Therap National Conference 2020 will be held on January 28-30 at Denver, Colorado. We are offering an opportunity to Therap users who are interested in presenting either in a seminar/tutorial or panel discussion format at the event on topics that may interest your agency. Therap users can also include surveyors, families, state caseworkers or others who are interacting with agencies using Therap.

Previous presentations included:

  • Getting to buy in for Therap at your agency
  • Using mobile devices
  • Addressing quality assurance standards
  • Discussion on how your agency uses specific modules

Multiple individuals can apply to present jointly by August 31, 2019. Please note that multiple individuals presenting jointly will get one free registration (Regular Registration, without Evening Night).

Visit our Call for Presentation page and National Conference 2020 for more information.

Submit Presentation for National Conference 2020.