if it isn’t available in print, it cant be THAT good.”  Well last month we settled on Memorizing You, by Dan Skinner.

As the (virtual) pages turned, I found myself enjoying this book more and more. Skinner is a true wordsmith, making the most mundane of comments seem lyrical, almost profound.  Set in the Midwest, this book explores what life was like when trying to find oneself during the turbulent counter culture of the late 60s.

This book will take you on an amazing emotional roller coaster ride that will leave you examining your own life. I can’t recommend this book enough!

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It is always interesting to come back from the National Conference with the mindset of “where to start?”. We learn so many great things in such a short period of time, it is hard to know where to begin. Individual access? HIPAA Hi-Tech? Going paperless? Auditor Access? Individual caseloads? It can be awe consuming.

Recently, we have a new set of requirements from CMS in relation to the HCBS waiver programs. How can we use Therap to document our progress on these new initiatives? Moving from a program based database to an individual based database will help! I am looking forward to chartering new ground and bringing a more person-centered approach to our agency’s Therap usage!

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