Free Webinar: A Day in the Life of a Therap Manager, February 14 at 1pm EST

We are pleased to announce our free Certified Trainer led webinar on ‘A Day in the Life of a Therap Manager’ which will be held on February 14 at 1pm EST. Certified Trainer, Jason Garrad, Therap Trainer/IT/Provider Admin, Ravalli Services Corporation, Montana, will walk users through what the life of a Therap Manager is like.

Click here to register.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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New Mexico Regional Conference

We just got back on Friday after getting to TRAIN at the Regional Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It was great to see some returning faces from last year and to meet some new people as well.  I feel like over all the conference was great and it added an avenue for fellow Therap Guru’s to brainstorm and trouble shoot.  I feel like New Mexico is well on it’s way up in the Therap world.  The state as a whole seems to be using Therap much more that what it is mandated for.  There of course are some that have not caught on to all of it’s capabilities, but also many that have.

So, just wanted to touch base and say that we had a great time and were very honored to actually train others at the conference.  We are even talking about starting a New Mexico User Group and had several other people interested.

It was very worth it!

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The last days…

As we enter these last days of the year a season of reflection reaches its crescendo. And, what I find is that through all the struggles and victories there are always constants. Those constants are as varied as those who rely upon them. For the purposes of this rambling I will restrict myself to the constant of Therap.

Yes, Therap has had several updates throughout the year. These updates have ranged from little changes to ones that alter how we input data. Though these changes were many they still kept with the long standing ease of use which Therap has always strived for. For that I am thankful.

The other Therap constant that I am always thankful for is the amazing Therap Team. No matter the situation the amazing team at Therap has always been patient and super excited to help solve the problem. Getting a little more personal is the amount of grace that is  extendes to a certified trainer such as myself that is struggling to uphold his end of the bargain; Being more active with blogging and webinars is actually my number one professional goal for the new year (yes I will need your help with this Allison).

Well that is it for now. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, or just a happy winter season. Can’t wait to see ya’ll at the National Conference.

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CT Conference

It was nice to see so many familiar faces at the CT Conference last week!   I was very excited to be able to present at the Conference and share Oak Hill’s process for developing ISP’s.    I would much rather present in front of a group and think it went well!  Many of you here in CT should also attend our User Group Meetings at Oak Hill in Hartford.    Please email me at and we can add you to the list.  It is a great place to share ideas, ask questions, and see what other agencies are doing on Therap. 

Looking forward to the Conference in Kansas City!   

Mary Beth Julian

Program Supervisor-Oak Hill

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Georgia User Group Meeting a Success

Jason Laws and Chelsea Newby held our first in-person user group meeting on Tuesday in Albany. Can I say that the new Apps for Android devices is making me so excited! It is almost as exciting as when we first kicked off Therap at our agency 2 years ago. We watched a demo of the Apps and it seems so user friendly that I can predict that some staff will prefer the App over logging on to the website. The added features of GPS location and the capability of uploading photos deserves an applause! We also looked at the updates that were made at the last release, so everyone received a lot of good information!

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Questions for Therap Vets…

Okay so this blogging commitment is no joke! It sure doesn’t take much time to fall behind does it? This morning I blog to you with questions. I’ve learned this blog is filled with very experienced Therap users out there that I’d like to pick the brains of. IO has been using Therap for a year now and has implemented a huge chunk of the modules but are not at the Pro level yet. With our rookie year behind us and as our use has increased,  I’ve found come more questions and a growing “my issues” list. So here are a couple of my burning ones…

1. How do large agencies handle temporary on call managers? Our agency has a rotating schedule of on call administrators and RN’s. We have found the best way to give them weekend Therap access to an additional 10-15 (or more) residential facilities is to add a Profile on Friday afternoon and then delete it Monday morning. We’ve had to do it this way so that they don’t get blasted with notifications when they are not on call from facilities that they are not typically responsible for. We thought about creating a On Call user account but then you don’t have the e signature of the actual person handling client business on the weekend. Thoughts??? What are other large agencies out there doing to solve this issue?

2. With regards to giving auditors access (licensing and Regional Center-CA users), how do agencies get around not being able to give them access to VIEW ISP Data Reports? In order to see progress on an individual they would have to sift through raw data which can quickly turn a very pleasant auditor into a rather unkind and difficult to work with person (with understanding!). It seems the only way to navigate this is to print the monthly progress reports created by the Administrator and leave them in the facility for those unannounced auditor visits? In efforts to go paperless, I cringe at the though of telling our team to routinely print these reports each month. This would also include the RN’s monthly Health Care Reports. Do other agencies have a standard book/chart of items that remain printed and left in the facilities?

I hope a few of you will have the time to give some feedback and advise on these issues. Hope all in Therapland are doing well!

With Gratitude,

I love the smell of Therap in the morning…It’s the smell of victory

A month or two ago we began laying the ground work for a overhaul to our system. We were trying to decide how to make or system look more “Individual based”, without giving everyone access to everything. What we decided on was the following. Our programs (in Therap) were no longer going to be formed around a house, but around the individual instead. Each program would be a single person ie, the person Bill Kilgore would be enrolled in the Program Bill Kilgore. Our Caseloads would be changed from program based to individual based (just residential). But, we did keep the caseloads named after houses  that way we could put multiple people/programs into it.

The work involved was far less than we expected: Really, REALLY, time consuming, but easier than thought. First programs where created for each person. Each person was then enrolled in their new program. The supervisors then created reports for all the ISPs up to the date switch over, copied the ISPs over to the new program and then D/C’d the old ones. We then un-enrolled the person from their old program. Once this was done we proceeded to  change over the caseloads,  removing the house program and replacing it with the individuals in the house.

Pros: We no longer have to copy/ DC  ISPs every time a person supported moves houses; when they move we simply change the address of the program, meaning that we no longer needed to enroll or un-enroll . This goes for personal finance, and other modules that require you to chose a program to create data, as well.  From here forward if a person moves during the year we will no longer have to worry whether to search by program or individual, because either one will produce the same results. Chances of recording data under the wrong person has been greatly reduced because you have to click on the name twice now, this is becaseu when you click on their name (program) the next screen will only have their name, not anyone else’s.

The Cons: We lost the ability to comment on t-logs from the old program (minor). If a report was not created for an ISP, from the old program, we lost the ability to create one (again minor). Our list of programs has become ENORMOUS, but that only affects the Res. Admins. (so minor).

So all in all the war for making things easier and more efficient is going in our favor. Minus the few little hiccups already mentioned, our soldiers move forward better equipped.

Picture of Deserve Victory



CA User Group and Day Dreams…

Hi Blog Friends,

Whew….keeping up with this blogging business is harder than it seems!   Is it me or is this year flying by at a ridiculous pace?  I cannot believe that Independent Options is coming up on the ONE YEAR mark this summer of using Therap!  Just the thought of all that we have done makes me want to go take a nice long nap on a hammock somewhere where the breeze is warm, the beverages are cold, and there isn’t a wifi connection in a 10 mile radius.   Okay, who am I kidding?!  Not having wifi would certainly make me break out in cold sweats and twitch slightly but the rest sounds quite pleasant.   Enough day dreaming and onto blogging…

Independent Options reached another milestone this week by hosting our first User Group meeting.  Primarily geared towards ICF providers, it was a great discussion lead by Kevin Dierks on the new CCHIT features.  I am especially excited about the new Consents feature that gives us a handy dandy place to store all those documents that require a signature.   We kept Kevin busy at IO the rest of the day with discussions about Personal Finance and Quality Assurance strategies.   I tell ya, brainstorming creative ways to enhance the quality of services with Kevin is always so inspiring.

I am looking forward to seeing what the Therap powers that be have in store for us in the next update.  I am keeping my fingers crossed the list growing in “My Issues” is all considered when making the changes but that’s probably as far fetched of a dream as me napping on a hammock somewhere right about now.  A girl can dream…

Happy Blogging!

Independent Options hosted it’s first User Group Meeting

Independent Options hosted it’s first User Group Meeting this week with Kevin Dierks.

All participants enjoyed a look at some of the CCHIT features recently added to Therap.

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Another successful CT Therap User Group!

We met again at Oak Hill yesterday for our “monthly” CT user group. It was great to see new faces…especially from Mosaic! They are brand new to Therap (here in CT anyway!) and so we spent a great deal of time discussing ways to start out with Therap focusing on passwords and problems/successes we found with tlogs and scomms.

Not sure I will be able to attend the Meriden CT Conference this year…but what a great way to network and meet new people from different agencies!


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“A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains”

I found myself thinking about all of the things we can do in Therap and want our agency to do more and more!   Then I realized that our agency is the largest provider in Ct and I really need to relax a bit, and have some “Patience”!   Good things come in time!!

Here in CT, we are having our next CT User Group Meeting on March 15th, 2pm, at Oak Hill’s Campus in Hartford.  If you need some additional information, email me at It is a nice time to share your wealth of knowledge within Therap!

Had a wonderful time at the conference in NJ in February.   I really enjoyed being in a hotel by myself and no one asking me to feed them, do laundry, and do homework, but don’t tell! I did have to lose 10lbs after those 3 days!

I really liked the Training Management Section and this is next on our list!  I am setting it up this month and any suggestions or helpful tips would be greatly appreciated from anyone out there using the system.  We are not using the entire section of having staff signing up for trainings, but we will be using this for staff to alert them when their training is due.  Think this would be great and  it will help staff from lapsing in their training when it is sitting right there on their First Pg!

Our agency’s motto is “Consistency” and we are currently doing alot of training for Supervisors, RN’s, and Behaviorists!    The ISP section has been working well and Supervisors enjoy the Individual List Pg!  RN’s are finishing entering medications and are working on getting everyone using the Appointment Section in Health Tracking.  Behaviorists are working on ISP’s for mood and anxiety scales, reinforcement schedules, and getting everything on Therap!  No More Paper!  Yeah!

So, I guess I need to have some “Patience”, it will all work out in the end!  We will get there!

Enjoy this weather, we have been very lucky this winter, just 2 snowstorms and one of them was before Halloween.  Amazing!

Mary Beth Julian-Supervisor, Oak Hill, Hartford, CT



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