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The average introductory course may take 10-30 minutes, though some courses do take longer.
Users with Training Manager Accounts for their agency can do all of that and run great reports on training. To obtain a training manager account you’ll need a provider administrator at your agency, if not you, to send a request via email toacademy@therapservices.net.It will need to include the full names of staff that need manager accounts, their email addresses, and agency provider code. Learn more about the capabilities of a Training Manager.
You can view your certifications by logging into your Training Academy account and clicking on any of the courses in left hand column. To the right it will show you if you passed/failed, your score, and/or what level of completion it’s at if you’re still in progress.
Staff can either enroll themselves by simply clicking on any course to take it. They will be prompted to set up their own account. Or, if you have a Training Manager Account you can setup their accounts from there either manually or via an excel upload. You can view more details about that in our Training Academy Manager course.
Please try switching to Google Chrome as your browser and see if that resolves the issue. If not, please let us know.
Because many of the training courses include video, you will need a flash player to view. Other minimum requirements here: https://help.mindflash.com/hc/en-us/articles/201294784-System-Requirements-and-Browser-Compatibility
You may retake the quizzes for a course when you have completely finished the course. Just go back to your Training Academy dashboard, or log in again, click on that course and click ‘retake’ towards right.