TNC 2014

THERAP  wrapped up it’s 2014 National Conference in Kansas City, MO last week. Every year the conference improves from the year before. From my perspective, this year seemed to be much better attended than the last few years. I think moving things from year to year is a smart move. I am glad I got to meet with the other certified trainers and look forward to working together on Moodle… until THERAP decides to develop their own distance learning module.

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National Conference

This has been an awesome conference. It was very nice to travel outside NY/NJ for a change of scenery.Thanks Richard! It was great to see and visit with friends that you only see once a year. Even if they are from Hawaii and don’t have the pleasure of enjoying subzero weather like we are having right now in NY.

Damien was a hoot as usual and we all agreed that we could do better at blogging!! Allison agreed with that as well. We are all probably on probation so I’m trying to get off probation. Ha Ha! But I will try to do better this year just in case there is ever a conference in Hawaii. So I hope everyone makes it back home safe and sound. See you next year in Atlanta hopefully!!

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National Conference!

Although i wont be able to attend the national conference i am really excited for Letisha and some of our self advocates to present. We have 2 self advocates and one family advocate who will speak about their experience using therap. Letisha will also touch on some of the obstacles that both our indivduals and our agency has had to overcome during the process. Please take the time to check out their presentation!

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Individual Care Plan

Our agency is in the process of rolling out Individual Care Plans. I was wondering how other agencies have gone about building their care plan templates, and then individualizing the Care Plans for specific individuals. How much time was given to copy the templates to the individual before setting up access for direct care staff to view the approved forms?

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Interesting start to 2014

Well as the title states it has been hectic around WNY. This is the first week that we have had to work a full five days in a month! I know, sounds rough doesn’t it? I’m exhausted. We had time off for the holidays and then, after we survived the toughest day to go to work (the First Monday after New Year), we got hit with the BLIZZARD OF 2014! We were closed for 2 days! Thankfully we did not lose electricity and Therap was accessible the entire week of the BLIZZARD OF 2014. Sorry about the caps but that’s how all the news stations posted it, pretty funny.  I guess capitalizing makes an event look worse than it is.  Don’t get me wrong it was bad but but only for about 3 days.  I still remember the BLIZZARD of ’77 which shut WNY down for over a week!  At least snow melts (which it has).  I hope everyone else has fared well this year. I am disappointed that we are not going to National this year but for all of you who are, have a great time, you will learn alot. Take care.

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Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe 2014 is here, but I’m very excited about some things in my near future.  One being the National Therap Conference is a little over 3 weeks away, and will be in Kansas City this year.  I look forward to seeing everyone, and hopefully meeting some new Therap users too.  I will be leading a session on using Therap for Admissions/Central Intake at the agency level.  Therap has a few options, and I will show you how we made use of them in a unique way.  See you all soon!

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Goodbye 2013

Well it’s the end of 2013 and hopefully it was a good one for all!  Therap played a  huge role for our agency in 2013. We implemented many modules and I had the honor of becoming a Certified Trainer. Can’t wait to start 2014. Unfortunately our agency will not be attending the National Conference but we will see the other WNY agencies at the Regional Conference. Take care and Happy Holidays!

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Therap For Android

We just starting rolling out the therap android app at TRC and response so far has been great. We set up one of our IRA’s as well as our Individualized Services program with a tablet to get some feedback and it has been extremely positive. Many off our staff feel that it is quicker and more effeccient to use the tablet and app as opposed to the desktop computer when documenting ISP data. It has also been nice as an administrator to see photos of our individuals completing milestones and signing for verifiacation of their services. Our group home manager and nurse have also found it useful to review data as well as the MAR to make sure everything has been completed. The password reset function for therap administrators is also very efficient and easy to use. There are still a few improvements we would like to see to the MAR on android but i am thinking this is something we will be rolling out to the rest of our homes and other programs as well. I would definetly encourage others to give it a try!

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Pulling Data

I can’t stress how amazingly helpful it was to pull data together from Therap over this past weekend. Easy access to tell which staff documented at which program made my job so much easier.

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Time Tracking

Our agency has started to use Time Tracking for bed checks. Documentation has been going wel, but I am curious what other agencies might be using time tracking for.

If you are using Time tracking but have idea for other possible uses please feel free to post. Time tracking is a great feature and it would be nice to utilize the feature for other items as well.

Take care,

Vicki Erdie

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