Join our upcoming California User Group meeting on June 26, 2019 at 1 pm (PDT).  All Therap Users in California are invited to attend the meetings. Therap helps agencies improve the quality of their documentation, communication, and outcomes for the people they support. In California, Therap also helps Developmental Disabilities vendor agencies meet California State and Regional Center requirements.

What is a user group?
A user group is a group of Therap users in the same state or area who meet to troubleshoot, network, discuss state and Regional issues, and learn about the newest Therap releases. It is an open forum to check in with Therap and learn from and share with other Therap Users in your area. They also can contain training on any portion of Therap’s system.  There is no cost associated with these groups. They are hosted and conducted onsite at an agency using Therap.

About the presenter:

Stan Higgins is a Business Development Consultant at Therap. He has been working in the Developmental Disability field since 1998 and has worked in agencies that provide Supported Living, Independent Living, Day Program, Transportation, Residential, Job Placement and Recreation services for adults.

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