Murfreesboro Conference

Attended the Murfreesboro, TN conference this week. We talked about some things that are not yet in place with Therap – activity scheduling, the ability for a nurse to approve a completed MAR with data on it, and the controlled substance log. We discovered that the controlled substance log will be in place, possibly by next week so we were really excited about that. We tried looking into the staff scheduling in Therap to use as our activity log but there is not a place to document planned activities and it is really staff based instead of individual based. We also looked at the calendar, but if you have 90 individuals in one program then it would be a nightmare to try to read the calendar of events. So it’s back to the drawing board on that one. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. We looked into different options of proving that our nurses had reviewed and approved the completed MAR at the end of every month. We have several options that we can choose from including just doing a T-log to say it was approved. I think the option we are going to try is adding a “medication” to the MAR labeled “RN approval” that is administered once a month on the last day of the month. Once again, if anyone has another idea please share them with me. All and all it was a good experience at the conference even if everything didn’t go as scheduled. It is good to have trainers who can change up their routine at anytime!

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Iowa Therap Conference: Get it on!

We are pretty excited that Therap is hosting a regional conference in Des Moines, Iowa Sep 19-20 and are finalizing our registration list. If you are in the area, I’d encourage you to sign up. Therap Conferences are great opportunities to learn about new features, grow your knowledge of modules you already use, and to interact with other users and Therap staff. For my money and time, this last item is of utmost importance. Interacting with other users is an invaluable way to gain fresh perspective on issues and solutions! Some of the best Therap conference sessions have been user panels and discussions with Therap programmers and staff. Thanks Therap for putting on such great conferences. Oh, and did I mention that the food is always great too?! Emoticon showing smiley face

If you’re new to the Des Moines area, here are some attractions to check out:  For those of you who are art minded, the Papajohn Scuplture Park downtown is a great collection of modern art sculptures.

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Looking forward to the Iowa Therap Conference!

July has presented me the opportunity plan, plan, plan for the next part of the Mosaic Midwest Region deployment of Therap.  Remaining “Phase 1” deployment falls into August, September and October.   We will be launching Waukon, Iowa, Pontiac and Rockford Illinois respectively.  When these agencies are launched, I will have trained over 1100 staff.   (Only 210 to go!)

If my altered plan comes to pass,  I will be able to go to the September 19-20, Iowa Therap Conference in Des Moines!  If you are an Iowa Therap user, I would highly suggest that you consider attending.  I am looking forward to it.

I attended the National Conference last February and found it to be very informative.  If history is a teacher, the sessions will provide all sorts of opportunity to learn more “tricks” and detail that you would not normally look for on a daily basis.

You’ll be completely impressed with how accessible Therap leadership is.  Therap wants your input!  They will ask you more questions that you ask them!  Bring your ideas, suggestions…no matter how obscure you may think they are… Therap listens!

The biggest benefit will be the opportunity to talk to other Iowa Therap users!  Agencies have to comply with the same set of Iowa regulations.  The exchange of ideas and contact information will pay HUGE dividends.

Click here to learn more:

See you there!  Register now.

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NM Regional Conference and Policy

As a certified trainer I have the privilege of leading sessions at our regional conference. This role makes me feel like a true Therap geek, as I get super excited to talk about things in the system and help people brainstorm to find the best way for the system to work for them. My husband was teasing me the night before the conference as he saw me pack my certified trainer bag and I did feel a bit silly that I was so excited. But then I was able to lead some good discussions and share more of Therap with many people today.

One of my sessions (which I get to teach again tomorrow) was on policy development as it relates to Therap. I wanted to do this session here in NM after I attended a similar session at the national conference this past Feb. It is truly helpful to see how many agencies are approaching policy development and what topics others believe are necessary to address in their policies. Here is a list, albeit incomplete, of some we discussed today: electronic signatures and sign up agreements, Internet usage, staff usage of Therap off hours, ensuring agency policy agrees with state policy, QA/QI and incident management/review, sharing of documents and data with team members outside of your agency…

Often we discover that we need a policy or procedure after the fact. Many policies end up being developed as a response to a problem or issue discovered and then solved. We would love to learn from your history. If you’ve developed new policies at your agency in connection to Therap in some way or if you have policy thoughts/comments, please share. Thanks!

Therap is the Truth (and I’m loving it)

During the Therap Conference on 2/7 to 2/9/12, I participated in my second Therap conference in New Jersey. My first was in Baltimore last year. That was an experience because I was anxious and did not know what to expect. My team members and I from St. John’s Community Services were excited to share our Therap knowledge since our implementation in 2009. During some of the discussion sessions, we we’re so involved in sharing our experience and teaching methods. We also share some strategies and tips of implementation and staff training. We returned to the rest of our team in DC and shared this experience and communicated how rewarding it was for us to attend, also how much we enjoyed and appreciated being at the conference.

This year’s conference was the most anticipated for me because of its large population. Being around other Therap participants from all areas of the state was a learning experience. The rest of the DC Team and I were there (as an entourage, 7 DEEP). We participated in different scheduled sessions some new and some old. The most important one I attended was ISP Data Report and any other session that has ISP in it. As a Program Coordinator, my daily activities of the direct and indirect services involve ISP. Although I’m very well familiar with Therap modules, I was much more interested in learning the ins/outs and all the corner routes in creating and utilizing the ISP modules. This was accomplished by attending several trainings, including some with Stacey which was very helpful. The sessions provided me with the understanding and knowledge to continue to be very effective with my job duties.

In addition to the sessions and trainings, I was blessed to become a certified Therap trainer, in addition to the many trainers from St. John’s Community Services. My certification was facilitated by Allison, she trained and helped me to know other cool areas of Therap to create reports and excel tips.

Therap is the truth and I’m one of the success stories of the 2012 Conference in New Jersey. I had a 360 experience of learning, teaching, sharing, communicating, and many other things include meeting Warren (one of the original creators/developers of this system).

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Pivot Tables are awesome!

Day 1 of the conference has ended and I have learned much about electronic billing, electronic MARS and Pivot tables! My agency is planning to start the billing module in the next several months and we will partner with our county board to create efficiencies with the attendance/billing process. It currently takes me 10-12 hours to complete billing for our 120 persons supported in Day Services.

We hope to pilot MARs in a few residential sites later this month or in March and then quickly move to all residential sites and facility based programs. Today, I learned the essentials to get us up and running with MARs.

Finally, I was very impressed with the User Presentation from REACH in Alaska. I learned how to do Pivot tables in minutes. Before this session was over, I created several pivot tables from data in Therap.
It was an awesome first day! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

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