My first four months at Therap have been great!! Not only do I have great co-workers (especially “Team West”), but I have met some amazing people in my travels. From meeting the people of the great state of Oregon my first week on the job at the Oregon Regional Conference, to meeting the unforgettable Canorris as I arrived in Connecticut for my first time, to having the people of Canon City, Colorado, make fun of me because I didn’t know what an ice scraper was, I have had an amazing time. Especially navigating my rental suv through a Colorado blizzard since Brent (the Colorado native) said he couldn’t handle driving through that kind of snow (That may not have been exactly how the story went, but I remember it as such).


National Conference was AWESOME!! While this year’s National Conference in Atlanta was not my first National Conference, I had the chance to see it from a totally different perspective as an employee. We have great staff here at Therap. And not only are they great staff, but they are also great trainers. When I wasn’t leading a session, I tried to join as many different presenters as possible, and they were all great.