About Joshua Corzantes

Joshua Corzantes has been working in the field of persons with Developmental Disabilities for the past 11 years. He started out as a Direct Support Staff for a Day Services Program. Prior to starting with Therap, he was working with his former agency as the Assistant Director of Programs. Joshua had been using Therap’s software for a year as a Provider Administrator and had gained a vast knowledge of the application’s modules and gained experience in implementing Therap at an agency. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Therap 2015.0 is Here !!!!!!

As I sit here in Nashville International Airport trudging through a SIX hour delay on my way to train in South Carolina, I just wanted to remind everyone that our new release is finally public !!!  We have had Live Help available around the clock to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and will continue to do so until Tuesday evening.

Please remember, with our new release, that all staff will have access to their individuals across all of their programs.  Meaning, If Individual A is enrolled in your Group Home, Day Program, and Supported Living Services, Direct Support Staff will be able to access that individual across all of these programs.  It also means that they will receive all Tlogs created for that individual across all programs.  If they do not want to see Tlogs or other data from other programs, then they can switch which program they want to view by clicking on “Choose Program” to the top right hand side of their dashboard.

If you have any questions regarding our new release, feel free to contact either Brent, Joseph, or Myself at any time.  Here are our emails:

Joshua Corzantes


Brent Hessee


Joseph P. Traina



If you have any questions about the purchase of any modules or would like a demo, please contact our sales reps.

Kevin Dierks


Kitti Gutierrez



Thank you all very much and enjoy Therap 2015.0



My First Four Months at Therap

My first four months at Therap have been great!! Not only do I have great co-workers (especially “Team West”), but I have met some amazing people in my travels. From meeting the people of the great state of Oregon my first week on the job at the Oregon Regional Conference, to meeting the unforgettable Canorris as I arrived in Connecticut for my first time, to having the people of Canon City, Colorado, make fun of me because I didn’t know what an ice scraper was, I have had an amazing time. Especially navigating my rental suv through a Colorado blizzard since Brent (the Colorado native) said he couldn’t handle driving through that kind of snow (That may not have been exactly how the story went, but I remember it as such).


National Conference was AWESOME!! While this year’s National Conference in Atlanta was not my first National Conference, I had the chance to see it from a totally different perspective as an employee. We have great staff here at Therap. And not only are they great staff, but they are also great trainers. When I wasn’t leading a session, I tried to join as many different presenters as possible, and they were all great.

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