Added Safety and Understanding – FREE TRAINING

We address safety in so many areas of the lives of those we serve. Here is one more opportunity to address a higher level of safety and awareness.

Understanding & Serving Together

Every day, thousands of professionals in communities around the nation have the opportunity to interact with and positively impact the lives of people suffering with mental illness and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Public safety and law enforcement officers are often the first responders to arrive in crisis situations. Unfortunately, they have often not received the specialized training required to understand these individuals and de-escalate a potentially difficult situation.

In the spirit of “serving together” and helping everyone who serves in our communities, Relias Learning is partnering with The National Council, ANCOR, and The Arc to provide free online training to the US public safety community. The training includes ten relevant, concise, and easily accessible courses to increase awareness and understanding of this population, including how to assess behaviors quickly and respond as effectively as possible.

(Click here to go to the training page)

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Arizona’s FIRST User Group is Right around the corner

Therap is excited to hold it’s first Arizona user group on Friday, April 10, 2015.  We are very grateful to the gang at Mosaic, in Phoenix, for agreeing to host this first event and hope to see all Arizona Therap users there.  User groups are a great time to hear about all that is going on with Therap, ask questions of Therap staff and network with other Therap users, in your areas, for feedback on use and ideas on how to improve services provided.  If you would like to attend, please register on the Therap web page.  We will be offering a connection via GoToMeeting, for those who can not make the journey, but would still like to take part.  I look forward to seeing all there and please feel free to reach out with questions about any user groups or conferences Therap has scheduled.

Kitti Gutierrez

Mountain Regional Business Consultant

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Our Mission is the Same as Yours!

Here at Therap we work towards the same goal as you, to help people with disabilities live meaningful lives of purpose connected with their community. We do this from our unique position and from the perspective that so much time is wasted and stolen away from people needing support by traditional documentation processes, or by systems that don’t understand the nature of your work.

Sure you can explain what Person Centered planning is about but how do you weave it into your documentation services and processes. Our team thinks about this 24 hours a day, with 100% focus, and as a result we have dissected your processes and procedures into the smallest details with a focus on results as well as compliance.

No wonder we are far and away the National Leader in what we do!

We are happy to keep working away behind the scenes so that the people you support get the very best you have to offer them.

Reach out and find out how you can add Team West as a behind the scenes partner to accelerate your organizational Mission!

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My First Four Months at Therap

My first four months at Therap have been great!! Not only do I have great co-workers (especially “Team West”), but I have met some amazing people in my travels. From meeting the people of the great state of Oregon my first week on the job at the Oregon Regional Conference, to meeting the unforgettable Canorris as I arrived in Connecticut for my first time, to having the people of Canon City, Colorado, make fun of me because I didn’t know what an ice scraper was, I have had an amazing time. Especially navigating my rental suv through a Colorado blizzard since Brent (the Colorado native) said he couldn’t handle driving through that kind of snow (That may not have been exactly how the story went, but I remember it as such).


National Conference was AWESOME!! While this year’s National Conference in Atlanta was not my first National Conference, I had the chance to see it from a totally different perspective as an employee. We have great staff here at Therap. And not only are they great staff, but they are also great trainers. When I wasn’t leading a session, I tried to join as many different presenters as possible, and they were all great.

Colorado User Group is Right Around the Corner

Date & Time: March 4, 2015, 10 am – 12 pm

Colorado User Group for Therap users is coming to an area near you soon. There is no cost associated with these groups. They are hosted and conducted onsite at a agency using Therap. Contact Brent Hessee  and Kitti Gutierrez  if you would like to host a User Group Meeting.

All Therap Users in Colorado are invited to attend any of the scheduled meetings. It is hoped you will attend in person when it is near you, but you can also call in via a webinar link. Because these are hosted by agencies there may be variations in the quality of the audio they provide. These meetings usually run 90 minutes to 2 hours.

What is a user group?

user group is a group of Therap users in the same state or area who meet to troubleshoot, network, discuss state and Regional issues, and learn about the newest Therap releases. It is an open forum to check in with Therap and learn from and share with other Therap Users in your area. They also can contain training on any portion of Therap’s system.


Cheyenne Villiage
6275 Lehman Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


Looking forward to seeing my Colorado friends.

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Therap’s Team West

2015 promises to be a busy and productive time for Team West.  If you live and work in any of these States you are lucky enough to be under the Therap care of Team West.


American Samoa









Northern Marianas





(In alphabetical order because we love them all equally)

Specifically dedicated to your organizations success and thriving in 2015 are:

Brent Hessee

Deborah Brito

Heather Thornton

Kevin Dierks

Kitti Gutierrez

Joseph Traina

Joshua Corzantes

(Also in alphabetical order because we love them all equally)

Let us know how we can support you to achieve your organizational goals for 2015, from going paperless, to improving quality of services, to faster outcomes, increased information, better communication, ease of compliance, audit protection, and more of your mission.  We are much more than just electronic documentation!  It’s all we love to do!



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