T-Log Etiquette

Tlogs are used for different reasons depending on the requirements of your agency, but the as we all know they are viewed by many users in the system. In the past 2 years of being an administrator, I have read some really funny, scary, sketchy, and some down-right unnecessary tlogs. Everything from misspelled words to cursing has come across my screen for my viewing pleasure. I have struggled to train staff to use the correct etiquette when completing their tlogs. Some staff even get confused and will complete a tlog to send a personal message to another staff instead of sending an SCOMM. Human error makes for a very interesting day – or maybe I’m just so nerdy that I’m amused by the simplest things!

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Getting ready for fall in CT

I have to admit that I am very “reserved” (a little shy) when it comes to blogging and hosting webinars.  This is definitely obvious from the date of my last blog (almost one year ago to date).  I am committing myself to get a lot better and overcome this.  As it is the same time of year as my last post, rereading that one really shows how routine things can be.  I am once again getting ready for my sons birthday as well as the CT Therap Conference in Meriden next week.  This is the absolute best time of year in CT in my opinion-summer humidity is ending and fall is right around the corner.  Apple and pumpkin picking, long sleeved shirts and chilly nights.  Some of the great things that I hope never change.

As for the company I work for (WILA), we have advanced in our use of Therap somewhat.  We have more users on board and they are a lot more advanced in their Therap skills than a year ago.  We are currently utilizing as much of Therap as pertains to us as a smaller company, including but not limited to T-Logs, Scomms, GER’s, ISP Data and Programs, TMS, Health Tracking and other Therap “staples”.  We are not using IPOP’s, MAR’s or time tracking yet but hopefully they will be included in our near future endeavors.  The benefits of Therap are more than obvious for all of our staff.  The nurses see a lot of the benefits with Health Tracking and the ease of communicating updates/changes with all of the staff.   Therap allows for new staff to get to know our clients from different view points as well as track their health/behaviors/activities a lot more efficiently than ever before.  Therap has been a great advancement for us and I personally look forward to all that it will bring us in the future.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the CT Therap next week, especially as I will be hosting 2 classes during the conference!

P.S. Allison…I blogged!!!!

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If you only have 15 minutes…

Sometimes we are really pressed for time – ok, maybe a lot of the time! If you only had 15 minutes to spend in Therap, what would you do? Here are 4 Therap reports that I gave our agencies that can make good use of limited time if you are using T-Log, GER, IDF and SComm.

  • Demographic Report (under Agency > Management Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage Admin Mode under Management Reports) – this report will provide a lot of counts for Individuals in service, such as Gender, Programs, Age Ranges, Top 10 Diagnosis, Communication method, Mobility and Race. You can click on a number to see the names of everyone included in the count. This is an easy way to check if all Individuals are in Therap or have been discharged if no longer in service.
  • Event Summary (under Agency > Management Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage Admin Mode under Management Reports) – this report can be run for any time period (up to 1 year), and will show a count of GER’s. You can also select to see the GER’s by Type or Program. Selecting Next will take you to a page where you can download specific information into a spreadsheet.
  • T-Log Detailed Report (under Agency > Management Reports > List of Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage Admin Mode under Management Reports) – this report can be run for any time period, but I would only recommend 1 month at the most due to the large amount of T-Logs. This is an easy way to review T-Logs at a glance if you download to a spreadsheet. You can also sort by status and type within a spreadsheet.
  • Password Expiration (under Agency > Management Reports > List of Reports in Dashboard or on the right-hand side of FirstPage under Report Library > List of Reports) – this report shows all system users and when their password expires (or expired), along with number of days left. If the number is negative, the user is not able to get into Therap, and has not been logged in at least the number of days showing as negative.

As we roll out additional Therap modules, I will be creating a one-page cheat sheet of reports to run.

If anyone has additional suggestions of reports that they find useful, please let me know!

On a side note, I started hiking in July and absolutely love it! Who says you can’t hike in Omaha? Ok, maybe there are no mountains, but we do have a few hills! Slacklining is my newest endeavor, where you walk on a strap that is 2 inches wide. Right now I am only about 18 inches off the ground between 2 trees, but have made it up to 3 steps so far!


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Oh how time flies…and things change

It is hard to believe that two years ago this month Dungarvin Oregon began implementing Therap.  At the time, it felt like a daunting task to me, and to many of our staff.  As I began training GERs and T-Logs, I will never forget the looks on the faces staring back at me; most in disbelief that we really were doing this…making the switch from paper to electronic documentation.  How could we?!

My have things changed!  As time passed and we continue(d) to implement module after module,  those doubtful faces staring back at me in trainings began to change.  Long term staff began to embrace the idea that Therap was here to stay.  They began to see the value in Therap, and were relieved (and surprised!) by it’s intuitive nature.  Finally, I was not alone in my excitement! 

 In addition to GERs, T-Logs, Health Tracking, ISP data, and MARs, I am excited to say that we are looking to implement the financial, TMS, and a newly created (specifically designed for Oregon) ISP modules  by the end of this year.  At every conference and user group meeting, I am amazed at the possibilities and the creative ways Therap can be utilized.  So many modules, so little time!

Thank you Therap (and Allison) for opening our eyes, helping us implement positive change, and saving trees!

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Empowering Families

Hello again,
It gives me great pleasure to share how therap not only empower the individuals we work with but also how it empowers families. One of my last posts I shared how therap empowered individuals by teaching them how to use the MAR to document taking their medications. Now, We went a little further by teaching family members how to document on the MAR when the individual goes on a home visit. Families also have access to see T-Logs, ISP goals , medical appointments, etc. on their family member. Families love this because it keeps them in the loop with what is going on with their loved one. Now, some have learned to navigate the MAR is an awesome achievement. Families can not only see the progress their love one are making but they can also participate in doing the medications on the MAR. This makes them feel empowered and truly apart of the team. We have received good feedback from families regarding this and they appreciate the work that is being done with their loved one. It gives me great joy to empower families as well as the individuals we work with. Thanks Therap!

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Gorillas in the Mist!


Gorillas in the Mist

It has been a busy July here in Kansas.  I have had several agencies  have their kick-off for Therap and spent most of the month training staff on how to use Therap’s T-Log, GER, and SComm modules.  I have also been able to spend some time talking to other providers in Kansas to see how they are using Therap.  So I just want to give a big shout out to my new friends at CCL and Futures Unlimited.  They all do great work with individuals with intellectual disabilities and it is amazing to see what they can do with Therap.

But, I really wanted to use this post to share with everyone in Therapland what an awesome job the staff in Mosaic of Southeast Kansas did with implementing Therap in their Pittsburg and Coffeyville agencies.  Most of the Mosaic agencies that I’ve had the pleasure of working with have put together teams to guide the successful implementation of Therap.  These teams have been made up of two people as provider administrators along with one or two other staff as the subject matter experts for the Therap modules.  So far these staff were in an administrative function in their respective agencies.  But not the team in Mosaic of Southeast Kansas.  They had a whole gob of people on their team.  Not only the administrative staff in the key roles but also direct support staff.  They had around ten members total on this team.   They are members of the agency’s Change Management team and are used to help roll out new projects for the agency.  So naturally they were the perfect fit for this new project.  The potential benefits of having direct support staff as subject matter experts is endless.  Anytime day or night if a staff has a question about Therap they will be able to ask their co-worker who will have the best possible answer for them.  A new staff is hired…no problem, just pair them up with one of the many subject matter experts working at the sites.

So, if you’re thinking about implementing Therap in your agency look around…the direct support staff might be just what you need to get your implementation plans rolling out smoothly.  So thanks again to the staff  in Southeast Kansas for making it a great visit and Go Gorillas!

And now…it’s the derby!


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