Have you booked your seat yet?

Only one week remaining for the Regional Conference in Bend, Oregon! The conference is scheduled for August 20, 2019, and will be held at Riverhouse on the Deschutes. This is going to be a one-day event full of sessions by Oregon Therap experts and it will give you a chance to network with your counterparts from across the state.

The discussion will include:

  • Billing Electronically with Therap and eXPRS
  • EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) – making it work in Oregon
  • Better Goal and Outcome Tracking
  • Better Behavior Data
  • Data Security and Protection
  • Organizational and Program Performance Tracking
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Health Tracking and Medication Management
  • Work smarter

Our Therap experts Kevin Dierks, Seanette Smith, Jody Traina, Dawn Gilder, and Kristen Staiert will walk you through the conference and answer the questions that you may have.

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