Join our upcoming California North Bay User Group Meeting on September 18, 2019. In California, Therap directly works with DDS, Regional Centers, and hundreds of Vendors. Therap also supports the service models in place across California Regional Centers, including Independent Living Supports (ILS), Supported Living Services (SLS), Community and Supported Employment and more. Therap works with both large and small providers, as well as families and self-advocates.

The user group is hosted and conducted onsite at an agency using Therap. All Therap users in California are invited to attend any of the scheduled meetings.

About the presenters:

Brent Hessee is a Business Development Consultant at Therap. He began working in the developmental disability field as a Direct Support Professional and has worked in multiple facets of an organization including Supported Living Services and Residential Services.

Stan Higgins is a Business Development Consultant at Therap. He has been working in the Developmental Disability field since 1998 and has worked in agencies that provide Supported Living, Independent Living, Day Program, Transportation, Residential, Job Placement and Recreation services for adults.

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