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Hello Everyone!
Oak Hill continues to move forward in the world of Therap! We are still waiting anxiously for the time tracking (AKA: Sleep/Mood) to be released. This will be a huge benefit to our participants!

We have also just learned that Oak Hill is hoping to host its first CT User Group! This is such exciting news as it will be another outlet to network and brainstorm! I’m sure there will be more info to follow.

On a personal note: I will be on maternity leave for the next few months but will be looking forward to “hosting” my first webinar upon my return. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer!!!

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The Record is now straight…

Here is the final list of latest Certified Trainers newly added in New York:

Original Picture is Unavailable
Deanna Bisaillon, Behavior Specialist, Oak Hill, CT
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Mary Beth Julian, Program Supervisor, Oak Hill, CT
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(From L to R) Kari Wiss, Director of Operations; Rebekah Turner, QMRP; Stacy Arnold, QMRP, all from Developing Potential in Kansas City, Missouri
Original Picture is Unavailable
Mary Lawson, Executive Director, PAKS, in Nebraska
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Terry Ford, Assistant Executive Director, Horizons, Windsor, Connecticut
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Julia Chapel, Director of Quality Enhancement and Staff Development, Horizons, Windsor, Connecticut
Original Picture is Unavailable
Antonio Brown, RN, from St. John’s Community Services in Washington DC

These are the newest smarty pants…up to the second but I’m sure there are a few more hiding out there!

Watch for the Certified Trainers Series of webinars…soon to be posted on the Therap website.


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WNY User Group

Yesterday, I left my office at The Resource Center to drive north two hours to attend a WNY User Group Session, and it was awesome!!!   Thanks to the great staff at Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled located in Buffalo, NY for once again opening their agency for a user group session.

Picture of WNY User Group session is Unavailable

And also to Kris and Stephen who were willing to put up with all of us throwing out our great ideas for future upgrades!  I’m pretty sure that they wrote everything down to take back to the Therap programmers to work on for us!!!!  Hopefully we’ll see some of those great ideas soon!  ;)

If you haven’t already attended a local user group, you really should consider it.  You can find a list of sessions on Therap’s homepage.  It’s a great opportunity to see how other agencies in your state are utilizing Therap.  Everytime I’ve attended, I’ve either learned how to do something that we aren’t doing or shared something with other agencies that they aren’t doing.   Either way, it’s a win-win for all agencies in attendance.

Another great reason for a user group session is for the Points Program.  Kelly and I are currently working on getting enough points to attend any future conferences that Therap might host in Hawaii!!!  See you there Kevin!

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