Time has flown

I am still reeling from the fact the 2013 is over. I don’t think I have had a year more filled with Therap happenings. It has been interesting to say the least. I would just like to say thank you to all of you who have helped me this year. Thank you!

I am excited for this coming year. Can’t wait to see everyone at the National Conference. Well, except Anna, who will be greatly missed. Good luck Anna and thank you for all of your help and cannolis.

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Aha! Why didn’t we do this sooner?

Recently, while training, I had an AHA! moment, and could clearly see that staff in class had one, too.  It was simple…

We were training current staff from one of our programs on Medication Administration, and were focusing on policies, procedures and practices that were unclear to staff.  Staff had already been reminded of things like the 6 rights, the importance of triple checking the bubble packs and MARs, how to log that a medication was given, and all of the “usual” med admin procedures.

The AHA! moment came as we were training staff on making sure resolutions to PRN (and other health)  follow ups are logged, and the importance of documenting in the health tracking modules (instead of only logging in detail mode of the MAR).  We tried to give them a glance of their documentation through the eyes of supervisors and QA.  We pulled up the Health Care Report (which has been an invaluable tool for us recently) and showed staff how their supervisors and QA folks are using it to  monitor follow ups and health issues.  We also refreshed their memories of the PRN follow up report, and looked at recent appointments and actual T-Logs entered by staff at the program to see if we could “close some of the loops” based upon the information they were seeing.

That simple explanation–and acting with the eyes of a QA specialist–was incredibly helpful in helping staff to understand what it means to close a loop by noting when a GER is written, by attaching training records to GERs, by simply making an entry that a resolution was reached on a PRN,  and by making sure all health issues are addressed and documented.

Why didn’t we catch on to this approach sooner???

Closing loops for the people we support is important, but closing the loops for staff understanding is valuable too!


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I love the smell of Therap in the morning…It’s the smell of victory

A month or two ago we began laying the ground work for a overhaul to our system. We were trying to decide how to make or system look more “Individual based”, without giving everyone access to everything. What we decided on was the following. Our programs (in Therap) were no longer going to be formed around a house, but around the individual instead. Each program would be a single person ie, the person Bill Kilgore would be enrolled in the Program Bill Kilgore. Our Caseloads would be changed from program based to individual based (just residential). But, we did keep the caseloads named after houses  that way we could put multiple people/programs into it.

The work involved was far less than we expected: Really, REALLY, time consuming, but easier than thought. First programs where created for each person. Each person was then enrolled in their new program. The supervisors then created reports for all the ISPs up to the date switch over, copied the ISPs over to the new program and then D/C’d the old ones. We then un-enrolled the person from their old program. Once this was done we proceeded to  change over the caseloads,  removing the house program and replacing it with the individuals in the house.

Pros: We no longer have to copy/ DC  ISPs every time a person supported moves houses; when they move we simply change the address of the program, meaning that we no longer needed to enroll or un-enroll . This goes for personal finance, and other modules that require you to chose a program to create data, as well.  From here forward if a person moves during the year we will no longer have to worry whether to search by program or individual, because either one will produce the same results. Chances of recording data under the wrong person has been greatly reduced because you have to click on the name twice now, this is becaseu when you click on their name (program) the next screen will only have their name, not anyone else’s.

The Cons: We lost the ability to comment on t-logs from the old program (minor). If a report was not created for an ISP, from the old program, we lost the ability to create one (again minor). Our list of programs has become ENORMOUS, but that only affects the Res. Admins. (so minor).

So all in all the war for making things easier and more efficient is going in our favor. Minus the few little hiccups already mentioned, our soldiers move forward better equipped.

Picture of Deserve Victory



Waiting is a killer

We are finally going individual based. Well at least bending Therap to make it look like the system is individual based. Since we have been using Therap (back when electricity was the new thing) it was set up in a way (program based caseloads) that required a lot of work to transfer the people we support. And since that time heated discussions have ensued regarding that need for it to be this way and the need for it to change. Well the day as I arrived that we are fixing it, but oh the massive amount of work that its going to take! If only we had done this sooner. So word to you all DON’T WAIT!  Wish us luck and hopefully I will not be broken when we all meet again.Waiting is a killer

Dreaming of full implementation

We have been working on trying to get all departments fully on board with use of Therap. It has been a long drawn out process. I wish that I had a magic wand and could wave it and make it all happen…..Allison can you look into that PLEASE.

We are still trying to get buy in from everyone, I am getting all the same stories…we don’t have time to input the data…it takes too long…why do we have to change…what if the computers go down…on and on….
I’m sure you all have heard the same thing at some point. I have done demonstrations & trainings to large groups, small groups and individuals. I think I am finally starting to win the battle. It will get there eventually.

I spent a week in Loveland, Colorado at a Dog show recently and had a great week but the heat was horrible. going from 30 – 40 in Alaska to 80 in Colorado with the altitude change was quite different. I was not able to show my own dogs because I had my knee in a brace from a dislocation that had happened in April. But they did very well with handlers. My home bred puppies took placements in Futurity, Cassi took 2nd and Sprig took 4th, and Cassi took a 3rd in the regular puppy conformation class. Their mother Emma got two qualifying scores in Rally Advanced which completed her title. We have a local show this weekend and all three will be competing again, not sure if my knee is up to handling them but we will see.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!

Finally Spring?

Despite some freak snowfall last weekend, it looks like we might actually have a real live spring on our hands here in Alaska. There’s some budding green bits on the tree outside my office, the pussywillows are puffy, and the sun stays in the sky until late into the evening. It’s been a long winter, and I’m ready to leave it behind.

I’ve been pretty light on the blog-front this month due to some very important projects that have been occupying my time. Our Administrative Compliance Project Specialist left us after several years of service, and while we scrambled to find her replacement, I ended up heading the effort to celebrate National Compliance Week here at The Arc of Anchorage. Every day we ran random compliance inspections in unlocked offices, leaving pass or fail slips on keyboards to make employees mindful of their surroundings at all times.

We’re also working hard to tighten our security here, both electronic and physical. As one consultant said, “HIPAA compliance isn’t a goal, it’s a process. Every day you should be more compliant than the day before.”

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, trying to figure out what I can do on my end, as Therap administrator, to help us be more compliant than the day before. I’ll keep you posted. Emoticon showing smiley face

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The latest from the trainers!

From Bev:

Video on Certified Trainer Series: Implementing Therap’s MARs

From Kitti:

Video on Certified Trainers Series: Teaching your Staff to use Therap

From Mary:

Video on Certified Trainer Series: ISP Programs: The Basics 5-15-13

I have been telling you: You CAN learn stuff on YouTube!!!



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Still Breathing

Yesterday was a monumental day for me. I hosted, with the aid of the incomparable Allison, my first webinar and I am still alive. This was an eye opening experience for me. I am the main Therap trainer for my company and I have never “heard” myself before. Note, “um” fills space in a bad way. Other than that I am super excited and hope you watch, Allison has posted it, and enjoy.

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YouTube can be educational

YouTube is not just cat videos, you know! (Or Annoying Orange…)

Craig Buswell did a nice presentation yesterday on how his agency in Monmouth, Oregon, uses ISP Data to track behavioral concerns.

Here it is:

Video on Certified Trainer Series: Using ISP Data to Track Behaviors



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